August 28, 2020

What Are Soul Contracts? (And How They Affect Us)


We often mistake soul contracts as simple agreements between you and other souls. While this holds true to some extent, these contracts are not just about your relationships with others. 

What Are Soul Contracts?

Soul contracts are a reflection of your connection with yourself.

Think of it this way: before you were born, your soul had met up with other souls to decide on the experiences that you will go through your forthcoming lifetime.

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This is like a roundtable discussion where you all lay down the lessons that each of you needs to learn. As you are born on Earth, you will meet these souls as your family, friends, lovers and even enemies and strangers. They will all play a vital role in your spiritual development.

However, soul contracts often unfold in the most unpleasant ways. They act as roadblocks to fully inculcate lessons to our souls. Tough love, right?

The soul always chooses the bumpy road when it comes to its growth. It’s because the soul knows that the only way to get over life’s most difficult struggles is to go through them.

This is why most people see soul contracts as a curse. Who wouldn’t? In a nutshell, they are unfortunate events in our lives that cause us nothing but pain.

However as you look deeper, your soul will recognize this particular event as a catalyst for its growth. If you’re spiritually advanced, your soul may even understand the event as the soul contract itself. 

It should be clear by now that to experience the full significance of a soul contract, one must understand its purpose. These contracts were never made to hurt us, but to lead us to our Higher Self.

These contracts carry people, lessons, and experiences that will help you reach your destined spiritual awakening.

Different Types of Soul Contracts

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#1 The Soul Contract of Protection

Are you the type who likes working behind the scenes? Someone who doesn’t like getting the spotlight? This is a common contract our souls get into before we are born.

It’s an agreement wherein you only stand in the background to protect yourself from the risks of being criticized, called out, or even ostracized.

While the original intent is self-protection, you will slowly realize that always standing in the background hinders you from achieving your maximum potential.

You keep rejecting opportunities because you are afraid of their consequences. For you, it’s better to stay in your comfort zone than to run the risks of chasing your big dreams. 

However, to reap the lessons of the soul contract of protection, you need to overcome your fear of failure. You need to try and find the things you are good at. Remember that standing out is not always a bad thing. The more you get recognized and appreciated, the more your soul grows.


#2 The Soul Contract of Sadness

For some of us, there is this lingering feeling of sadness that doesn’t seem to go away. No matter how much we try to do things that make us happy, there’s always this sense of dissatisfaction underneath it all.


Then you ask yourself, am I just discontent with everything? Why do I have such an ungrateful heart? 

This could be the soul contract of sadness at work. When your soul is tied to this contract, you really won’t be truly happy in life. You can get a new partner, a new job or lead a seemingly better life, but you are still prone to the loneliness brought by this contract.

One way to finally end the soul contract of sadness is to surround yourself with people who radiate positive energy and support you in all your endeavors. Having a support group is vital for souls who are under this contract.

#3 The Soul Contract of Anxiety

You may think that worrying is just human nature, but not when it is done excessively. The soul contract of anxiety may be telling your subconscious that to worry means to be prepared.

However, this is not always the case. You might think that your worrying is just preparing you for the future, but in reality it’s just creating more fear inside you.

Always feeling anxious, especially about the things you cannot control, is far from normal. This is your soul being tied to an anxiety contract in your past life.

Preparing for the worst without compromising your mental health is the way to go. What does this mean? It’s okay to think about the future, but you need to keep it logical. Do not overthink and create problems in your mind which did even not exist in the first place.

#4 The Soul Contract of Sacrifice

The contract of sacrifice is the most common soul contract that people experience. We all have the tendency to put others before ourselves. We think that when we cater to their needs first, it is an act of love and selflessness.

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However, if you do this at the expense of your own good, it will surely damage you in the long run. Under this contract, our souls are made to believe that it is selfish to think of ourselves first.

This contract usually manifests in our fears of being labeled as selfish and indifferent.

The sign that your soul is finally free from this contract is when you learn how to be kind wisely. This means that you are now able to decide who to help and when to help. This contract ultimately teaches us the importance of saying no for our own good.

#5 The Soul Contract of Loyalty

Another common soul contract is the contract of loyalty. This concerns the way we let our relationships shape our lives. Under this contract, our souls are made to believe that we should excessively honor labels and hierarchy.

This could mean letting people walk all over you just because they are your family, your boss, or someone older than you. This might make you feel trapped in the said relationships. 

To free your soul from this contract, you need to learn how to see people beyond the titles they hold in your life. This means that even if someone is your superior; know how to speak up if they are doing something wrong.


At the end of the day, the labels do not mean anything. It all boils down to how they treat you and others. 

Breaking Soul Contracts

So, what are you going to do when soul contracts are creating chaos in your life? You can’t just sit around and wait. These soul contracts are meant to be ended through unlocking the lessons they bring.

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Step 1: Understand that it is not simple to break a soul contract.

Freeing your soul from an agreement it has entered in your past life is not easy. Soul contracts are powerful. They need to be fulfilled in order to end.

This is why it is important that your soul recognizes events not just as simple coincidences. Are you simply hurting? Or is the situation trying to tell you something?

Being spiritually advanced helps you in assessing your experiences and relationships beyond their surface. Always try to see things in a different light. 

Step 2: Be alert.

Use your intuition to feel a soul contract unfolding. Look at your patterns; are you sacrificing too much for a person? Are you always nervous that things will go wrong? Do you feel sad even after blessings come your way?

These are some signs that a soul contract is happening. Moreover, these signs will tell you what type of soul contract it is.

If you notice that you’re spreading yourself too thinly for other people, you might be experiencing the soul contract of sacrifice or the soul contract of loyalty.

Step 3: Think twice before making a decision.

Now that you’re aware that a soul contract is unfolding right before you, you’d surely want to do something about it immediately.

However, you need to know that soul contracts can never be hurried. It will happen at its own pace and time.

What you need to do is keep an open mind as it happens. You need clarity to make healthier choices. If you are faced with the same situation and your previous approach did not work, be open to change.

For example, if you keep saying yes to all your husband’s requests without receiving any help from him, maybe it’s time to change the way your conversation usually goes.

Remember, it doesn’t hurt to say no especially if the rejection will help both parties grow.

Step 4: Resolve and release.

As mentioned, all soul contracts are resolved with an open mind and heart. As soon as you understand how soul contracts work and how to get around them, you will surely be able to let it go while reaping all the lessons they have to offer.

These lessons will lead your soul to its spiritual ascension. This means that the soul is rising above its current state. It is growing and developing, just as how the Divine has planned it to be.


The more soul contracts you overcome in life, the closer you are to your spiritual awakening. 

The Effects of Soul Contracts

Now the question still remains: what good do soul contracts bring to our lives?

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Healing. One of the purposes of soul contracts is to help us heal from toxic patterns and unhealthy behaviors that we may have learned from the past. The lessons that we get from overcoming soul contracts are meant to empower us. They will lead us to the path that the Divine has written for us. Soul contracts are guaranteed to strengthen our souls.

Improved relationships. No one is just a passerby in your life. Each person, no matter how brief your encounter is, is meant to add value to your spirituality. Soul contracts’ relationships are no different. You may have met a partner only to be hurt in the end. You would think that the relationship was wasted, but the truth is it has made you become a better person. So the moment you try again for another relationship, you have become a more loving, more understanding, and a stronger partner.

Power of acceptance. Not all soul contract relationships last. Most often than not, these people are planted in our lives for the sole purpose of teaching us a lesson. Once they have carried out this purpose, they are meant to leave just as planned. This teaches us the power of acceptance. We are taught that things may not last and that is okay. In order for our souls to grow, we need to learn how to let go. 

Have you noticed any soul contract in your life? What type is it? Tell us in the comment section below!

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