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September 11, 2020

How To Ask Effective Tarot Questions For Accurate Answers


Tarot questions can be anything you are curious about. They guide the session by establishing a “theme” and help in giving you the answers that you need.

However, there is a catch.

Phrasing is essential when asking a tarot question.  It is important to formulate it well since it determines the interpretation of your cards. Badly written questions may result in unsatisfactory outcomes.

Tapping on the power of the subconscious, the images of these cards are laid out in a unique fashion.  But before the cards are “spread” and interpreted, you first need to ask questions so that the reading will be productive.

Thus, learning the basics of tarot question making is crucial to help you achieve clarity of mind and inner peace.

How do I know if my Tarot Question is effective?

Tarot readers agree that there are four essential characteristics of an effective tarot question.

tarot card numbers, tarot and numerology,

These features are essential since it makes tarot card interpretation more effective. Let’s break down each one of them:

#1: Open-ended

Tarot cards are meant to extend its wisdom to you, not dictate you. Thus, asking open-ended questions is essential as they will give you a sense of choice. For this reason, yes or no questions are highly discouraged in a tarot reading (unless when performing a yes or no tarot reading.)

#2: Specific

Tarot cards answer questions, and not unpack them. It would be best if you broke down your questions so that they are direct to the point, and the interpretations will not be misleading.

#3: Focuses on the person asking

Questions are asked because there is a need for personal clarity. You have a tarot reading for that exact purpose!

Ask questions that are self-centric. Make your tarot session all about you and not about someone else.

#4: Focuses on the present

Many people do tarot readings, so their questions about the past or future will have answers. However, tarot cards are not time machines.

The present is what matters because it is YOU who creates the future. The cards are there to guide you on what you should do now, and not determine what comes next.

Examples of Effective Tarot Questions

Now that you have a basic knowledge of forming a tarot question, you may feel that you are now ready to call your local professional tarot reader. Not yet! It is best to write down as well as edit your questions before booking a session.

tarot questions

Here is an example of a scenario:


You’ve been working at your current company for almost a year. Your bosses are starting to pay you much attention because of your hard work. You are hoping to get a promotion, along with a higher pay. Recently though, you’re becoming uncertain if you will ever get those.

One day, you heard that there is a professional tarot reader near your area. Apparently, they are good at what they do and your coworkers swear by the reader’s expertise. Curious, you decide to give it a try.

The first two questions that pop in your mind is this: am I going to get a promotion? Do my bosses like me enough that they would even consider me?

As you can see, these questions make sense. However, in a tarot card reading, it doesn’t. Let’s break down why.

The first question is answerable by a yes or no. As said earlier, these questions are not suitable to be asked during a tarot reading.

However, it is specific and focuses on an aspect of yourself. It also focuses on the present. This question then demands just a little bit of tweaking.

To avoid making a yes or no question, ask this instead: What should I do to get promoted at work? If that sounds too bossy for you, you can reword it this way: How will I get that promotion?

Both questions are open-ended, specific, and focus on you and your present. These will make the tarot cards able to answer you more clearly, while also imparting its wisdom to help you weigh your options.

Going back to the original questions, the second one needs a bit more unpacking. It asks about two things: if your bosses like you, and if they would consider you. It would be best to break down these into two separate questions to make it specific and the interpretation of tarot cards accurate.

Let us examine the question about your bosses liking you. First, it is a yes or no question. Second, although it is specific, it asks more about your boss, rather than yourself.

To make it more tarot friendly, rephrase it into something like: How can I get into my bosses’ good books? Or you can also do it this way: What should I do so that my bosses will like me?

Following this principle, the question about you getting considered for the promotion can then be changed into something along the lines of: What are they looking for from me so that they would consider me for promotion?

Since your questions now follow a tarot question’s ideal characteristics, you can finally book that reading session!

Tarot Questions with Intentions

Anything and everything under the sun can be a tarot question! It can be something as crazy as “What should it take for pineapple on pizza to stop bothering me?” to something profound like “Why should I follow what my parents want me to take as a career?”

tarot cards

However, many people prefer to ask tarot questions about their personal lives. With this, here are a few questions that are commonly asked during tarot readings:


Tarot Questions for Love

  • How can I attract a romantic partner?
  • What do I lack in my relationship?
  • What are the potential threats to my relationship?
  • Why am I losing interest in my partner?
  • What can I do to make my relationship more enjoyable?
  • How can I value my relationship even more?
  • Where can I find strength after my breakup?
  • How can I move on from my past relationship?
  • Why is my relationship starting to feel more like a burden?
  • What should I do to become a better partner?
  • How can I tell if my relationship is starting to get toxic?
  • What are the ways I can keep myself committed to my partner?

Tarot Questions for Wealth and Finance

  • What are my options to keep my finances afloat?
  • How can I strategize to prevent sudden financial crashes?
  • Why can’t I control my urge to spend?
  • What are suitable investments for me?
  • What are the weaknesses in my business?
  • How can I tell if someone is already scamming me?
  • What are the things that keep me from becoming financially secure?
  • Why do I feel like I’m not earning enough?
  • How do I know if the financial security that I have is not temporary?
  • What can I do to make this business venture successful?
  • Why is my business not thriving as much as it should?
  • How can I assure that this business is the right one for me?

Tarot Questions for Luck

  • Why do I feel that my luck is running out?
  • How can I keep my luck coming?
  • What should I do to make myself lucky?
  • How do I know that there is a new opportunity for me?
  • Why don’t I feel lucky?
  • How will I know that an opportunity is truly for me?
  • What are the signs I should look out for if an opportunity may turn out to be detrimental to me?
  • What should I do to keep bad luck away?
  • Why am I attracting bad luck?
  • What can I do to make sure that the luck I will get is always positive?
  • How can I change my luck for the better?
  • Why is my luck taking too long to come?

Tarot Questions for Spirituality

  • What should I do to stay spiritually healthy?
  • Why do I feel spiritually empty?
  • What are the spirits trying to tell me?
  • Why are they leading me there?
  • How can I connect to my spirit guides?
  • What is my real purpose?
  • How can I fulfill that purpose?
  • Why am I given that purpose?
  • How can I focus my spiritual energies?
  • What are my spiritual weaknesses?
  • Why am I losing my sense of spiritual direction?
  • How can I improve myself spiritually?

Final Word

Wisdom and understanding is the goal of every tarot reading. Tarot cards can help you achieve that by reading and interpreting them, depending on the context of what you are asking. The cards do not offer a definite answer. Instead, it merely guides you into choosing what is best for you.

It isn’t there to change you and your life. Instead, it shows you what your options are to make your life experiences better.

Remember that despite its guiding presence, you are still the one in control of your fate.

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