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May 29, 2020

How To Use Positive Thoughts To Transform Your Life


With the recent events of the unprecedented pandemic, it can be challenging for us to manifest positive thoughts. In some cases where we are forced to be locked down in our own homes, even living (or being locked down) in our own spaces can prove to be a challenge. 

As such, we’ll be pointing out 5 simple and effective positive thinking tips that you can use to transform your life!

By integrating these tips into your daily routine, you’ll be able to develop optimism that transcends the negative situation we’re currently in.

Positive Thinking Tip #1: Exercise!

Often underscored due to its repetitiveness, exercise is still one of the best ways to attract positive thinking into our lives.

positive thoughts, exercise

If we look at even our ancestors, physical exercise has always been integrated with their routines and practices.

As if to say that this method forms part of the fundamental tasks of being human. 

Furthermore, doing exercise is scientifically proven to improve our mood. As our brain is rewarded with happy hormones, the physical toll that’s necessary will not only improve our mood but our physicality as well. 

More importantly, positive thinking is being cultivated in our lives as we begin seeing or even maintaining good changes in our bodies. This, in turn, affects the way we think about ourselves.

Positive Thinking Tip #2: Explore New Perspectives

No, I don’t mean your neighbor’s opinion on this one. Puzzling as it may seem, the way we think is influenced by what we read, see, and absorb in our lives.

explore new perspective, positive thinking

Because these contents can be omnipresent within us, it can be challenging to break away from the norm. Especially when we fail to perceive that it is a negative one. 

For instance, Twitter, as a social media platform, has long been tagged as an emotional garbage can” of people.

As they fail to confront their own demons, individuals nowadays choose to simply throw away everything that they cannot confront themselves. 

Similarly, social media platforms have the same effects on us, often bombarding readers with personally derived negative perspectives from their peers. 

With that, constantly scrolling through your phone won’t bring positive thoughts into your life. By changing the things you’re reading, you’ll be able to see other more important things to spend your time on. 

Positive Thinking Tip #3: Practice Goal Setting

Regardless of what field you’re in or what hobby you like, the principle of goal setting remains the same.

goal setting

By clearly identifying what you want to do and how you intend to do it, you are creating the concrete path to which you will reach your goal. 

While a lot of us seem to have some sort of goal in mind, what usually happens is that we have a dream.

For instance, one dreams of being financially free from restraints without a clear plan of action.

This often causes frustration, and thus invites negative energy, often with the idea that individuals console themselves with the phrase “maybe it’s just not for me.”

While the above phrase can be true at times, most of the time, our failure to account for the process brings more harm than good to us.

Even with an enthusiastic spirit, the lack of preparation and goal setting can hammer down our own directions in life. 

Positive Thinking Tip #4: Seek your Higher Self

Given today’s devices, it can be a real challenge for us to seek our higher selves. Instead of pursuing our greatness, we are often trapped by the clutches of consumerism and worldly satisfaction. Perceiving that it brings happiness to us, we pursue worldly goals above all else.

positive thinking, higher self

With that, finding inner peace becomes a task from within. Instead of pursuing what we think we should be, learning how to address our higher selves is the key factor in cultivating positive thinking.

And when we begin that inner search, we’re often led to the higher self – the spiritual aspect of our existence. 

And as we cultivate positive thoughts together with our own spiritual awakening, this eventually leads to finding inner peace – something that money can’t buy for us. 

Positive Thinking Tip #5: Take Control of your Life!

The famous philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “He who has the why to live, can bear with almost anyhow.”

More often than not, a lot of us who are lost and trapped in our negative emotions forget or even neglect this simple phrase.

take control of your life

Forcing us to ask ourselves our Raison d’Etre (or reason for living). This existential paradox is confronting us in the most uncomfortable ways. 

But for those who have mastered themselves, they know that this phrase is not a negative one. Instead, one’s positive thoughts are directly influenced by one’s answer to this question – what are we living for? 

By going deep into our minds, we assess the things that we seek and love, evaluating if they will invite positive thoughts in us.


And as we clarify ourselves with this area, every other challenge becomes irrelevant. 

Final Word

In this short series, we’ve presented to you 5 simple and effective ways to transform your life with positive thoughts!

With the tips outlined in this article, you now have concrete ways of how you can begin translating these positive thinking steps into action!

What are some of your favourite positive thinking tips? Let us know in the comments below!

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