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June 26, 2020

Full Moon Rituals: What Are They & How To Perform Them?


Creating your own full moon ritual is a powerful way of harnessing this celestial force. As you make use of its unique power, the full moon will impact your spiritual life, often amplifying the energies you have within. 

But before we begin on understanding how to create your personalized full moon ritual, let us first go through some salient points that will help us have a better grasp of the topic. 

*Moving on, let us entertain one fundamental question: Am I necessarily a Pagan when I subscribe to this? 

The answer, of course, is no. 

In general, you don’t have to become a pagan to perform your own full moon ritual. While pagans were known to be believers of the occult, the moon and its meaning far transcend such a limited historical perspective

With that, it has been a long-standing tradition to link the moon with spiritual powers. As we’ve mentioned, its mystical force has the potential to change the way we live.

By knowing how to take advantage of this mystical force, one is able to properly maximize these lunar powers according to their most potent states. 

More importantly, doing a full moon ritual is also about knowing the importance of the different phases of the moon. With each phase having varying impacts, knowing their overall value is key in properly aligning the lunar powers with one’s intentions!

With that, we’ll move forward to a more thorough discussion of what a full moon ritual is and how you can create your own approach to it. 

What Is A Full Moon Ritual?

Generally, there are 8 moon phases. With each of these phases, certain areas of the moon are highlighted, depending on where we are.

8 moon phases, moon phases, phases of the moon, full moon, new moon, crescent moon

Given such, it is generally believed that these different phases carry varying meanings and energies with them. Thus, knowing what to do on a specific phase allows you to harness the moon’s current power.

In this case, we ask: what do we need to do when the full moon phase is up

Before we answer this question extensively, let us first explore what a full moon actually is. 

The full moon is a lunar phase that happens when the moon and the sun are aligned in the opposite sides of the earth, making the moon fully visible to the naked eye. As it fully reflects the light, such is visible from sight. 

In spirituality, this lunar phase is known to be equally at par with a new moon’s energy and potential. Although they are different in terms of how you should harness them, their influence can be life-changing if you know how to properly channel their power. 


With that, the full moon phase is the power of deep change.

Thus, when the full moon is up, you should focus on manifesting aspects in your life in which you wish to do away with. As such here are some of the most commonly desired areas of human existence:

Create A Ritual For Personal Habits

As one of the main contributors to who we are, personal habits are often perceived as the core traits that we live by.

Thus, when we are clouded with negative traits such as laziness and greed, succeeding in life becomes far more difficult. Since we are tied down to our own tendencies, breaking away from them requires something more powerful than us. 

Create A Ritual To Change Belief Systems

Apart from personal habits, belief systems will also strongly influence how we think and act regarding a certain situation.

full moon ritual ideas, full moon manifesting ritual ideas, full moon manifestation

With each having its own value and purpose, knowing what we adhere to will also expose our biases. 

But like everybody else in the room, each one of us has their own belief system. Because of that, such notions may unnecessarily clash, often causing pain and confusion around us.

With the power of the full moon, we can alter these ingrained beliefs from within. 

Create A Ritual To Heal Childhood Trauma

As children, we can say that it is inevitable for us to experience a trauma of some sort. Since we have no control, not even understanding, of the things going on around us, it is perfectly normal for us to experience something negative and leave a lasting impression on who we are. 

As such, processing and letting go of these traumas are truly a challenge. After all, the mere fact of recognizing and accepting them as part of who we are is already something that most of us will find difficulty in doing. 

Create A Ritual For Existing Social Circles

Like the popular phrase “birds of the same feather, flock together,” our social circles inevitably dictate who we are.

Since they influence us or draw our own interests and tastes, it is but normal to hang out with individuals who share our joys and pains. 

However, in doing this, it isn’t always for good. Sometimes, your existing social circles will bring more harm than good to you, signalling the need to break away from them.

But can you do it? In reality, it takes more than courage to do away from significant people in your life, no matter how negative their impact is. 

Create a Full Moon Ritual For Manifestation and Personal Development

As you may have observed, the full moon’s ultimate goal is personal development. With all roads leading to the idea of how one can change his/her life for good, understanding its importance is key in doing the rituals. 

full moon manifestation, full moon manifestation ritual, full moon rituals

In general, apart from intuitions and emotions, the moon is also strongly linked with the subconscious and unconscious parts of our mind.  

Like a hidden treasure chest that we are not aware of, these areas of the psyche are present within us and silently influence the choices that we make. Regardless of whether or not we are aware of it, such will almost always impact us one way or another.

And given its unique power, the full moon allows us to access the nether regions of our mind, giving us the opportunity to revamp it. 

With that, if you are seeking to alter your beliefs from within, taking advantage of the full moon through your own set of rituals is key to moving forward. 

10 Tips To Make Your Own Full Moon Ritual

In order to properly take advantage of the full moon and its power to bring fresh beginnings in your life, you have to make your own full moon ritual. 

While there are a lot of rituals available out there, making one doesn’t necessarily mean starting from scratch. Instead, what it means is that you can handpick certain new moon practices and form your own ritual set.

As such, this creates a different effect on how you manifest your intentions. The creation of your own handpicked set means that you’ll have a more personal touch in your own ritual. 

With that, we’ll be suggesting some tips to create your own full moon ritual! 

Full Moon Ritual Tip #1: Identify a worthwhile intention

Like our first tip, this is perhaps the most overlooked yet essential thing to focus on when creating your own full moon ritual.

While it is true that the ritual is comprised of practices that will help manifest abundance in a key area of your life, most of us often miss the point – that abundance should not be attracted to unworthy areas. 

Given such, the full moon definitely has the power to reshape your life. With that, you should start by doing a deep reflection on your current state of affairs. In doing so, you can assess which areas of life you need to do away with. 

Is it smoking? Is it gambling? Is it excessive time on Netflix? Why are you doing these things? 

While it is true that you may use the full moon to reshape your life, in the process of doing so, you are feeding something that’s not worthwhile. 

Thus, it is important to assess what our intentions are and vet if it is something that’s going to bring long term good to us. 

Full Moon Ritual Tip #2: Lighting a Candle

Similar to new moon rituals, lighting a candle has an effect on attracting lunar energy. Symbolic of its illuminating effect, the lighting of the candle actualizes the process of illumination. 

full moon ritual ideas, lighting candle, light candle ritual

As such, searching deep within your subconscious is no easy task. After all, this area of the psyche is beyond the conscious mind, often requiring much effort to navigate. 

With that, you will need laser-focused spiritual attention. As you execute your candle flame release, your positive thoughts will be forwarded to the universe.

And to induce such, lighting a candle can be a good start depending on what you want to achieve. 

Also, you can include the basic meanings of candles, depending on your targeted intention. Here are some basic meanings of candle colors:

  • White:  Peace and Purity
  • Black: Protection and Safety
  • Brown: House and Pets
  • Orange: Creativity and Joy
  • Purple: Spirituality and Higher Self
  • Yellow: Positivity and Willpower
  • Pink: Love and Friendship
  • Green: Success and Wealth
  • Blue: Good Fortune and Focus
  • Red: Passion and Action

By lighting your candle in conjunction with areas of your life that you want to change, you can take advantage of the full moon’s power! As you execute your candle flame release, your thoughts will be forwarded to the universe. 

Full Moon Ritual Tip #3: Make use of a Customized Planner

While most of us are ready to move forward with our moon rituals, not all of us will invest in a good planner. Instead, we will try to make a do-it-yourself approach by grabbing a pen and paper. 

Generally, this is a good approach, especially if you have that artistic drive in you. But for some of us who lack that taste towards design and improving the outlook of our own planners, a simple pen and paper approach might not be as inspiring. 

With that, you can do a quick search online for some dedicated moon ritual merchandise. While you can probably improvise on others, making use of a customized planner allows you to have some sort of directed ritual

Full Moon Ritual Tip #4: Preparing your Personal Space

Often perceived as an underrated tip, the preparation of one’s area for meditation rituals is a crucial note in order to ensure that the manifestation goes as planned.

preparing your space, environment, positive environment

When one’s area is secured and prepared, unnecessary distractions won’t occur. Thus, it is important to make sure that you have your own bases secured. 

With that, here are some tips to prepare your own personal space: 

  • Make sure to prepare all the necessary materials like mats, candles, flowers, healing crystals, etc., beforehand. You don’t want to interrupt yourself in the middle of the ritual just to get that matchstick, right? 
  • Secure your personal space. Whether it is a room or the attic of your house, choosing a secluded space prevents intruders from disturbing you midway. 
  • If done outdoors, make sure that you remain undisturbed. For some, doing outdoor rituals is better since it allows you to connect with nature. But if your neighbor is having a party, perhaps another kind of energy will be attracted instead! 
  • If done indoors, select a space that has access outside, preferably a room with a window. In manifesting rituals, it is important to prioritize the entry of energy. Otherwise, only trapped negative energy will be absorbed. 
  • Prepare your list of intentions, write them down. While mental memory is good, having that list is crucial in ensuring that nothing is missed out. 

Full Moon Ritual Tip #5: Preparing Yourself

While tip number four focuses on setting the mood and ensuring that everything is there, tip number five is equally, if not, more important than that.

prepare for full moon manifestation

To prepare oneself means that you are in a proper disposition to do your new moon ritual. Meaning, you must free yourself from prior engagements and preoccupations so as to ensure that you are properly channeling the moon’s energy.  

With that, here are some tips to prepare yourself: 

  • Do not set prior appointments. 
  • Focus on your intention and try to picture it out in your mind even before the ritual begins. This will help in having a more vivid image of the manifestation itself. 
  • Try beginning something new. Don’t focus on your hang-ups. Instead, seek the future and the gift that is in store for you. 
  • Do prior meditations. Whether it’s Zen meditation or chakra meditation, these spiritual techniques will help you maintain that proper disposition. 

Full Moon Ritual Tip #6: Do an Herbal Tea Brew

As a unique form of doing a full moon ritual, ingesting one’s intentions can be a great way to induce a change in the body.

herbal tea, herbal tea brew, full moon manifestation, full moon ritual ideas

Since the full moon is focused on removing parts of ourselves to improve it, herbal teas can be a great way to begin this journey. 

With that, here are some popular teas and their respective meanings: 

  • Chamomile – gentleness and calmness
  • Holy Basil – emotional strength
  • Calendula – creativity and imagination
  • Dandelion – dreams and goals
  • Peppermint – systemic purification
  • Rose – love and compassion
  • Lemongrass – communication and positivity
  • Ginger – reconnecting with one’s inner powers
  • Jasmine – sexuality and sensuality
  • Mugwort – intuition and vision

Full Moon Ritual Tip #7: Make use of Healing Crystals

If you are a new age spirituality practitioner, then I presume that you are already familiar with healing crystals.

healing crystals, crystal healing

Playing an indispensable essential role in attracting energies of sorts, these crystals will bring good energy depending on your intention. 

Now, we can’t go over all the healing crystals, but one hack to do it is to tell its general meaning by its color. With that, here are the universal color interpretations

  • Red: basic life force
  • Blue: communication and delivery
  • Green: calmness and inner peace
  • Black: removal of negative energies
  • Pink: love and romance
  • White: clarity of perspectives
  • Violet: higher self
  • Orange: creative and sexual energies
  • Yellow: willpower and courage

Thus, depending on your intention, pay attention to the meaning of these crystals as you include them. 

Full Moon Ritual Tip #8: Make use of Sound 

Apart from being a great mood setter, sound itself plays a vital role in ensuring that we are in the proper mental state.

sound meditation, sound bath, singing bowl

Since sound is delivered through radio waves, its energy will inevitably penetrate our own subconscious mind without us noticing it.

Thus, setting the sound and incorporating sound meditation are crucial if you want to fully harness the new moon’s power. As your ritual is cradled on the universal energy music, it becomes far more potent compared to a standard silent ritual. 

Full Moon Ritual Tip #9: Utilize oils to induce a good smell

Just like in traditional spirituality, making use of incense provides strong energies to the higher self.

In the same way, if you want to induce the power of the moon through these rituals, it is important to make use of essential oils since each oil can have a different meaning and purpose. 

Just like in the practice of Ayurveda, taking into account whether to use Chamomile or Lavender is crucial, depending on your intention. With that, here are the most common oils and their respective meanings: 

  • Lavender: For higher self
  • Rose: for love and romance
  • Chamomile: for peace and serenity
  • Hyssop: for illnesses 
  • Ylang-ylang: for building one’s self-esteem
  • Cedarwood: for attracting personal beauty

With that, we’ve imparted nine new moon ritual tips. Use these suggestions to build your own customized ritual, which will make you feel safe, at home, and comfortable! 

Full Moon Ritual Tip #10: Focus on Chakra Points

Lastly, removing certain parts of your life also entails the unblocking of your chakra points.

chakra meditation, how to perform chakra meditation, what is chakra meditation

While you may not know it, your move towards altering these areas can be strongly correlated to the function and value of each chakra point. 

  1. Root Chakra – Basic Life Energy
  2. Sacral Charka – Creativity and Procreativity
  3. Solar Plexus Chakra – Willpower and Courage
  4. Heart Charka – Love and Compassion
  5. Throat Chakra – Communication
  6. Third Eye Chaka – Vision and Intuition
  7. Crown Chakra – Higher Self

By unblocking these points in conjunction with your full moon ritual, you can achieve an even better result! 

Final Word

A full moon ritual is truly a great time for you to rethink yourself and your direction in life.

If ever you see yourself as confused and trapped in your own negative spirals, taking advantage of the full moon is key in changing that.

By wielding its power, you are able to go beyond your limiting beliefs and break your own limitations at will.

We hope this guide inspires you to make use of these full moon ritual ideas. Remember, the only limit is your own mind! 

Do you have a full moon ritual? Share it with us in the comments below!

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