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June 30, 2020

Manifest Your Desires With The Law of Vibration


If you’ve heard of the law of vibration, you’ll know that everything in this vast universe is energy. The trees, the table, your body, and even your innermost thoughts are all made up of energies vibrating at certain frequencies.

These energies operate beyond the atomic level – the smallest unit of matter.

Since they are always in constant motion, these energies can only be amplified, diminished, or transferred. They can never rest.

What is the Law of Vibration?

Surely, you’ve heard of the Law of Attraction – you attract whatever you put out to the universe. But did you know that the principles of this famous universal law are actually founded in the Law of Vibration?

Yes, in some ways, the law of attraction is merely secondary.

It is actually the Law of Vibration that mainly tells us that if we want to achieve something, we should vibrate in the same frequency as our desired object.

Because we only know the Law of Attraction, most people mistakenly think that manifesting our desires is all about just thinking about what we want.

If you want to get that promotion, it’s not just about imagining it happen day in and day out.

This is not how the Law of Attraction nor the Law of Vibration works. Although it all begins with your thoughts, your desires should be manifested beyond the brain.

You should also communicate your desires to your whole being, your spirit’s energy. 

After all, we can only ever be bound by the energies we choose to vibrate in.

How does the Law of Vibration Work?

Harmony. If there’s one overarching philosophy to this law, it is that we should vibrate in harmony with others’ energies.

how does the law of vibration work

Of course, you would only want to vibrate with people and things that align with you. They can come in forms of shared interest in music, same religious views, or close personalities. Think of it as creating your own tribe.

But how do you find them? How do you attract your own tribe?

The answer ultimately lies in the vibrational energy you send out to your surroundings.


The energy you carry in your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions will be your main vehicle in drawing good things and people to your life. 

In your years of existence, your conscious mind has surely formed some thinking patterns. These patterns are then slowly inculcated to your subconscious.

Do you always see the negative? Are you placing logic above everything else? How high of a priority are your emotions?

This is what we call your dominant vibration or your longtime frequency. You have unconsciously operated in this frequency that you may not have noticed how it has shaped your behavior.

In other words, you are your dominant vibration.

Treat your dominant vibration as your smoke signal to your tribe. This is what will attract them to you. If you vibrate in low frequency, you can’t expect those vibrating in high frequency to come to you.

The Law of Vibration strictly tells us that we can only get what we give. Nothing more, nothing less.

Changing Your Dominant Vibration

You may now realize that you have been vibrating in the wrong frequency. While it can be hard to change your dominant vibration, it is certainly not impossible. The main thing that you need to focus on is training your mind.

changing dominant vibration

To change your dominant vibration, you will need to introduce a new thought-creation process to your brain.

This can be quite challenging, especially that it will take you a long time to embed a new pattern into your subconscious. However, you need to be patient and consistent above all. Out with the old, in with the new.

The first thing that you need to do is to determine your unhealthy patterns. These patterns are usually more evident when faced with a difficult situation.

So basically, try to observe your coping mechanisms. Are you easily angered? Do the littlest things bother you? Are you forgiving or stern?

These are just some questions that you can start with.

After determining your own negative patterns, try to see if these are also manifested around you. Are you friends with ill-tempered people too? Do you feel like unfortunate things always happen to you?

Most probably, your answer to these questions is yes.


It’s because your negative vibrational energy will always attract things and people with the same level of negativity. This is just how the Law of Vibration fundamentally works. 

Changing your dominant vibration means replacing all these negative patterns. Of course, you can’t form a new habit overnight. Start small. Take things lightly.

If your kid spills milk on the floor, can’t you both have a good laugh at it while teaching him/her how to clean it?

You have to remember, the moment you choose to release negative vibrational energy, it is already a lost opportunity to upgrade your dominant vibration.

Creating and releasing which type of energy is always a conscious effort.

Working with the Law of Vibration

Is the Law of Vibration only about mind control? 

No. The Law of Vibration focuses on the whole body. It is not enough that your mind knows what you want. Your emotions should be in the picture too.

Your entire being should act as if your desires have already materialized. “Owning it” is the only way for the manifestation process to succeed. 

The Importance of Setting Your Goals First

Setting your intentions right is the first step in working with the Law of Vibration. Determine what you really want to achieve.

Manifestation only works if the desire is straightforward. A vague desire will also give you vague results.

Make sure that you understand the weight of your desire. This will help you assess which frequency you should vibrate in.

Mastering Visualization and Emotional Manifestation

Visualization is an important tool in aligning your vibration with your desires.

visualization, emotional manifestation, law of vibration

This is not just simply daydreaming. It is constantly thinking of your desires and letting yourself believe that they have already happened.

See yourself and your surroundings as if you are already achieving your dreams.

Visualize yourself in that dream job, getting promoted, or driving that dream car.


Whatever it is that you desire, visualizing yourself with it makes the manifestation process ten times more successful.

Another important part of manifestation is our emotions. As mentioned, attracting the things you want does not mean just thinking about it.

No matter how many times you manifest things to happen in your mind, they will never happen when you don’t let your emotions in as well.

You have to feel as if you’re already there – living the life you’ve dreamed of.

Letting Go

You might find it confusing; all those hard work just for you to let go in the end? Letting go in terms of this law only means that you should not be obsessed with your desires.

Your manifestation will only work if your vibrational energy is balanced. When you force things to happen, expect the opposite effect.

Your frequency might be too high for the object you desire. This is not harmony.

While the Law of Vibration requires perseverance and hard work, it draws the line with overdoing it.

10 Practical Steps to Integrate the Law of Vibration to Your Life

Now that we understand how the Law of Vibration works, it’s time we translate this new-found wisdom into practice.

how to use the law of vibration, vibrational energy

Here are 10 effective steps you can instantly apply to make the Law of Vibration work in your life!

#1 Write a Diary

Writing a diary may sound a little too cheesy, but know that having a record of how your days go will help you in assessing yourself. There are moments that you need to immortalize.

This can be through photos or through writing the memory down. When you have something to look back to, you can assess how you normally feel in certain situations.

You can think back on the vibrational energy you had when you graduated, or when you had your first heartbreak. Knowing all these things will help you in transforming your dominant vibration.

#2 Read Books Related to Your Desires

You want to be a flight attendant? Read books that will help you gain more knowledge about that industry.

Since self-help books are literally everywhere now, you can certainly find a written guide on how to get close to your desire. Blogs are great too!


Just continue to fill yourself with anything you need to know about your deepest desires.

#3 Compliment People

Genuine compliments go a long way. When you express appreciation towards people, you are creating a habit of being humble and sport.

Knowing how to compliment people means that you are not easily envious. You support them. You do not compare yourself to them.

Ultimately, you draw inspiration from them. 

#4 Get Close to Nature

Why do people travel when they are stressed? It’s because we have these deep ties with nature.

Although most of us may not know it, we unconsciously seek nature because it provides us peace. Indeed, getting close to nature is a form of meditation in its own way.

The more we relax in nature, the lesser stress and negativity we feel. Unpacking some emotional baggage with nature opens up more space for positive vibrations and positive thoughts in you.

#5 Watch Motivational Movies/Videos

As cliché as it may sound, watching a motivational movie or video will get you to work.

Now that millions of motivational materials are readily accessible, you won’t have a hard time finding one clip that will surely move you.

With the Law of Vibration, it is vital to draw inspiration from anything that is available to us.

This improves our vibrational energy a whole lot faster.

#6 Create a Bucket List

It is not enough that you are stuck imagining your dreams. You have to manifest it into existence.

One way to do this is by creating a list that you would promise yourself to accomplish. Having a timeline for your dreams is one step closer to achieving them.

However, make sure that the list does not put unnecessary pressure on you.

The goal of this bucket list is to inspire you to work harder and to vibrate at the right frequency.


If it causes you to release too much negative energy, you can skip this step.

#7 Affirm Yourself

The way you talk to yourself shapes the way you see yourself.

This is why it is very important to watch the language and tone in which you speak to your mind.

Affirming yourself for a job well done is a good indicator of self-love. Remember that the first person who should validate and support you is you.

#8 Help Others

Kindness goes a long way. No matter how chaotic our world has turned out to be, believe that your kindness will create ripples of good deeds.

Helping people out is one way of transferring positive vibrations from one person to the other.

The fastest way to spread good energy is always through kind deeds.

#9 Write a Dream Journal

Sometimes, things manifest beyond what we see. This is why it is important to keep a dream journal and pay attention to your dreams at night.

The signs and symbolisms in our dreams are usually the things that were missed by the conscious mind.

Sometimes, messages from the Divine are embedded in our dreams. Knowing what they mean can significantly help you in achieving a life well guided.

#10 Smile a Lot

Smiling is one physical manifestation of good vibrational energy.

When you smile to the people around you, you unconsciously are transferring this energy to them.

This makes their vibration stronger, and yours too.

Because smiling is contagious, it can be considered the easiest way to pass around positive vibrations.

Final Word

Applying the Law of Vibration to our life may sound difficult at first. You have to work on your dominant vibration.


You have to make sure you are vibrating at the right frequency.

While this can all be exhausting, know that the rewards waiting for you are tremendous.

Once you get the hang of vibrating in the right frequency, you will notice how easy it is to manifest and achieve your desires.

With the Law of Vibration, what your mind conceives, your body will certainly achieve. Are you now ready to reach for your dreams?

Have you experienced the Law of Vibration working in your life? Share your experience with us in the comments below!

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