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August 7, 2020

10 Types of Empaths (Which Type Are You?)


All empaths probably wonder the same thing: exactly how many types of empaths are there? Well, we’ve identified a total of 10 distinct types of empaths. There might be more, but the distinctions between each type gets increasingly blurred. So in this article, we’re going to explore what it means to be an empath, and each of the 10 types that we’ve identified!

And not to mention that this post could not have been more timely…

In a world where loudness and aggressiveness are deemed signs of strength, it is hard to live with so much sensitivity within.

People who are highly sensitive are often victims of harsh judgments. They are called weak, often manipulated, and easily taken advantage of.

Because of this, many of us resist our innate sensitivity. We feel that to be sensitive is to be vulnerable to the hurtful claws of the world.

However, this resistance hinders us from discovering the power of being an empath.

What Is An Empath?

While there are different types of empaths, an empath is generally described as someone who has the ability to absorb other people’s energy. You experience their emotions as if they are your own.

types of empaths, different types of empaths how many types of empaths are there

You share their pain in as much as you share their happiness. Most of the time, you don’t even need words to know what is going on around you. Just by feeling, you can already pick up the vibe of the room – tense or not.

As an empath, you may feel emotionally exhausted all the time. It is because you are like the gateway of everyone’s emotions.

You feel everything all too deeply, even the things that do not concern you. Your system can be overwhelmed with all the energy around you, which results to psychological baggage.

This is why it is important that you are aware of your empath abilities and how to take care of them.

Signs That You Are An Empath

Are you just really sensitive or are you considered as an empath? Empaths, in general, are not just sensitive to emotions. They can also feel physical pain.

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They absorb the energy of their environment as if they are one with it. To some extent, the experiences of other people become their experiences too. 

So, what are the common traits of an empath?

Empath Sign #1: People ask you for advice.

Empaths are known to be good listeners. This is because you are void of judgment and have the ability to always understand where people are coming from.


You see the good in everyone. Deep down, you know that there is a reason for every behavior, that is why you are not quick to jumping into conclusions when people confide in you. 

With your emotional intelligence, you are able to impart knowledge that strikes both the mind and the heart. As you become a fully realized empath, you will be able to find the perfect balance between logic and emotions.

Empath Sign #2: You are emotional even with TV shows and fictional stories.

Have you ever spent an entire night crying for a character that died from your favorite show? Or maybe feeling overwhelmed with emotions as you read some romantic novel?

The ability of empaths to share other people’s emotions goes beyond reality. You can live through a fictional character’s experience. Your emotions are easily gripped by any material presented to you.

Empath Sign #3: The mood of the room is crucial to you.

Since you are someone who gets easily affected by your environment, you believe that a room’s atmosphere can make or break you. When you sense some tension, you naturally feel tense too.

positive thoughts, positive thinking

It doesn’t even matter if the tension is related to you or not. Once you feel it, you just do. This is why it is important for empaths to surround themselves with people who give off energy that vibrates in the same frequency as theirs.

Empath Sign #4: Intimate relationships can be overwhelming for you.

If you are with a partner, chances are you sense their energy a little more than other people. Since you spend most of your time with them, it is inevitable to absorb all their moods, struggles, and pain.

The intimacy that the relationship offers may feel like a burden to you at times. You can ultimately drown in your partner’s emotions.

To avoid getting engulfed by the relationship, it is important for empaths to set boundaries and create a space for themselves.

Empath Sign #5: Liars can never get past you.

The worst thing any person can do is lie to empaths. Empaths are known for being great lie detectors. You have this ability to see things beyond their surface.

You can totally sense that a person is lying not just through their words but also through their gestures, eyes, tone, etc. No one can ever hide their true intentions from an empath.

Types of Empaths

Now that you know what an empath is, it now begs the next question: how many types of empaths are there? Some would say six, some eight.

In this blog, we have gathered 10 different types of empaths for your reference. 

#1 The Physical Empath

Physical empaths are those who pick up the physical energy of the people and things around them. How does this work? If you have ever felt the pain of someone else’s injury, you might be a physical empath.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you feel like you have an injury yourself. It just often manifests in subtle hints of pain in the same area as the person you are looking at. 


The person in front of you is experiencing a migraine? Watch out for some tension on your temples too. The most common physical pain that empaths pick up are headaches, nausea, and burns.

In contrast, physical empaths are in for a treat when you are surrounded by people who are happy and healthy. You can easily absorb their positive energy, leaving your body revitalized.

#2 The Intuitive Empath

According to Dr. Orloff, an American psychiatrist, intuitive empaths are those who have a heightened perception of the unspoken.

opening your third eye throug pineal gland

This means that these people do not only pick up the energies in front of them, but even those that are still to come. 

However, intuitive empaths are not to be confused as people who can see the future. If you are an intuitive empath, your power lies in your gut feel – your intuition.

Over time, you will realize that your instinct is always right. This is why it is important for these types of empaths to listen to what their gut tells them at the onset of any situation.

#3 The Emotional Empath

Emotional empaths are the most susceptible to exhaustion. This is because you cannot avoid receiving so much energy from the outside.

As you get overwhelmed with other people’s emotions, you will notice certain interactions drain the life out of you.

Emotional empaths are encouraged to choose the people you spend your time with.

You have to practice putting your emotional health first before anybody else. This way, you can be an effective empath who can share themselves without losing it in the process.

On the other hand, lifting an emotional empath’s mood is rather easy. Because you are an open recipient of external energy, it is easy to transfer positivity and happiness to your system. 

#4 The Flora Empath

The plant-lovers. A flora empath is someone who has established a deep connection with plants.

flora empath

If you are someone who communicates with plants and genuinely feels for them, you might be a flora empath. Not to mention, you probably have the greenest thumb too! 

As plant lovers, flora empaths have learned compassion beyond people. You are loving and nurturing. This also manifests in all other areas of your life too.

People regard your presence as soft and calming. They love being around you. You draw everyone in with your gentle ways.


#5 The Fauna Empath

Much like the flora empaths, fauna empaths have also learned to be compassionate beyond people. Fauna empaths are those who cannot imagine the world without animals.

fauna empath

You are simply head over heels with any kind of animal. In a party, these types of empaths are the first to play with the house owner’s pets. 

Fauna empaths will not tolerate any kind of abuse to animals. You are the first to stand up for them.

You believe that each animal – big or not – deserves love and respect. Any violence towards them will surely make you quick to your feet in defense.

#6 The Dream Empath

Dream empaths are given a wonderful gift of remembering their dreams quite vividly. Moreover, you have the ability to interpret its message. If you are a dream empath, you believe that a dream is never just a dream.

It is a gateway for the universe to tell you something, or to move you into action. After all, as an empath, you know that you have your own soul’s purpose to fulfil.

You can quickly work out the symbols in your dreams and apply them to real life. Your dreams are your source of wisdom, and you are more than willing to impart what you learn to your loved ones.

#7 The Earth Empath

While they can be regarded as quite similar to flora empaths, the earth empaths (similar to earth angels) are in tune with nature as a whole.

earth empath

You are hyper-aware of what the planet needs, and how it can be better taken care of.

At times, you can also feel it when a natural occurrence is about to happen – from a simple rain to forest fire or earthquakes.

Because of this ability, earth empaths are often called the guardians of the earth.

#8 The Precognitive Empath

A precognitive empath has the psychic abilities to feel an event or situation happening soon. They do not necessarily see the future, but they can sense it. 

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How does it happen?

If you are a precognitive empath, your mind is in tune with your dreams, your emotions, and your surroundings. You know a divine message when you feel one.

While most of these messages/warnings can be seen in your dreams, your sensations such as anxiety and excitement are also great determinants of what is to come.


Thus, you are able to prepare yourself and others for a forthcoming situation.

#9 The Psychometric Empath

A psychometric empath receives impressions through objects. The perception of these impressions varies from smell, sensation, texture, etc.

The emotions an object evokes can also be a part of its information.

If you are a psychometric empath, you have the ability to know an object’s history, its owner, its worth, and even its future use.

This will greatly help you in deciding whether to keep/buy clothes, jewelry, or even properties.

#10 The Telepathic Empath

A telepathic empath knows how to read minds. You can still access a person’s unexpressed thoughts by tying their words, their behavior, and their emotions altogether.

understanding telepathic therapy

This is especially true when you are faced with a situation where someone is blatantly lying to you.

You know when something is not true, because you can see right through people and discover their true intentions.

Telepathic empaths can read people more than anyone else.

Strength In Being An Empath

The gift of emotional awareness is something that should be celebrated by empaths. Contrary to what most people say, sensitivity is definitely not a weakness.

Your sensitivity creates more love, compassion, and kindness in this world. Without your gifts, everything will turn into pure chaos. Empaths are called to the earth to help others become true to their emotions as well.

You are here to help people find and accept their identities

When the energy of the world becomes too overpowering, remember to take a step back. Self-care is crucial for empaths.

When you feel emotionally exhausted, circle back to your own feelings. Take a break. Forget the rest of the world. The only way to be a strong empath is to be the guardian of your own boundaries.

When you finally learn how to protect your own emotions, it will be so much easier to deal with the outside world.


Thank you, our dear empaths. May you never get tired of sharing your gifts with the rest of us. You are special!

Which type of Empath are you? Let us know in the comments below!

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