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August 11, 2020

What Is A Karmic Relationship? (8 Symptoms You’re In One)


We, humans, are simple. All we want is to love and to be loved. In this lifetime, we will go through many types of relationships in our pursuit to find the one. We will love, we will take the biggest risks, and we will get hurt. It’s all part of the journey. And we tend to learn the most about this through karmic relationships.

Of course, we all want our current relationships to be our last. Who doesn’t want a forever’s worth of love?

When we are with someone, we can’t help but hope that they stay by our side for a lifetime. This hope, however, can be blinding.

It can lead us to look past the red flags, ignore toxic patterns, and shrug off some real, important issues.

After all, we can only truly realize how bad a relationship was long after it’s over.

What is a karmic relationship?

One of the first relationships that we often get into is a karmic relationship. These relationships often come by like a swift storm. They are not meant to last, but the impact they leave can be quite substantial. 

what is a karmic relationship

Karmic partners are sent to our lives as lessons we did not get to learn in our previous lifetimes. They will mimic the issues that we had in the past until we are able to resolve them.

After our souls have been untied from their unfinished business, the relationship is over.

The main purpose of a karmic relationship is to change us into a better person and then disappear. No karmic relationship will ever work out. 

Karmic Relationship Vs. Twin Flame & Soulmate Relationships

One prominent reason why a lot of us cannot seem to let go of a karmic partner is that we think that they could be our soulmate or twin flame.

When we are too in love with a person, we all have the tendency to put them on a pedestal. We create an image of them that resembles the ideals of our souls.

But in one way or another, it will dawn on us that a karmic partner is just that – a karmic partner. Never our soulmate. Never our twin flame.

To put things in perspective, the main difference between karmic relationships and soulmate/twin flame relationships lies in the way the lessons are taught to you.

Soulmates and twin flames are the most compatible to your soul, but they are not perfect. They will also present challenges that will teach you lessons.

However, they will be gentle in teaching these to you.


Karmic partners, on the other hand, will be harsh with their ways. They can be pretty damaging in dealing with the relationship.

What is the difference between a soulmate and a twin flame, then?


While a soulmate is an excellent partner for your soul, a twin flame is a match literally made in heaven. Twin flame relationships are the pinnacle of romantic relationships.

Because we all come from one soul source which has split over time, finding your other half here on earth is the best thing that can happen to you. Not everyone gets to meet their twin flame.

Now you may be wondering, can a karmic relationship transition to a higher type? Can a karmic relationship be a twin flame? A soulmate? The answer is no.

A karmic partner is sent to a different path, thus has different ways of approach.

A soulmate, and even more so a twin flame, is not someone you transition to. You just are.

8 Karmic Relationship Symptoms

If you feel like you are with a karmic partner right now, read on to know more about their common karmic relationships symptoms.

#1 They do not respect boundaries.

One tendency of karmic partners is not paying attention to your boundaries. You may have told them the things you are not comfortable with, but they will blatantly disregard your pleas.

gaslight, gaslighting, karmic relationship

This is especially true when it comes to intimacy. Their needs will always come before yours. You are in a karmic relationship if you are always the giver, but receive little to nothing in return.

Moreover, they view your limits as weaknesses. They will gaslight you and tell you that you are just making an excuse, or that you are not making enough effort for the relationship.

#2 They are dependent on you. 

Still related to #1, karmic partners are selfish. They will see you not as an equal partner, but as a tool for their convenience. You are there because they need you to do things for them.

They are lazy, expect you to do everything in the relationship, and just sit around waiting for your service.

At some point, you might feel like this is some sort of power bestowed upon you. You might feel like you get to call the shots in the relationship. In reality, it’s just really you being an all-around assistant.

#3 The connection between you is electrifying, but fleeting.

One characteristic of a karmic relationship is having an instant connection with your partner.


Do you remember the first time you met your partner?

Surely, it was electrifying. You don’t know how it happened, but right then and there you were immediately attracted to them. 

Karmic relationships often start out as an exciting connection. Everything will go smoothly at first, until your partner slowly reveals their true self. By this time, you are already in too deep.

Even though the connection is long gone, you still find yourself staying because of the grip that they have on you.

#4 You are confusingly addicted to them.

No matter how bad it gets, you can’t seem to let go. Your mind knows the right thing to do, but your heart is telling you to give them a hundredth chance.

Your friends and family may tell you that your partner is bad for you. You truthfully agree with them.

However, karmic relationships are one of the hardest relationships to leave.

#5 They trigger your fears.

The toxicity of a karmic relationship will surely bring out your insecurities and fears. It can even awaken a long sitting trauma within you.

spiritual connection with someone , soul connection, what is a spiritual connection, soul mate, twin flame

Because your partner has little regard for your feelings, they may (un)intentionally trigger a lot of your fears.

This can range from your fear of abandonment to past traumatic experiences that you thought you have already forgotten.

#6 Your relationship is on and off.

Another one of the most major karmic relationship symptoms is its on and off nature. Your dynamics with a karmic partner will always be unstable.

You will experience a constant push and pull when it comes to a lot of things between you.

There are days when you feel like you are ready to let go, only to find yourself getting back with them again.

Leaving a karmic relationship takes so much strength and self-restraint.

#7 They are controlling.

Is your partner too controlling? A karmic partner will always find a way to reign over you.

karmic relationship

This can come in forms of subtle comments, or full-blown warnings. You are never free to wear anything you want or hang out with any friends that you’d like.

There is often no compromise. If you have been in a karmic relationship for too long, chances are you have already developed a “yes” attitude.

To avoid confrontations, you just agree with whatever your partner wants. Along the way, you lose both your autonomy and your identity.

#8 They are stubborn.

Karmic partners are very stubborn. They are not open to changing their ways because they feel like they are always right.

Because they do not see you as an equal, they believe that they should be the decision-maker in the relationship.

Your opinions often fall on deaf ears.

There will be times that they will acknowledge that you are right, but their pride will hinder them from doing anything about it. 

Handling A Karmic Relationship

As harsh as it may sound, you might want your karmic relationship to run its own course naturally.

This, of course, does not mean that you tolerate toxicity that imposes danger on you. It just means that you met your karmic partner because you needed to resolve an issue of your soul from your past life.

natal chart compatibility, birth chart compatibility

It is an important part of your journey.

A karmic relationship can be seen from the perspective of personal growth and development. After all, every single type of relationship has its own challenges to overcome, even with your soulmate or twin flame.

However, you have to remember that karmic relationships are meant to end eventually.

When it no longer serves its purpose, holding onto it may cause damage that outweighs the lessons it brought. This is why it is important to be in tune with what your soul needs.

Listen to what your true self truly desires. Ultimately, ask for divine help. You will feel it when it’s time to let go.

Do you feel like you are/were in a karmic relationship? Comment your stories below, we’d love to hear from you!


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