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May 15, 2020

8 Twin Flame Stages: Finding Your Soul Mate


In this guide, we’ll be discussing the what a twin flame is, what the twin flame stages are, and the common signs of meeting your twin flame!

What are Twin Flames?

The term ‘Twin Flame’ is often used as a buzz word in so much as the word Soulmate is. Its etymology, however, can be a bit surprising.

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Deeply rooted in Greek mythology, the term Twin Flame emerges from a classic myth about Zeus. 

In Plato’s Symposium, particularly on the Origins of Love, Aristophanes points out that humans were originally androgynous.

Having both reproductive organs and dual sets of body parts like four hands and two faces, the original humans in this Greek myth were far more powerful than who we are today. 

As Zeus was threatened by their existence, he decided to cut them into half. To do this, he assigned Apollo to divide these “double humans.”

Add to that, Aristophanes further speaks about love as Plato writes: 

“Love is born into every human being; it calls back the halves of our original nature together; it tries to make one out of two and heal the wound of human nature.”

Looking into its mythical roots, the concept of Twin Flames is not some fad that people came up with.

With its strong ties to Greek mythology and even Platonic texts, we can understand why this concept has been revered. 

Your Twin Flame is the other half of your soul (same concept applies to the anima and animus).

Twin Flame vs Soulmate: What’s the Difference?

Soulmates refer to someone’s who made with the same kind of energy as you are.

Meaning, a soulmate is someone you can intuitively have a deep connection with.

difference between twin flame and soulmate, twin flame vs soulmate

Because you’re practically cut from the same cloth, Soulmates, as the name suggests, are deeply intertwined souls. 

For instance, a Soulmate doesn’t have to be someone who shares exactly the same things with you.


In this case, say you’re a pianist who loves expressing your pain and struggle through the pieces you play.

You’d know it’s your Soulmate because they’ll instantaneously grasp your feelings as you do so.

Thus, even without speaking a word, your Soulmate already understands you on a deeper level. Just as you get to have that intuitive connection with them!

Like wavelengths, you realize that inner connection. 

But isn’t this also the case with Twin Flames?

This is where it gets tricky because the answer is both Yes and No. 

To begin with, Twin Flames are often confused with Soulmates simply because they appear to be the same.

Emulating similar responses, these terms are interchangeably used by beginners. Yet, in reality, Twin Flames are different from Soulmates. 

On the one hand, such feelings can be the case for both Twin Flames and Soulmates. Having that intuitive resonance with a significant other can make you feel as if they are your Soulmate. Yet in reality, they are your Twin Flame. 

On the other hand, they are vastly different by virtue of origin

If we were to illustrate the origin of Soulmates, we could portray it as being cut from the same cloth.

This means that the very substance of your souls are similar. Thus, you’ll find it almost magical to connect with them. 

But when compared to Twin Flames, we see that it’s more than being cut from the same cloth.

Instead, it is a unique piece of cloth that’s divided into two. Like two pieces of a puzzle, you are destined to meet your Twin Flame

With that, Soulmates are almost always compatible. But Twin Flames aren’t necessarily such. After all, your Twin Flame is your soul’s other half, which contains the things that you don’t have right now. 

But because they are such, your Twin Flame makes you whole. While Soulmates complement you, Twin Flames complete you.


With this in mind, what are the the significant twin flame stages you’re most likely to experience in this unique relationship?

8 Significant Twin Flame Stages

Like any other pursuit, meeting your Twin Flame necessitates that you must undergo these 8 twin flame stages. Whether aware or not, life will inevitably take you through these twin flame stages. 

8 twin flame stages, twin flame stage, how to meet your twin flame

Thus, your task is to ensure that you’ve paid enough attention to spot these twin flame stages in your life. 

Stage #1: The Yearning 

Perhaps the most important twin flame stage, this is where you’ve actually taken the first step. Recognizing the fact that you’re pining for someone significant in your life is the first signal that you’re moving forward. 

As such, this can happen in the simplest of ways. Whether it’s simply a desire to have that significant other, or having an involuntary dream of that mystery person, this yearning will manifest itself as it signals you on what’s about to unfold. 

Thus, the key is to pay attention to certain yearning signs. Who knows? Your Twin Flame might just be around the corner!

Stage #2: Glimpsing your Twin Flame

When something amazing is about to happen, certain moments can appear to tell us what’s about to happen.

Whether it is a dream or an unlikely meeting of an acquaintance, the most mysterious of ways will manifest whenever our Twin Flame arrives. 

But they won’t fully unfold just yet. Instead, what happens is that they will spark a light in you. Like a matchstick brushing through the striking surface, a glimpse of light manifests. 

Similarly, meeting your Twin Flame will often have unlikely bumps along the road. And as destiny brings you together, you’ll see these signs not with your head, but with your heart – an intuition that transcends all reason. 

Stage #3: Falling in Love 

Inevitably, you will be pulled closer to your Twin Flame. 

And in a heartbeat, you’ll fall in love. Just as how you’d jump from a river dike without thinking how deep the river is!

Like it or not, that’s the nature of meeting your Twin Flame – the momentous event itself will force you to take a Leap of Faith.

As such, your task here is to feel it out. Just like how we’ll fall for a number of people who aren’t truly our Twin Flames.

Riding this emotional rollercoaster is crucial for you to establish if this person is truly the one you’ve been waiting for. 


Stage #4: The Honeymoon Stage

Just as how every relationship begins, the honeymoon stage is where you’ve both decided to enjoy each other’s best qualities.

As you go out on a date, both partners who seem to be deeply interested in each other will bring out their best foot forward.

From proper grooming to charming manners, everything will seem to be a fairy tale for both.  

If you are meeting your Twin Flame, this is to be expected. Since you’re encountering your other half, there’s no denying that you’ll feel like the missing piece is already there.

Be careful, however, since the same can also appear to people who will simply pass by your life. 

Stage #5: Facing the Ugly Side

As the old adage goes – overfamiliarity breeds contempt. And yes, this overfamiliarity with the other will cause you to surface your Ego, including the unwanted parts of both.

Gleaming with imperfection and flaws, the insecurities and inner troubles that you and your Twin Flame will begin to emerge. 

Given such, you’ll recognize what’s hollow in you and what’s hollow in the other. Fret not, for this is to be expected. If they are indeed your Twin Flame, it will be natural for them to have these inner troubles as much as you do.

That is why it is ultimately necessary for you to meet the other in order to ‘complete each other.’

Stage #6: The Push-and-Pull

Relationships are often best described as a Tug of War. With both sides pushing and pulling, a suspending tension is present.

As such, this succumbing tension will truly verify if you’re meeting your Twin Flame. In most cases, the fifth twin flame stage can often be quelled by making compromises. 

However, if you’re not meeting your Twin Flame, this trial by fire is almost impossible to surpass. As things get more intense, the one who’s not for you will eventually retreat into nothingness.

In contrast, your Twin Flame will emerge as someone who is willing to take it all and be all. 

In the same way, you will also be facing the other end of the stick. If you are not the one for the other person, you’ll eventually give up and realize that it is not the proper time yet. 

Stage #7: Acceptance of the Unmasked

Placing all roles and pretensions aside, the unmasked versions of you and your Twin Flame will surface. Seeing the best and the worst of each other, you’ll realize who the other person truly is. 


And if they are your Twin Flame, and acceptance will eventually follow

As you realize that the deeper connection with the other is more than the good and bad parts of the relationship, it will eventually make sense for you to see that they are indeed your missing half. 

Given such, both of you will eventually relax your ego in favor of forming an unbreakable union. Acknowledging each other as the significant half, both of you will reach the final twin flame stage of culmination. 

Stage #8: Total Union

As the other part of your soul finally reunites with its lost kin, the inevitable finally happens. In this 8th twin flame stage, the ultimate goal is finally achieved as you and your Twin Flame accepts both good and bad, for better or for worse. 

In this state of total union, there is no discrimination, only acceptance. 

Instead of highlighting one’s flaws and bickering the other, this state accepts imperfection. Instead, it strives for progress and development, commonly upheld by a similar goal or passion in life. 

Finally, this twin flame stage is where everything culminates, as everything becomes real. 

Common Twin Flame Signs and Symptoms

Having familiarized yourself with the 8 twin flame stages, we’ll leave you with some common pointers to take note of.

twin flame signs, twin flame symptoms, how to recognize your twin flame

By paying attention to these twin flame signs and symptoms, it will be easier for you to land your Twin Flame! 

Sign #1: Having that intuitive connection

Just like a mother’s intuition, this kind of connection knows no boundaries. Breaking all forms of reasoning and logic, that intuitive connection involuntarily sparks between you and your Twin Flame. 

Since you are two parts of the same soul, it is only natural for you to pull each other in without even thinking about it. 

Sign #2: Similar Interests

Although this point can also be present with friends or community members, having similar interests with your Twin Flame is on an entirely different level.

For instance, you can observe this in the amount of passion that they give to the common interest, often overflowing to the extent that’s resonant to yours. 

Sign #3: Similar Wavelengths

Referring to a person’s thoughts and ideas, wavelengths are like streams of consciousness.

While two individuals can be thinking of the same thing at the same time, having the same wavelength means that you and your Twin Flame do have the same thoughts coincidentally and even when apart.


Although this doesn’t have to be always, the mere fact that there’s that common recurrence signals a Twin Flame connection. 

Sign #4: Being drawn to the Other

Physically moving you towards this person, you’ll feel some sort of magnetic force towards them.

While most of us are uncomfortable when our personal space is being intruded, Twin Flames are often an exception.

Like a Trojan Horse, we welcome them as a gift despite not knowing what’s inside. 

Sign #5: Having that intuitive connection

Just like a mother’s intuition, this kind of connection knows no boundaries. Breaking all forms of reasoning and logic, that intuitive connection involuntarily sparks between you and your Twin Flame. 

Since you are two parts of the same soul, it is only natural for you to pull each other in without even thinking about it. 

Sign #6: Intertwined Dreams

Perhaps one of the strongest drives, having intertwined dreams, is almost always the strongest sign of meeting your Twin Flame.

Given how spiritual and magical the dream world is, having the same dream with them is almost always the most magical thing that can happen. 

Sign #7: Being intuitively comfortable with them

When a Twin Flame appears before you, there’s no denying that this will cause a different kind of comfort, one that transcends all your previous feelings.

Without question, you will be automatically lowering your guard for them, without need for proof of safety whatsoever. 

Sign #8: Having an instinctive insight about the other

Finally, you’ll know it when they’re the one when you have that strong insight about them despite not knowing anything at all.

For instance, you may know what they feel and how they think even before knowing your own thoughts because, in the end, they are your Twin Flame.

Sign #9: Similar Vulnerabilities

As two parts of the same soul, you will most likely have the same set of weaknesses.

Like Achilles’ heel, this weakness is your very own Kryptonite as an individual and as a couple.

As you get to know each other deeper, these core weaknesses will surface. 


Sign #10: Understanding their Unconscious Mind

More than anything else, your Twin Flame will almost always get a good sense of your unconscious thoughts.

Connected through the collective unconscious, your mind is universally linked to theirs. With this, both of you are able to navigate each other’s thoughts subconsciously. 

Final Word

In this series about twin flame stages, we’ve explored the whole concept of Twin Flames.

From pointing out its subtle nuances to outlining the 8 significant Twin Flame stages and signs of Twin Flames, we’ve covered almost every point in grasping this whole topic. 

Can you say that you’ve already met your Twin Flame? Or have you experienced any of these twin flame stages? Let us know in the comments below!

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