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November 10, 2020

8 Types Of Earth Angels (And Signs That You’re An Earth Angel)


There are good people… then there are angels. Earth angels, to be exact. Earth angels are not just the typical kind-hearted people you meet. They are more than just the cheerfulness, the positivity, and the generosity.

What Is An Earth Angel? 

Earth angels are spiritual beings born into physical form to spread light in the world. These beings come from an angelic realm and are much more spiritually advanced than any other beings on earth.

They are hypersensitive, and are all on a mission to help out those in need. They are the types of people who are already lending their hand before you even cry for help.

An earth angel exudes a high level of vibrational energy. They can easily get in tune with the frequencies of their surroundings. They can effortlessly commune with nature, with people, and with the entire universe. 

However, it is important to know that these spiritual beings don’t always have it easy. Their optimism can falter too, especially when it comes to devastating news.

They get heartbroken quickly, all because their hearts are extremely pure and sensitive.

Earth Angels also have the tendency to get drained – physically and spiritually – since they are people who tend to give their all to anyone and anything.

What Are Earth Angels’ Purpose? 

So, why are earth angels sent here?

To be able to reincarnate as human forms, these angels lowered their vibrational energy to fit the earthly dimension.

what are earth angels purpose, earth angels purpose

Remember, these angels are used to living in the Angelic realm (7th and 9th dimension). They descended to earth with a mission to serve it and of course, the people living in it. 

But how exactly will they serve humanity? 

The main purpose of earth angels is to help humans achieve their highest spiritual awakening. You might meet them as mentors, friends, families, and even partners.

Since they are highly evolved spiritual beings, they carry with them a Divine-given knowledge that is meant to be shared with humanity. They carry enlightenment, love, and peace. 

When you meet an earth angel (or if you are an earth angel yourself), you will feel a natural flow of optimism in their presence.

You can’t quite explain it, but having them around brings a sense of calmness. Things may be hard at the moment, but an earth angel’s energy is meant to radiate hope especially for people who may be struggling. 


If earth angels are serving humanity, does this mean they are higher/different from humans?

No. Once the earth angels are reincarnated into human form, they bear all human characteristics. They can make mistakes, they can feel burned out, and they can be disengaged with the world at times.

However, their compassion and light from within will always rise above everything. Positivity overflows from earth angels.

The Divine guides them into fulfilling the mission of sharing this positivity with every person they meet. 

6 Signs You Are An Earth Angel 

earth angels signs, signs of earth angels, earth angels characteristics

Earth Angel Sign #1: Helping others is your number one priority in life

Earth angels are natural givers. In fact, you even hate being in a position where it is you who receives help.

You believe that your main purpose is to be there when people are in need, and not the other way around.

Because of this, you are your friends’ go-to person when they are in trouble. They know you’d offer the best solutions.

However, you have to be careful not to spread yourself all too thinly. To give to the point of draining yourself is a contradiction of your purpose as an earth angel.

Do not sacrifice your own well being to “save” others. The only way to nurture others is to nurture yourself first.

Earth Angel Sign #2: People treat you as their confidant

If you are an earth angel, chances are you are the group’s confidant.

People feel comfortable showing their vulnerable side in front of you because you bear no judgment. You are accepting of everything and everyone.

They have no problem trusting you because your vibrational frequency radiates solace. Your presence in itself is a safe place.

Some of you may have even experienced strangers opening up to them. This situation is not new to earth angels.

Yes, you really have such a welcoming aura. You can be at a party meeting new people, and the next thing you know they’re sharing their most personal stories with you!

Earth Angel Sign #3 You see the good in everyone

Earth angels respect individuality. This means the good, the bad, and everything in between when it comes to people. You understand that people cannot be at their best everyday.


So even when things are shaky, your respect for a person does not waver. You still see them as your kind friend, your cheerful sister, or your loving partner.

Anger isn’t something you’re familiar with. It’s likely you believe that people, including yourself, will always have bad days. But these bad days are short-lived, and do not represent who we truly are.

Earth Angel Sign #4: You tend to avoid conflict

Another sign that you may be an earth angel is conflict-avoidant behavior. All earth angels are sensitive.

When conflicts arise, you tend to take a step back and just let tensions die down.

You are someone who hates confrontations because things easily hurt you.

Raised voices and angry words don’t resonate well with you, so you often give in just to prevent arguments from ensuing.

Remember that this can be a dangerous trait along the way. Not standing up for yourself, especially when you most need to is a disservice to your soul.

You shouldn’t be afraid to fight if you are fighting for your own peace, comfort, and security.

Earth Angel Sign #5: You cry when someone cries

Do you find yourself crying whenever you see someone cry? It doesn’t matter whether it’s just a fictional character or a friend in front of you, seeing waterworks got some effect on you.

This is because earth angels are one of the highest-level empaths. It’s like you are an extension of somebody else’s emotions, especially pain.

When people are struggling, you struggle with them. You just can’t turn your back to them because you feel what they’re feeling. “Putting your shoes in someone else’s” is all too real for earth angels.

Earth Angel Sign #6: You can easily sense when something is wrong.

The sensitivity of earth angels extends to instantly knowing when something is wrong. You don’t even need words.

Sometimes, you’d walk into a room and you’d know exactly if there is tension in the air.

You can quickly pick up a vibe of a place or a person.

Being dense and indifferent are things that are very foreign to earth angels.


8 Types of Earth Angels 

types of earth angels

Type #1: Nature Earth Angels

Do you prefer being in a rural area instead of a bustling city? Earth angels who constantly feel the need to commune with nature are called nature earth angels.

nature earth angel

It means that you find solace when you are in the presence of trees, mountains, beaches, etc.

Nature earth angels do not necessarily live in a farm or a cabin. Even if you live in the city, your love for nature will surely manifest in the most unique ways.

Your apartment may be filled with indoor plants. You may be into flower arranging. You can also be drawn to art that features natural landscapes. As long as you see a resemblance of nature, you feel alive.

Type #2: Activist Earth Angels

From the term itself, activist earth angels are earth angels who actively fight for societal progress. Injustice has no place in the lives of these earth angels.

If you fall under this type, it means that you are someone who is involved in progressive movements – big and small.

Your dream is to see the world become a better place by restoring peace and justice for people.

You are firm with your ideals because you believe that these principles will make a huge change for the generations of tomorrow.

Type #3: Creative Earth Angels

Creative earth angels are not just those who are into arts and music. Earth angels who simply create is a creative earth angel.

creative earth angel

What does this mean? It means that you can be a songwriter who creates music, or a carpenter who builds a house. Both are considered creative earth angels.

These people want to make a difference, one creation at a time. These masterpieces are their tools in spreading light and passion in the world.

Type #4: Healer Earth Angels

Being a healer earth angel does not literally mean being able to treat illnesses. It just means that you are naturally capable of helping people who struggle. This healing happens in hundreds of ways.

healer earth angel

You can heal a person by simply being their shoulder to cry on, using your encouraging word, and forgiving others. 

Because there are a lot of ways that healer earth angels are able to heal, it is common for these people to mistakenly think that they can fix everyone.

If you are a healer earth angel, know that even the most giving heart has its own limitations. Don’t overuse it.


Type #5: Listener Earth Angels

Compassion is one trait that is most prominent in listener earth angels. These earth angels find it easy to empathize with others because of their accepting nature.

listener earth angel

If you are a listener earth angel, you’ll find yourself being that person who draws people to share their deepest woes with you.

You’ll see that there is not even a hint of hesitance from these people when they are talking to you. Why?

It’s because they know they can trust your compassionate heart. Your heart is not capable of carrying judgment and prejudice.

Type #6: Caregiver Earth Angels

A caregiver earth angel is nurturing. If you fall under this type, you’d always find yourself worrying about other people’s welfare a bit more than what is usual.

caregiver earth angel

It’s like you have this maternal instinct where you want to protect and support those around you.

You can be taking care of a family or even just pets, but a caregiver earth angel will always show utmost concern; no matter who the recipient is.

You just can’t help nurturing your surroundings!

Type #7: Worker Earth Angels

Worker earth angels are arguably the most active among all the archetypes. You just love being on the go, always feeling like there’s always something to be done somewhere.

You’re adamant that the greatest contribution is done through action.

This is why you make sure you do well at work, you help in the household, and you do some extra volunteer work on the side. Idle time is a no-no for you.

Be careful not to be burned out from too many activities though!

Type #8: Fauna Earth Angels

Fauna earth angels are those people who feel a certain level of connection with animals. You put value on what they can bring to the world.

fauna earth angel

Whether they are pets, wild, or insects, you fight for the respect that each animal deserves.

You believe that they are all created equal and should be treated as such. Any maltreatment to them upsets you very much.


This is why you spend most of your time taking care of pets, or volunteering at a shelter.

You believe that your soul’s purpose in life is to spread awareness about how animals can be treated better by people. 

Now that you know what earth angels are, do you think you’re one of them? If so, what type of earth angel are you? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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