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October 30, 2020

9 Powerful Mantras For Healing And Manifesting


Mantras are words of affirmation used for a variety of intentions. You can use mantras for healing, manifesting, transformation, or even self-discovery.

Mantras are intended for you to be able to communicate with the universe in a much deeper sense.

To say that words are powerful is an understatement. Words create realities, shape people’s thoughts and emotions, and can even manifest our wildest dreams.

And most importantly? Words can heal.

When you utter a mantra (either chanted or spoken silently), you are not just simply asking the universe to grant your desires. You are putting out a message of confidence that what you want will indeed come true. 

Moreover, mantras are also created to empower the human mind. These short phrases can overthrow your long-standing beliefs, reboot your thinking patterns, and simply overhaul your entire subconscious.

Of course, this is to lead you closer to your spiritual awakening. Mantras have nothing but positive effects on our mind, body, and soul.

In fact, integrating mantras into our daily routines have proven not only to influence us on a spiritual level but also physiologically.

Studies show that those who practice meditating with mantras indicate low stress levels and improved brain chemistry.

This is because the powerful healing vibrations of these mantras can weed out people’s negative thinking habits.

10 Types Of Mantras For Healing 

Mantras can be further categorized into beliefs and intentions.

Mantras that originate from beliefs such as Buddhism, Hinduism and Shintoism are much more ritualistic than mantras for intentions.

These mantras usually follow certain meditative systems that may require some tools like beads or candles.

Mantras for intentions, on the other hand, are more personal and unceremonious.

#1 Japa Mantras

Dubbed by some as the mother of all mantras, practicing Japa encompasses all mantras across various beliefs. Loosely translating to “repetitive uttering of scriptures and sacred passages”, the goal of Japa mantras depends on the person’s spiritual philosophy.


These goals could be to achieve nirvana, divine enlightenment, or just a simple spiritual awakening.

Once you have decided on your passage and goal, the success of your Japa lies in how you do your meditative repetitions.

The most common way to practice Japa is to use the beads known as Mala. Each bead represents one repetition.

japa mantra, mala beads

Most Malas have 109 beads. One bead is called Guru, which is where you begin and end your repetitions.  

#2 Chakra Mantras 

Practicing chakra mantras requires a little more research on what and where your chakras are. Although chakras are located in our body, these are not physiological elements.

chakra mantras, seven chakras

Chakras are spiritual. They are considered the energy centers of our body.  Chakra mantras span from chanting monosyllabic sounds to uttering elaborate phrases.

The goal of these mantras is to unlock the energy of each chakra.

Crown Chakra – all energiesSilenceFor this chakra, silence is most needed to absorb its energy.
Third Eye Chakra – mindfulness“Aum”“I am open to see everything and beyond.”
Throat Chakra – creativity“Ham” “I will speak my desires into reality.”
Heart Chakra – love“Yam” I will give the love I want to receive.”
Solar Plexus Chakra – self-discovery“Ram”“I will let go of the things that no longer serve me.”
Sacral Chakra – well-being“Vam”“My body is my temple. I will take care of it.”
Root Chakra – safety“Lam” “I will commit to developing and protecting myself.”

#3 Buddhist Mantras

There are many types of Buddhist mantras that target specific aspects of life. However, all of these mantras lead to a common goal: elevating your spiritual well being.

There are Buddhist mantras for healing diseases, abundance in wealth, and emotional healing, among many others.

Some of the most common mantras in Buddhism are:

Medicine Buddha Mantra – to release any type of pain

Lotus Sutra Mantra – to achieve strong devotion towards Enlightenment

Shakyamuni Mantra – to receive divine wisdom

Avalokitesvara Mantra – to develop a compassionate heart

Green Tara Mantra – to overcome emotional and mental hardships


White Tara Mantra – to improve overall health and life

#4 Sanskrit Mantras

Most Sanskrit mantras involve calling out to Hindu deities. These mantras act as requests for divine guidance as we navigate through life. The most important component of any Sanskrit mantra is the word Om.

It is neutral and does not represent any religious philosophy. Om simply means creation. Below are some examples of Sanskrit mantras:

Om Namah Shivaya”

This mantra calls upon the deity Shiva, the third among the primary gods of Hinduism. Since Shiva is responsible for both creation and destruction, this mantra is used to ask for healing and protection.

“Om Eim Saraswati Namaha Om”

This mantra invokes the power of Saraswati, the Hindu goddess for art, music, creativity and language.

“Om Shanti Shanti Shanti”

As mentioned, om means creation. Shanti, on the other hand, translates to peace. This Sanskrit mantra is a message to the universe, to a person, or to one’s self to create a space for peace.

#5 Meditation Mantras

Meditation mantras are your generic mantras. They are not intended for specific intentions.

meditation mantras for healing

They can be considered as tools in support of your meditative activity. Just as how you would play soft background music when meditating, mantras can also be used to get your soul into a deeper state of thought.

You can chant the mantra yourself, or you can play a recording. One popular meditation mantra is “So Hum” where you utter “so” while inhaling and “hum” as you breathe out.

#6 Healing Mantras

Mantras are a powerful source of healing vibrations. Whether you’re healing from physical or emotional pain, incorporating mantras in your recovery scheme will definitely work wonders.

healing mantras, mantras for healing

Even if it’s just a simple ankle sprain or your regular headache, you will see how the power of affirmative words can influence your whole physiological being. Mantras can expedite your healing. Some examples of mantras for healing are:

“I am the master of my own mind and body.”


“Everything that needs to be healed will be healed in its own perfect time.”

“Pain is growth.”

#7 Transformation Mantras

Another intention that you can attach to your mantras is self-transformation. Molding yourself into the person that you want to be is a tedious process.

You will need a body, mind, and heart that are prepared for change. This is what transformation mantras are for. They can help condition your spirit for its upcoming growth.

Examples of these mantras are:

“I am made for big things.”

“My past mistakes are nothing but fuel to my desire of becoming better.”

“I owe it to myself to grow, to love, to live.”

#8 Abundance Mantras

Another common use of mantras is to attract abundance. This largely refers to monetary value but can also pertain to success in general.

If there is one thing that you need to remember about abundance mantras, their effectiveness greatly depends on how grateful your heart is.

prayer for financial miracle, prayer for money abundance

If you keep on asking for blessings without being thankful for the blessings you have received so far, you are setting yourself up for failure.

Examples of these mantras:

“I deserve prosperity.”

“My hands are open to receive any type of blessing.”

“My dreams are closer than they seem.”


#9 Love Mantras

Love mantras encompass all types of love. From self-love to the romantic type of love, these mantras will surely help you strengthen this precious emotion.

what is a karmic relationship

Love mantras are meant to be chanted as often as you can, especially when it comes to self-love. This is to deepen your relationship with yourself and with others. You can

These mantras also serve as your motivation to be in tune with your feelings. Lastly, love mantras can ease any doubts and insecurities that you currently feel. Some of these mantras are:

“I am enough, worthy, strong, and beautiful.”

“My heart is capable of giving love without asking for anything in return.”

“I will always be grateful for the chance to love and be loved.”

If you want more ideas to craft your love mantra, you can refer to this list of 30 self-love affirmations.

Integrating Mantras In Your Daily Life 

Whether you’re a beginner or a regular practitioner, one thing that you should remember is that mantras are not magic spells. Uttering a mantra once or twice does not make your problems suddenly disappear.

It takes constant practice before you can integrate the power of mantras into your system.

This is because just like any other spiritual practice, you need to have a deep connection with the tools that you use – in this case, words

how to achieve spiritual ascension, spiritual ascension ideas, spiritual awakening

Having a deep spiritual connection with your mantra means having faith in the power of these words. You cannot chant a mantra with even the tiniest doubt in your heart.

You need to be connected to the inner realm of your thoughts to internalize every word of the mantra.

Once you have built a relationship with mantras, it wouldn’t even matter whether they are in Sanskrit or in English. Your understanding is now beyond language.  

Are there any mantras that you live by? Share them with us in the comment section below!

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