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December 23, 2017

Releasing Energy Blocks from Your Aura


Maybe you can relate to a scenario in your past where you had a burning desire to achieve a goal or fulfill a dream. Short of finishing your task, something stopped you from the next steps. Many lose windows of opportunity or simply don’t feel complete through their lifetime. The reason is not related to the external environment, but instead to your internal perception and energy body. If you are holding energetic blocks in your auric field, then you may also “feel” or “think” you are unable to achieve certain goals. Releasing these blocks assist you in taking the first steps in a new direction while removing any limitations you think you have so you can reach your destination.

Releasing Energy Blocks

The first level of releasing energy blocks is to recognize what they are and where they are. Usually, blocks are most noticeable when they are expressed in beliefs of limitation. You may express a dream or goal, such as starting a business, developing a project, or being with a life partner. Instantly after you start thinking of this, it turns into a negative. Using perceptions, such as believing that the goal is unachievable, that you “can’t” or that it is an unfulfilled fantasy quickly shadow your dreams. Many will reason away their life before reaching any goals, finding themselves in a negative reality because of these energy blocks.

Work first on changing your perceptions and belief systems. Reprogramming your belief system to break through limitations and barriers will begin to release these energy blocks. Notice when you set a limitation or stop yourself from achieving a goal. Right after you recognize this, you will want to detach from the thought. This means you want to reject the tape in your head that is creating the belief system. Notice what it is and bring awareness to the pattern you have created. You can then substitute the pattern with new belief systems. Try phrases such as believing you can achieve certain dreams, you will be able to find your life partner, you will be healthy. The substitution begins to change your perceptions and alter your vibratory field to a positive cycle.

The first level of releasing energy blocks through your perception digs into deeper components of the auric field. Often, the thoughts and perceptions are placed in other parts of our etheric body. A gut feeling that comes from fear, for instance, is a lower chakra body perception. You will want to look at the energy in motion, or your emotions, and how you are reacting to certain ideals. For example, think about how you can’t get the life partner you want. Does it cause a reaction of fear or sadness? If so, then your second chakra should be cleared while you change your perception. Acknowledge why these energies begin to subside while you are trying to achieve a goal.

Similar to the process of changing your perception in your mind, change your energy body and emotions. Recognize why you are afraid, sad, angry or experiencing other forms of resistance. Then release these by creating the opposing perspectives that may be related to your truth. Walk through the blocks, see why they are there and move into a higher truth of what you really want. Practice releasing these limitations so you can achieve higher goals and dreams without the blocks.

There are no limitations and nothing is impossible. However, if your auric field and energy body create false belief systems, then everything becomes difficult. If you want to change the outcome, change your perceptions. Recognizing blocks in your auric field and substitute these for alternative beliefs and energies. This simple practice will instantly lead you to happier, healthier and more fulfilling outcomes.

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