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February 5, 2021

Crystals For Empaths And Highly Sensitive People


If you answered yes to all of these questions, chances are, you may be an empath or a highly sensitive person. This means that your intuition is always at work. You don’t even have to try understanding how other people feel, you just naturally do. You have the ability to quickly get in tune with their energy – strangers or not. While being an empath or a highly sensitive person is considered a divine gift, the reality is it can also be draining. Being hyperaware of the things around you comes with the burden of carrying even the emotional baggage that is not yours. Because of this, it is important that you use tools to preserve your energy such as getting specific crystals for empaths or doing other meditative exercises.

The Difference Between Empaths and Highly Sensitive People

Empaths and Highly Sensitive People (HSP) share a multitude of similar traits. Both groups are born with keen nervous systems that make them perceptive and responsive to their surroundings. They are sensitive to light, can be easily triggered/stimulated, and need regular ‘alone time’. 

The main difference between an empath and a highly sensitive person is the level of intensity when it comes to absorbing feelings. While both can be deeply affected by the emotions around them, we can consider an empath a notch higher in this aspect. Empaths don’t just ‘get affected’. They feel everything all too deeply as if they were their own emotions. They don’t just understand other people’s pain or joy, they experience them.

Highly sensitive people are typically introverts, while empaths can be both extroverts or introverts. Both types share this great desire of helping people out and leading a life with purpose.

5 Powerful Crystals for Empaths & Highly Sensitive People

The gifts of intuition and emotional sensitivity can be overwhelming at times. Many empaths and HSPs experience burnouts that even lead to anxiety and depression. Because of this, it is crucial that you have tools that can help you protect your peace. 

One way is through crystal healing. Crystal healing has been an excellent aid in cleansing energies and renewing spirits. Here are the five best crystals for empaths and HSPs:

1. Aqua Aura Quartz

Aqua Aura Quartz is clear quartz bonded with gold, mostly appearing with a blue hue as well. This crystal acts as a shield that protects your aura from unwanted energies. 

Ever heard of an ‘energy vampire’? These are the people who exude negative vibrational frequencies and often suck the life out of you. Carrying an Aqua Aura Quartz around will help you fend off these types of people. This crystal works by calming your spirit and helping you focus on your own energy. It targets the core energy of your soul and reconnects you with your spiritual purpose.

2. Fluorite 

Coined as the ‘Genius Stone’, the second crystal for empaths and HSPs is Fluorite. This crystal is associated with mental stimulation and intellect. Fluorite helps you to clear your mind when faced with a mental or emotional dilemma. This crystal prompts you to take a step back and see the bigger picture. It also creates a balance between both hemispheres of your brain to make sure that you are in your best mental capacity before you make any decisions. Use this crystal when you are dealing with complex situations. 

Fluorite comes in emeralds, jade greens, lavenders, and purples. 

3. Amethyst

Coming in different shades of purple, Amethyst is the best crystal to use when you want some peace and quiet. Empaths and highly sensitive people are also known to be overthinkers, so it’s important that you know how to calm your mind. When there are a thousand thoughts running inside your head, reach out for an Amethyst to receive a soothing yet protective type of energy. Amethyst also acts as a detoxifier of negative energies and a shield from external aggressions. This crystal will help you resist the emotions that are being passed on to you by your surroundings.

4. Hematite

The fourth crystal on our list is the Hematite. Hematite neutralizes the energy around you before you can even absorb it. This stone is also deeply associated with the Root Chakra. It helps you stay grounded and increases your discipline and self-control which makes you calm even in tense situations. 

If you’re looking for a crystal that will protect you from electromagnetic energies too, Hematite is the way to go. This is such a big help especially now that we live in an extremely technology-dependent world. 

5. Healer’s Gold 

The Healer’s Gold, or sometimes called the Apache Gold, is a crystal that is mainly used to reinforce emotional boundaries. This opaque crystal helps you express your desires without having to fear negative responses from others. It also protects you from being drained or burnt out. It clears each chakra, leaving you with a renewed sense of spiritual energy. There is also balance in your emotions brought about by the cleansing of the chakras. Lastly, it creates harmony between your feminine and masculine energies.

How Empaths Can Protect Their Energy

To achieve maximum results, complement your crystal healing with other spiritual exercises. Below are some tips that will help you preserve your own energy as an empath/HSP: 


Practice Meditation

Meditate with your crystals. You don’t have to follow any fancy steps to get into meditation. If you’re just starting out, you can simply allot 5-10 minutes of your time sitting with your crystal and doing nothing. Yes, doing nothing but breathing can be considered a form of meditation. Just make sure that your mind is free from any intrusive thoughts. You can hold your crystal to your chest (near your Heart Chakra), or just hold it firmly in your hands. It doesn’t matter. What’s important is you set the right intentions for your meditation.

Protect Your Space

For empaths and HSPs, it is vital that you create an environment that supports your mental peace. Whether it be your room, a small desk, or your car, make sure that you place protective crystals around your space. This will help transmute the energies around you. Most people put their crystals on the four corners of their room/house, but you can choose the spot that you feel is the most connected with you. Near the door is a great option too!

Learn the Empath Visualisation Technique

The empath visualization technique is all about visualizing a literal shield around you. It’s a blanket of energy that is supposed to safeguard you from unwanted energies outside. With the help of the crystals (touch them or wear them!), close your eyes and build an electromagnetic field that envelopes your whole body. You can also utter words of affirmation such as “This shield shall protect me from the negative emotions around me.” “I am stable, I am grounded, I am centered.” and “Nothing and no one can disturb my peace.”

Keep an Empath Mojo Kit

Crystals work best when they are kept in close proximity at all times. This is why some people opt to wear them as accessories! If you’re not into the crystal fashion, you can just keep small crystals in a pouch and carry them around. However, make sure that you choose tumbled stones for this kit. Putting various crystals inside a small pouch will definitely cause them to rub with each other and acquire chips and scratches.

Try Earthing

Earthing is basically connecting with the earth’s energy. You can do this by standing barefoot on the ground or touching the nature around you. You can even hug a tree if you want! The main goal is for you to feel that you are one with mother earth. Earthing helps with releasing stress. This practice grounds you and restores simple joys within you.

Embracing Your Gifts

Empaths and highly sensitive people are given the divine mission of being a helping hand to most people. Because of this, it is inevitable for you to feel exhausted from sharing yourself with others. Remember that even during the toughest times, it is important that you appreciate the unique gifts that were given to you. Not everyone can connect with people on the level that you do.

When the energies of this chaotic world are getting the best of you, remind yourself that it is never wrong to take a break. Always prioritize your peace. Fight off the desire to ‘save’ everyone. As empaths and HSPs, your spiritual path of sharing your light with others can only be fulfilled once you learn to protect yourself first. 

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