Angel numbers often consist of a series of 3 or more repeating numbers. There are even mirror hours, such as 1010 or reversed hours like 1001 which will uncannily grab your attention at with synchronistical frequency, appear before you without you deliberately seeking them out. As with all synchronicities, these angel numbers foretell of a coming life-changing event. However, Angel number 6 means the warmth of home, motherly love, the family and priorities. It is the 4th house in an astrological chart and corresponds to the astrological sign of Cancer. Yes, it isn’t exactly the 6th sign or the sixth house but the meaning and essence are basically that are what the higher vibrational energies by which the number 6 correspond to.

The basic building blocks of all numerological phenomena are the archetypal single-digit numbers. Today, we will look into the number six. 

Angel Number 6 – What It Means

To nurture, to grow in a safe environment and to be protected ( or to protect ) is what the number 6 is all about. A mother will defend to the death her children, and will move heaven and earth for them. However, a really good mother knows when it is time to let go. When the children are ready to leave the nest, she will never hold them back. 

Also, to know what is essential in your life is important when you need to set your priorities straight. Your life will be in an almost constant state of  turmoil unless you “set your house in order”, so to speak. Place what matters the most on the top of your list, and everything else will fall into place. It’s when you put all your attention and effort to trivial, frivolous and useless pursuits that your life becomes topsy-turvy.

What does the Angel Number 6 represent?

The core energy of the vibrational frequencies of the number six is feminine. As a general rule in numerology, almost all even numbers are feminine. Six is the number of the divine feminine principle of motherhood, of caring for the home and raising a family. The major arcana tarot card of the Empress is the equivalent of the number 6. The Great Mother archetype of the subconscious is often manifested in more common and mundane terms as that of the Caregiver. Her duty is to nurture, provide guidance ( as opposed to the more masculine version which is to impart knowledge ) , and to provide maternal protection. A perfect image of this would be the Virgin Mary carrying the infant Jesus while she steps on the head of a serpent. 

Now, as there are opposing principles and polarities in everything, there is a dark side to number 6. The Devouring Mother and the Witch come to mind. The use of poisonous words lies to malign, defame and destroy are the basic weapons of the negative and dark female principle. That Medusa stare which freezes people dead in their tracks is also a favourite tool of those who are not in tune with the positive feminine energy. They will imprison and render people needy and helpless, just as the witch kept Hansel in a cage within her lovely gingerbread house.

The unholy pact between the Devouring Mother and her son ( or daughter ) is as follows; “Never leave my side, and I shall give you everything you need and want, but in return, I shall eat up your soul. ” Children who are not strong enough to resist never leave the nest, and become 40-year-old infants gently nestled in the bosom of the dark mother. A devouring mother eats up the soul and psyche of her children. This evil principle is not confined solely on women, or even men, for that matter; philosophies, ideologies, governments, corporations and even educational institutions can fall prey to the manifestation of the lowest vibrational energies of the negative maternal principle.

What is the spiritual meaning of angel number 6? 

Let’s get that dreaded 666 out of the way first. 6 multiplied by 3 is 18, and so the total sum is 9. So, 9 is the essence of 666. Yet, you may argue that there are still 3 sixes there. Then, that is the negative mother principle times 3. That may be so, but it is best to keep in mind the final single digit sum determines the true meaning of a number. 666 is a special case since you must take the whole number as it is, unadded or uncombined, and be guided through biblical scripture and those who know the secrets of the Kabbalah to determine the identity of the Beast or the antiChrist. 

Now, that we have that out of the way, let’s proceed to the true spiritual essence of 6. To nurture another’s growth and to foster a homely environment conducive to growth is the spiritual essence of the number 6. To whittle out and trim what is unnecessary to your spiritual development and zero in only on what is truly essential and beneficial is also the essence of the number 6. This goes hand and hand with creating a nurturing and warm environment and raising a family; remove what is unnecessary and not conducive to making a comfortable and warm home, and that would be a good place to raise a family.

No excesses or luxuries, just barebone basics. 6 isn’t about opulence and obscene wealth. Such would ruin and spoil a home. First and foremost, a  home needs warmth and caring; even the most luxurious homes which are devoid of a mother’s touch is simply just another fancy house. 

When it comes to spirituality, a few numbers can come close to 6. The Mother Earth is her most positive and beneficial aspect, harbours the spirit of 6. But beware; six, in its most negative aspect, can be the most destructive energies around.  

Is angel number 6 a good sign? 

As with all things, a sign manifested before you will have different meanings. Depending on what you expect from life, six could either be good or bad. However, when what is being manifested before you is something you don’t want to see, then that is another story. 

There is no need to remind you of things you willingly do. It’s fun to go outside and to play ball, so what reminder or persuasion do you need? Well, washing the dishes or doing the laundry is not so fun so need to be nudged in the right direction.  The stakes are a bit higher when it comes to constantly have six keep popping up in your life. It is a wakeup call urging you to do what you don’t want to do, or haven’t realized that you must attend to. 

Maybe you haven’t set your priorities straight, or the environment you live in isn’t “homely.” It may not even be a physical place; the sanctity of your mind is compromised by thoughts, ideas or rumblings that come floating up from the subconscious. You need to bring froth order in the chaos within your mind. While many project the evil within their thoughts to others, your task is to face the demons you harbor from within.  

Is angel number 6 a lucky number? 

Seldom is six considered as the number of lady luck. You may have heard of lucky seven or even lucky thirteen, but lucky six? Six shooter pistols don’t bode well for luck even in a gunfight unless you have a really quick draw somewhere in the O.K. Coral. 

In Chinese Feng shui, a house with a number of 6  is a sentimental home, but does not necessarily translate that it is a fairly lucky house. As a Life Path Number, 6 is about defending your rights, principles, and your home or country. That is perhaps the more masculine side of the feminine energy of nurturing and caring for the home. Again, this doesn’t give any indication of luck or good fortune. 

So, six is neutral when it comes to luck. Every number has a specific function, and providing a sign indicating material and financial gain is not what six is all about.

Why do I keep seeing angel number 6? 

The simplest and most basic message is rather clear on this one; keep your house in order. Before you seek to conquer the world, seek to conquer your inner demons beforehand. It isn’t easy to be a mother; she has to keep the house running and in order, raise children and ensure that they can face the future and walk on their own two feet.

One is faced with a huge task when encountering this mystical number. Set your priorities straight and clean up your act. This is far from exciting and earthshaking, as most would expect angel number revelations to set their world and souls on fire. Still, you cannot achieve greatness when you are in a state of chaos. 

To nurture and foster harmony requires patience. It is something that cannot be forced or done in a hurry. It takes time. So, as you sort yourself out, be patient and do not be too harsh. Overnight results cannot be achieved, nor expected. The same way that Rome wasn’t built in a day, set your life in order one brick at a time, with the utmost care and concern for your future and well-being.