Numerology master numbers

September 3, 2018

Numerology Master Numbers: Everything You Need To Know


If you know that there’s something about Master Numbers, then you’ll already know that numbers hold vibrational energy that can make them a profound influence in the world and upon every one of us.

But if you don’t you can find out more about the basics of numerology.

The Myths Surrounding Master Numbers

A big part of numerology is the master numbers which are often greatly misunderstood, for two main reasons.

1. Many people consider that if you have a master number in your life path, or anywhere else in your life where a master number is applicable that you are lucky and the master number will put you in a higher, or more advantageous position, or even will take you further in life. But this is a myth.

There is capacity for those who hold a master number in their birth chart to access such ‘high powers’ but to do so. They must first learn the lessons that the master number brings – it’s almost as though the master number has its own set of initiations.

Those who have a prominent master number will experience many trials and tribulations that they must overcome, and in some situations, they may not reap the results from in this life, leaving them feeling like life is tough. Those who have a master number in their birth chart are often mystified as to why they might be experiencing challenges in their life but when they understand the influence of master numbers they can then harness this energy.

Master numbers are like a double-edged sword, but if you have a master number in your numerology, you’ll be more than capable of handling it, even if it doesn’t seem that way.

2. Despite what many modern-day numerologists say, there are only three master numbers; 11, 22 and 33. But these days modern numerologists have described all double digit numbers (or certain repeating numbers) as a master number too.

Double-digit numbers are indeed more potent than a single digit number because they boast twice the power of the single number. For example; 44 is all of the energy of the four multiplied by two which means that they are mighty and potentially more fun than a master number!

But they are NOT as powerful of one of the three master numbers.

How To Calculate Your Numerology Numbers

In numerology, for most numbers, a double, or even quadruple number is always added together to reduce it down to a single digit number (between 1-9).

This occurs with all numbers except for the three master numbers (11, 22, 33) if any of these numbers occur in your birthdate, for example, they are not reduced because they have a specific meaning which is slightly out of the ordinary.

The Three Master Numbers

The three master numbers have incredibly profound meanings, and if you have them in your chart, it’s a sign that life is not always plain sailing for you.

You are likely to experience obstacles that you must overcome, but these will be the types of obstacles that will help you reintegrate your ‘self,’ evolve and grow spiritually.

If you hold a master number expect great challenges, but if you can master the master numbers you can indeed grow immensely in power and productivity, both spiritually and materially.


Here is the meaning of each number.

Master Number 11
11 is a profoundly intuitive number, and those who hold a number 11 in their charts will have a strong connection to their unconscious mind, their instinct will be strong, and they’ll have an innate knowledge that they know is true but can’t rationalize.

This intuition can present problems when trying to justify your ideas and decisions to others without having anything other than instinct to back it up – and as somebody who holds this number in their birth chart, I can confirm it is immensely frustrating!

Archetypes that draw similarities to the Master Number 11 include the Magician Archetype.

The Pro’s Of The Number 11
Those with the number 11 are profoundly intuitive, charismatic and can be an influential catalyst for change.

The Cons Of The Number 11
Anxiety, shyness, and stress are the classic cons of a number 11 but also the conflict between two opposing energies. 11 is a number that represents extreme conflict, but is also a profound catalyst for change.

This is a challenge that a number 11 will have to learn to manage, and it’s an intense one.

If you are living with a master number 11, use it to your advantage, and listen to your instincts, allow your inner voice to guide you toward the right path, and use the energy to develop your own personal power and push through with your spiritual progression.

This number is associated with psychics, the occult and things that are unseen so if you feel conflicted about this, push through it and follow what feels right for you. Mysticism and conflict are both in your nature and are presented for you to overcome or embrace.

You’ve got this!

Master Number 22

Master Number 22 is nicknamed ‘the master builder’ because it holds the most power to build.

When we draw similarities to the idea of archetypes and individuation, we find many similarities between the Master Number 22 and the Creator Archetype, and some might also say the Ruler Archetype.

The Pro’s Of Master Number 22

You have the potential to get things done, let me repeat this; you can get things done! You can make a dream turn into reality, and if you have managed to harness this energy, you are likely to be very successful because of your propensity toward productivity and creation.


Those with master number 22 in their charts are usually great leaders.

The Cons Of Master Number 22
You are capable of great potential, but you may shy away from your greatness because you doubt yourself or apply too much pressure on yourself.

If you have a number 22 in your birth chart, you need to realize your boundless opportunities and your ability to attain your goals and exercise your brilliance. Take the pressure off yourself and make small steps toward your goals, just make sure they are practical and compelling goals.

Master Number 33
The master number 33 is nicknamed the ‘master teacher.’ This number combines 11 and 22 in its energy which is how it’s earned its nickname. The characteristics of this number point to the archetype of the Sage.

The Pro’s Of Master Number 33
You are the movers and shakers, you have strong dreams and intuition, and you can take things, profound things to a whole other level. You generally won’t have a personal agenda instead choose to focus on making the world a better place. Whatever you focus on you can bring into reality. You can understand deep subjects fully and are likely to be extremely knowledgeable which you back up with facts.

The Cons Of Master Number 33

It’s rare to have the master number 33 in your charts. It’s only relevant in a chart if it shows up in one of your core numbers which can be found by calculating your numbers in the following:

● Lifepath
● Personal Expression
● Hearts Desire
● Maturity/Personality Numbers

Numerology is also present in the Tarot, and can be used effectively when interpreting tarot card meanings. By combining divination tools, we can gain deeper and more precise interpretations of master numbers. Here’s what the Tarot card numbers mean.

As you can see, Numerology holds a lot of secrets about your psyche and journey in life; it can also help you to identify your challenges so that you can handle them, rather than let them handle you!

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