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February 17, 2020

Tarot Card Numbers & Their Meanings


There is a strong connection between tarot and numerology; hence, a careful examination of this numerological association can help an individual determine and assess the point of his/her life they are currently in. In this guide, we’ll be taking a deep dive into tarot card numbers and what they mean.

The connections between tarot and numerology can help an individual read the tarot card easily with the use of a numerological system, as it creates the tarot card numbers.

So, if you ever wanted to learn about how tarot cards work, you should first gain a proper understanding of the significance of numbers 1 to 9 in numerology.

Tarot and Numerology


Tarot cards are popularly used to gain insight into the present and future occurrences in an individual’s life.

While some believe that the tarot cards are connected to a spiritual force like Gaia (which is why there are things like tarot spells), others believe that the cards help them get a clearer glimpse of their creative and collective unconsciousness.

There are exactly 78 cards in the tarot deck, each with a tarot card meaning that is relevant and necessary to understand the tarot system.

The cards are divided into two: the 22 Major Arcana cards and the 56 Minor Arcana cards. Major Arcana is known to have the most divinatory and symbolic significance, and each of its 22 cards which are numbered from 0 to 21 has a distinct name and meaning. 

The Minor Arcana, on the other hand, is divided into four suits: Cup (water), Sword (fire), Wands (air), and Pentacles (earth). Each suit consists of 14 cards that reflect the day to day activities of human lives.


Numerology helps us see that there is much more to numbers than just maths. It is the belief in the divine relationship between a number and the events in a person’s life.

A proper understanding of numerology can help you learn your purpose in life and determine your life path by using your birthdate (numbers).

To know how to calculate for your numerology number, you can visit popular sites like numerologynation.com that talk about each step in a clear, easy-to-understand manner.

Numerology consists of nine numerological numbers, with the exception of the master numbers.

Each number from 1 to 9 has its own spiritual meaning which, when examined, can have an immense impact on a person’s behavior, character, and life in general. 

Having said this, what then is the connection between tarot and numerology?

The Importance of Tarot and Numerology

It could be intimidating for starters to learn and understand the workings of tarot cards and their several underlining patterns. Using numerology could make it a lot easier.


Understanding the difference between the Arcanas and their corresponding numbers can greatly enhance your ability to master the cards. How is that? The Major and the Minor Arcanas have numbers, thus giving each tarot card a distinct numerological meaning. 

Five cards are related to number 1: The Magician Card of the Major Arcana, and the Aces of the Wands, Cups, Pentacles, and Swords which all belong to the Minor Arcana.

All the cards mentioned earlier may have different meanings, but they all have the same underlying message: new beginnings. This message, in turn, corresponds to the numerological number 1. 

It is also practical to examine the numerology of tarot as a circle. Even numbers are generally considered enduring and stable, while odd numbers are deemed unstable.

Since the tarot is cyclical, each ending will signify a new beginning. To this end, understanding the numerology of the tarot can provide a helpful window into the reading of tarot cards.

What Do Tarot Card Numbers Mean In Numerology?

Numerology is the framework upon which tarot is built. There is a corresponding relevance to the numbering of the tarot cards. Understanding numerology is key to understanding tarot cards.

With that, let’s look into the various tarot card numbers, and what each of them means.

Tarot Card Number: 1 

One is the number representing new beginnings, fresh starts, and the birth of everything new. In tarot, one stands for the first step in an individual’s journey, and there is its visible connection with numerology.

It is also connected to the Aces of the four suits of the Minor Arcana as they are seen as the purest forms of the elements. When an ace appears, it signifies the beginning of a new job or relationship or a fresh approach to matters of life.

Tarot Card Number: 2 

Number 2 stands for balance, partnership, and duality. It heralds the choices an individual makes in life. This number shows up when a person is in the process of weighing or considering options.

It faces the querent with the question of which direction is most important and who to take along in the journey. So, when this number shows up in a tarot card, relate it to the numerological number 2.

Tarot Card Number: 3

Number 3 represents growth. In this case, three is never a crowd, rather it is the number of natural progressions. It represents the growth of a project, an idea, or a relationship.

It follows the natural order of 1 being the beginning number, aided by 2 as the stabilizer, then 3 comes in to signify growth and progression. If you think of team building, you can bet it is the number 3’s influence.

Tarot Card Number: 4

When it comes to expedience and structural thinking, the number 4 is the number that appears. It is the number of foundations and is about the initial burst of energy that sparks off when one has some sort of stability.

The card with the number 4 shows up when a person reaches a certain level of success and breakthrough.


Tarot Card Number: 5

Just as odd numbers represent instability, the number 5 brings change and fluctuation to the picture. When this number occurs in a tarot reading, it could mean a clash of personalities, unseen obstacles, or arising conflicts.

The lessons that number 5 brings are awareness and understanding. 

Tarot Card Number: 6

The number 6 brings about relief from the unrest that comes with the number 5. When this number shows up, things get better, true companions appear, and the stability stolen by the number 5 returns.

With the number 6’s appearance in a tarot reading, people gain determination and support needed for his or her work in life.

Tarot Card Number: 7

This number signifies a period of self-awareness and reflection. When 7 occurs in the tarot card, it signifies having patience and exercising faith.

Waiting could be frustrating in life, but the number 7 teaches and builds strong self-reliance and forbearance.

Tarot Card Number: 8

The number 8 represents progress and realization. With a combination of all the hard work put in by the previous numbers, number 8 indicates that a breakthrough is about to occur.

This, in turn, brings about a rush of energy and excitement, because the circle that kicked off with number 1 is about to be finalized.

Tarot Card Number: 9 

Logically, 10 is supposed to be the “completion” number of the numerological circle, but the number 9 in both numerology and tarot reading shows that the journey is just about complete. With the number 9, dividends of the work done become visible for the better or vice versa. 

In a tarot reading, the period after the number 9 is represented by the number 10. Number 10 is the final card in the sequence of the Minor Arcana and it is the period before the circle starts again with an ace. 


When you carefully analyze the relationship between tarot and numerology, the importance of numerology in the tarot becomes abundantly obvious. 

Numerology and tarot have always been connected, and every single card in the tarot deck relates to a particular numerological number. If you wish to dive deeper, you can learn more about what it means if you’re seeing repeating numbers.

So, understanding the numerological numbers helps you easily understand the meaning of numbers and symbols contained on the tarot card. 

This knowledge will, in turn, help you make sense of what you’re doing and why.

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