August 4, 2018

Shining The Light On Shadows Through Numerology


Numbers are assigned to every aspect of our life, from our birth date to the longitude and latitude of where we were born. We have numbers for how we express ourselves, and for the soul. We are also affected by numbers every day even in the number of our house, or life partner, or the date today.

Numbers and numerology are everywhere. Numerology is even present in tarot card numbers. And we can use numbers to understand more about our ‘self’, including our shadow side.

All we need to do is to look at the shadow aspect of the numbers of our life path, soul number, house number, and even marriage date! Of course, we can also see the positive aspects of these numbers too, but for shadow work, we would need to look at what we consider personally to be undesirable aspects of the number and then use that information to focus on why we find these aspects undesirable.

Which can be then reconciled through journal, expression, hypnosis or creative visualization.

Shadows Through Numerology

Here’s a brief outline of the shadowy worlds of the numbers 1 – 9.


The number one reflects how you control your own personal power, and what you repress and suppress.

You can find clues about your shadows as a number one by reflecting on the way you treat others (not just those you like), how much you empower yourself and others, and how much you dis empower yourself (through negative self-talk, lack of confidence etc.).

Check yourself and assess how much you empathize and care about other living things around you, is it enough really? Or too much? What percentage of your thoughts behaviors or patterns show narcissistic traits? Looking here is important.

Not all number ones will be totally narcissistic, but you can bet your last penny that if you were, you’d be a number one!

You won’t be forgotten or ignored if you reconciled some of these traits, it’ll be quite the opposite – for you have the potential to be a great leader. But only when you address your shadow sides.


Number 2 means that your shadow side is showing up in your relationships with others, especially partnerships. Are you a twin? Co-dependent? Needy? Do you need togetherness or want to avoid it? Are you too passive, or controlling, in relationships? What aspects of yourself in your relationship to others don’t you like? What do you like but suppress?

The answers to these questions are where the clues to the number two’s shadow lie. Try spending time alone or out of a relationship, for a fast-track way to reconcile some (not all though!) of your hidden depths.



Reflects how you express yourself externally to the outside world, how you perform, compete, or give up.

Three reflects parts of yourself that you deny or disguise, and that can show in obsession, addiction, extravagance, boredom, or living in your head.

Any of these traits are the shadow aspects of the number three, and the sooner you start accepting yourself and getting out of your head by moving toward action the better. You are good enough as you are.

Don’t agree? If you are feeling challenged by anything written here – it’s time for a deep dive into the depths of your soul. You are going to be so delighted when you start to see that it’s ok to accept and express yourself.


How do you control your environment, is it regimented and routined? Is change difficult for you? How open-minded are you, are you too open-minded or too closed-minded?

The shadows of number four are there to help you expand; you just have to open your mind enough to see and accept them.


You’ll know the number five is around you if you live a transient lifestyle if you don’t like commitment or stability if focusing is a challenge and routine is undesirable or difficult to do.

These are all shadowy aspects of the number five as well as some other less socially awkward traits such as restlessness, rushing, continually looking at the next thing and not seeing the beauty that lies in front of you.
Interestingly some people who are influenced by the shadows of a five might embrace and feel pride in this energy, refusing to stop and see that something is off here.

After all, being busy and not lazy is a good quality right?

If you think that, you’ve got some number five shadow work to do. Busying yourself, and programming that has taught you to be busy is not natural and is covering up something that you don’t want to address. Apologies for the tough love, but you need it to help you stop!


Oooh you martyr you!

Do you like to give, give, give and then feel frustrated, or exhausted as a result? Do you want to be acknowledged for your giving nature? Are you harboring secret resentments that you are even hiding from yourself? … Come on; we know they are there!


It’s vital that you stop and start to acknowledge that these traits don’t serve you, and they may not serve others either (even if you think they do).

What’s underneath all of this extreme kindness? A need for people to know you are kind so that they can’t see anything else that you don’t like about your ‘self’? A need to feel wanted, or not forgotten? Or something else?

Even though this trait is a socially acceptable shadow side, there’s something off about it. And it’s time you stopped to smell the coffee and find out what’s lurking. We can’t wait to see how fabulous your life is going to be when you’ve figured it out.

P.S Don’t worry if you are frowning right now at the very thought of stopping these patterns because there’s nothing wrong with what you do, we know that’s what you are going to think, and we also know it doesn’t serve you – and you know that too.

You just need to find the courage to address it. You’ve got this!


If there was ever a number that reflects our shadowy selves it’s the number seven.

Seven represents illusion, the unknown, secrets, shadows, and mysticism, in and of itself, so if you have a prominent seven in your life, you can be sure that you’ve got some murky waters to clear up.

Some of them though will probably be shadows that you think are bad but are really very good.

Everything that you think, see or do with a seven has hidden depths and secrets, so if you believe the opposite of what you would usually think you might find some secrets to pick off.

Sevens need wisdom, but because of the stealthy nature of the seven, you won’t always see your knowledge which is a real shame because there’s some good stuff hiding there.

You might even find yourself rejecting your social self, being aloof, reclusive, and can be the instigator and victim of self-sabotage and imbalances – serious ones at that. If seven is around you, you need to be on your game with shadow work for your well being as well as your personal growth. It’s a tough challenge, but you wouldn’t be experiencing it if you couldn’t handle it.

If you are a seven, it won’t hurt to seek external sources to help you, such as archetypes, astrology, numerology, tarot, hypnosis and it wouldn’t hurt to have somebody (who is not a 7 and particularly wise and grounded to help you make some sense in the world). If you can do this, you’ll be healthier, happier and the wisdom you will bring forth will be incredible!


The number eight represents all of those typical bankers and ruthless business bodies out there pushing and pushing for the next great and materialistic thing. Don’t worry we are not judging you, but merely stating the real facts.


You can find your shadows in how you express your authority, the good and the bad, and what underpins your motivation. Is it greed, or a desire to prove yourself? Maybe it’s just finesse, but your moral code in relation to business, power, money, your ego, how you share your wealth, and why you pursue such success will all hold secrets to your stealthy underbelly.

A little bit of humility never hurts anybody and when you do start to reconcile what lies beneath, in a way that is genuinely congruent with your soul and sense of self you can do amazing things in this world. Amazing things.


Ooh, nines are a little bit like Virgo’s it’s all about how you critique others. How you hold onto the past and idealistic tendencies. Which can see you relentlessly giving – whether that be love, money or advice and whatever way you do overly provide, the clue is in the word ‘overly’.

Why do you feel the need to do this? Why do you need to create an idealistic vision of yourself and the world? And how does it make you feel when you or others don’t reach these visions?

How you create your ideas, how you judge yourself and others, and how you deny yourself internally will all give you clues to the secrets inside.

It wouldn’t hurt you to build a more grounded and realistic approach to life either. If that statement ruffled a few feathers, it’s time to ask yourself why – what caused the ruffles? This could be the first thing you look at, and who knows, when you discover the causes of such idealism and can reconcile them, you’ll meet your ideal self! Ironic isn’t it?!

And there you have it, how numbers reflect your shadow self – I think it’s time to start checking out my life path numbers and practicing what I preach, don’t you?!

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