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August 14, 2018

Archetypes at Home: What Your Environment Says About You


It’s not just Jung’s Archetypal Hero’s that can help you reveal the secrets of your soul. Nope, some revelations are right there in front of you right now, regardless of who you are. Revelations that could be adjusted, resolved or brought into your awareness immediately. Which means that there are some things that you might be able to quickly change your life to help you feel better and even take one step closer to individuation instantly.

Archetypes at Home

We’ll show you how your environment can decode your internal world starting with the comfort of your home.

The saying ‘home is where the heart is’ are not empty words – they are true, and in assessing your home, you can start to determine the immediate things you can change to bring bright, clean energy into your house without too much effort.

Here are some of the archetypes you can look at;

The Numerology of Your House

Check out the number of your house according to numerology, and you’ll find out what numerological phase you are completing in your day to day life.

For example; A number 9 house represents change in your sense of self-expression. If you live in a number 9 house, you’ll be finding your voice, developing creatively and experiencing new enthusiasm for life.

Tip! You can even take the numerology of your home further by studying the numerology of the year your house was built.

The Overall Maintenance Of Your House

Water Dripping Everywhere

Leaks, drips and blocked drains can represent blocked emotions, or overwhelm, as can a blocked toilet or sink! If you can find a way to start to repair or clear the causes of these blockages and create a leak-free home, you’ll see that your emotions begin to regulate.

If you can take the time to stop and assess how you or encourage the people you live with to address their emotional well-being and promote a ‘controlled’ release of the emotion. If you do that, you’ll find yourself in a happier home that doesn’t leak as much!


Cracks can reflect that somebody inside the home is putting on a front in some way that is not always sustainable in every moment of your life.

The size and seriousness of the crack can reflect how much it influences your life.

For example, a small harmless crack will represent small harmless masks that we put on our personality, and larger cracks can be a sign that you need to start accepting who you are.
How You Keep Your Home

Extreme Tidiness


Is your home immaculate 24/7? Do you perish the thought of a little bit of mess and dread visitors because well, they’ll mess things up?

If you have this habit either overall, or even in a specific area (food cupboards are a good example) then you tend to obsess and be very rigid in your thinking.

If your whole home is like this all of the time, and you don’t feel great when things are a little bit out of place, then it’s worth learning why you need such control, and how to loosen the control while still feeling comfortable with the outcome.

If you are just obsessive in one or two areas, take a look closer at how you feel concerning that area. For example, perhaps its an office (representing work), your clothes (your self-image), or your food cupboard (your basic fundamental needs).

Is your home messy and unorganized?

If your home is far too messy all of the time, and you can’t find anything, or even walk around your house comfortably, then this is a sign of extreme tendencies too.

Perhaps you lack discipline, self-worth, coping skills or are feeling overwhelmed with life (which includes the possibility for depression, and anxiety also).

Sometimes, you might keep your home reasonably tidy but occasionally let it slip.

Take time to notice what is happening in your life during these messy times, is there something that links all of these instances? For example; perhaps it’s a sign that you are stressed whenever your home becomes messy.


This is a common aspect of assessing your home, and you probably already know that if you have too much clutter, you won’t be able to think clearly. This can apply again to certain aspects of your home too such as;

● Your food cupboard; Is your food cupboard too cluttered but everything else ok? – Ask yourself what the issue is with food and basic needs.

● Does your home appear to be clutter free but if you open a cupboard or drawer it’s all stuffed with junk – this is a clue that you hide away from the outside world and cannot, or choose not to reconcile them both.

● Perhaps it’s your wardrobe or bathroom closet that is overstuffed which can relate to lack, self-image and self-expression or all of these traits.

If you have clutter in your home anywhere, it will be taking up space in your internal world too and will accumulate dust and debris which also represents your inner world. Keep on top of your clutter, and you’ll be clearing out your internal world too which can’t be a bad thing.



A dirty home, will slow you down and make you feel sluggish, it can cause illness and lower your sense of self-worth. Of course, we can all have moments of temporary dirt from leaving the dishes an extra day occasionally but the more on top of the cleanliness of your home you are, the more you’ll sparkle as a person internally and externally.

You can tell the emotional and mental state of somebody when their home is unclean. Occasionally dirt will have built up because a person has become stuck in a state of overwhelm that has just turned into a way of life over many years.

If this is the case cleaning up will feel overwhelming, so round up a few close friends and have a cleaning party to clear away that debris and bring in new energy.

Your Garden and Car

Here are some clues about your ‘self’ that you can find in your garden and car;

● Both your garden and car also reflect your well being.

● Your garden will represent how you connect with nature, your creativity, and your external world.

● If your garden is neat, but your home is a mess you’ll probably be somebody who can pretend they are ok when they are not.

● If your home is neat, but your garden is a hot mess, you might consider the external world to be something that can’t be tamed and that you can’t easily integrate with somehow.

● An averagely maintained garden can mean a balanced but busy life. Or the occasional bouts of overwhelm.

● A well-nurtured garden (aside from representing a garden lover) can represent a loving and giving person, externally and if their home is full of love too then, they feel that internally too.

● A rigid garden represents a disciplined mind that may lack creativity, or the inablitiy to express yourself creatively..

All you need to do to bring change in any of these areas is bring your focus to them, ask yourself why you might be experiencing problems or over/under maintaining your home and start to make small steps toward balancing things out.

Ideally, you’ll want a relaxed, clean and organized home but without the stress or emphasis on having to have a rigidly clean and organized home, which means it should be okay to leave a cup out, or to only clean once per week.

A regular cleaning and maintenance schedule can help bring balance to both extremes – it will stop the obsessive type from over cleaning and encourage them to loosen their control, and it will encourage the relaxed type into a routine that will help them do life better!


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