Balance Archetype

February 11, 2020

The Balance Archetype: Pleasure, Harmony, and Comfort


 As you are reading this article, try to pause and think: how would you want to live your life? Yes, a lot of us want to live a life that’s centered on happiness and joy. Pursuing the best things in life, we make sacrifices and choices along the way. Thus, we clock-in a lot of hours at work in order to get that promotion and be able to enjoy a trip with our family somewhere in Southeast Asia.

But while this is the vision, the reality doesn’t necessarily correspond with this. More often than not, we get trapped by mortgage plans and bills. Instead of pursuing financial freedom, we incur more debt and bury ourselves in it. Coupled with conflicts at home and at the office, we become demotivated to be more and pursue more in life. 

In attempting to resolve this problem, our approach is usually one that has an external nature. For instance, when we’re faced with monetary problems, we seek monetary solutions. Thus, we avail loans without critically assessing if we’re able to pay on time. While we may have quelled the problem, for now, such repetitive struggle leads us to the same vicious cycle over-and-over again. 

With that, this prompts us to begin looking for the solution within oneself. Instead of simply relying on some external source, investigating the root cause of our problem will allow us to weed out its true nature. Thus, we are able to deal with it accordingly. 

 Given the example above, self-investigation leads us to conclude about the real reason why we’re in debt in the first place. Upon finding out some core reasons like overspending or not sticking to a budget, we identify that all these seemingly small factors will contribute to the overall result. 

 As such, this points to one thing – solving our problems requires a greater understanding of oneself and one’s desires in life. By seeking a sort of balanced approach to what we want to happen, we are able to avoid all sorts of debt traps in life. After all, when we are in control of our own ship, it becomes relatively easier for us to navigate the ocean. 

With that, in this short article, we’ll identify the balance archetype, one that seeks pleasure, harmony, and comfort. 

The Balance Archetype: An Interplay between Pleasure, Harmony, and Comfort

In pushing further with our desires and goals in life, the key lies in identifying the sweet spot. By being able to land such, we become the most efficient and effective version of ourselves without being burnt out in the process. Furthermore, such a spot will also allow us not only to flourish but also to be genuinely happy about who we are as persons. 

 With that, the key lies in understanding the balance archetype. Generally speaking, the balance archetype is that kind of shared universal response that seeks an even approach to things. While maxing out what one thinks is best and should be best, the balance archetype allows us to push ourselves further in our goals and dreams

Given this, the balance archetype requires us to look into three key components: pleasure, harmony, and comfort. By identifying certain qualities that will lead us to the accomplishment of such, we are able to maneuver our way through in getting the best of all worlds. 

 To begin with, pleasure often relates to satisfying our cravings or desires as of the moment. By satiating such, we achieve a certain level of happiness. Similarly, pursuing comfort means that we are at ease, a feeling that usually stems from being satisfied with certain areas in our life. Lastly, harmony exists within us when we achieve some sort of inner peace, something that we constantly yearn for as conflicted humans. 

With that, we ask: how do we achieve all of them using the help of the balance archetype? 

In order to achieve such, we have to sacrifice some things that we have in life. Because pursuing these things mean that we’re practically seeking the future, such pursuit necessitates that we give up some things and pursue others. 

 As such, in this case, one simple way to achieve this level of inner peace that’s filled with comfort and joy is by getting used to pursuing the good things in life. When we begin making choices that are centered not on us but on what’s right, we will often arrive at the best meaningful moments as we cherish this blessing. 


 For instance, when we are faced with a moral dilemma, making the correct choice despite it not being efficient means that we free ourselves from the burden of such negativity. Because we know we made the right choice, we don’t really have to face the consequences or troubles which can lead us to question our own existence. 

 Thus, in order to achieve that kind of inner peace, the real key lies in slowly making the right choices in life. After all, these right choices will lead us to a balanced life, one that is not swayed by the results, for they are made with good intentions. 

 While the outcome of our choices is not always what we want, knowing that we made the right ones will get us more sleep at night. With having less to worry about, such a course of action will lead us to some sense of inner peace. 

 Given these general points about the balance archetype, we hope to have contributed to your journey onwards. By pursuing pleasure, harmony, and comfort with the right choices, we are almost surely led to the best that we can be!

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