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December 22, 2017

The Power of Numerology


Is there synchronicity or coincidence in numbers and our lives? Many believe that we are given a name, birthdate and other information with no relevancy. More ancient cultures look at the deeper significance of who we are and how this relates to our soul purpose as well as to events taking place over time. The meaning of certain numbers and how it relates to individuals as well as changes on Earth show a power to this mystical science. Synchronicity of events, characteristics and people relate directly to numbers and their meaning during a given moment in time.

The basics of numerology is to relate certain numbers to characteristics and events. It is said the numbers have an energetic force which relates to activities which take place. This impacts the way in which certain events play out as well as what occurs with that energy. When looking at major events, numerologists will consider the date, including the year, as well as the time. Those who understand the significance and synchronicity of numbers will use times of the day as well, adding these to gain accurate insights to certain events. The numbers are broken into segments, showing the overarching number. The number indicates a certain energetic force that directly relates to the actions, events or intentions which take place.

Numerologists who look at the characteristics of numbers will use only 0 – 9 as the central indicator of what is occurring (which is also present in tarot card numbers). The numbers of 11, 22 and 33 are considered master numbers, each which has an auspicious characteristic attached to it. Numbers are added until they reach the singular number, then showing how this relates to certain energetics taking place. Often, the numerology relates to the Zodiac as well as to astrological systems, showing the relationship between certain cosmic forces and the numerological energetics taking place.

Power of Numerology

The power of numerology at a global level can be used individually, showing the relationship between individuals and the changes taking place. Individuals can add numbers with their names as well as birth date. Like astrology, this gives information on the characteristics and soul blue print of an individual. Adding together individual numbers gives indications of the overall personality of an individual and what they wish to express in this lifetime. It also offers relationships to the astrology of the day and how an individual may relate to the energetic forces of numerology, showing how one interacts with events, activities and energies currently taking place. A natal chart is an excellent example of this, giving you unique insights into your personality from birth in the form of an advanced astrology chart.

The mystical answers are found in different forces and intelligence. Numerology is one of the powers which unravels the relationship of actions and intentions of the mass consciousness with energetic forces which are destined to take place. Numerology, when used individually and in relation to communities, provides guidance to the energies and explanations currently taking place. For those using numerology, this offers insight to the conflicts and peaceful aspects taking place in the globe. The overarching meaning of numbers offers guidance as a cosmic intelligence and attributes which relate to moments in time.

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