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December 21, 2017

Is Astrology A Guide To Your Life Path?


The greatest mystery to unravel is who you really are. Knowing your spiritual and soul blueprint also helps you to find happiness and peace in your life. Luckily, we are given guidelines along the way to assist with knowing more of who we are and what we are meant to do. Astrology is one of the tools that assists with our personal soul and relationship to others in this lifetime.

Life Path Astrology

Astrology serves as an alignment of the stars to the zodiac, connecting forces and energies of the cosmos and integrating these into a relationship with our personal lives. On a broader scale, astrology shows the general configurations and energies taking place with overarching characteristics or energies of the moment. These relate to planetary forces that directly impact what is occurring around the globe. Astrology works as an alignment to higher and lower vibrations. It serves as a cosmic intelligence that creates synchronicity across planets.

While there may be synchronicity with the broader changes in astrology, the relationship it has to every individual is different. This is how you can use astrology for your life path. There are two characteristics to look at. The first is your natal chart, which is an advanced astrology chart that shows how the energetic forces and planetary alignment was the moment you were born. This determines the soul characteristics you have and which will remain fixed throughout your lifetime. The second is the transits which you experience, specifically which combines the alignment of the overarching astrology to your natal chart and the transitions it is making.

When reading your transit chart, you will find that it is able to guide you on your life path. You will see how the characteristics you have in your soul are transitioning, expanding and altering. This is aligned with the cosmic intelligence, used to guide and teach you what your soul needs to know to reach its true purpose on Earth.

In the world of astrology, everything is configured precisely, both with geometric relationships to each other as well as interactions with your chart.

When looking at your transit chart, there are certain characteristics to look at in relation to the occurrences taking place. The first are oppositional or conflicting influences. Squares or opposition means you will be working on learning certain karmic lessons based on your characteristics in your natal chart.

These are used as a guide for you to overcome difficulties to reach more goals. Many believe this has a negative impact; however, the interpretation is based on your perspective and how you relate to the conflicts.

The second are harmonious influences. Sextiles and trines are the most common transits. When seeing these transits, it indicates expansion, harmony or peace with certain aspects of your life. Most likely, you will see a combination of both conflict and harmony, used to assist you with continuous transits to align you with this form of cosmic mastery.

If you are looking for answers, astrology can guide your questions. These guidelines offer accurate indications based on the zodiac, universal alignment and geometrical relationships to your personal soul chart. By looking at how the overall astrology relates to your birth and transit charts, you will be able to understand more of your life path as well as how to maneuver based on both challenges and harmonious aspects. By using astrology for your life path, you will be guided to aligning with your true soul purpose on Earth.

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