Mercury In Aquarius, what is Mercury In Aquarius, Mercury In Aquarius 2021

February 3, 2021

10 Ways To Spice Up Your 2021 With Mercury In Aquarius


Needless to say, 2020 has been a tough year for all of us. Last year’s challenging months have left us with nothing but low spirits and little hopes. However, as we usher in the new year, astrology tells us that inspiration is just around the corner. With the transit of planet Mercury in Aquarius, 2021 is a great year to dream, hope, and grow. 

This astrological union will ignite your creativity and supercharge your enthusiasm in achieving all of your goals. You will find a new level of motivation that will make you pull through even against the highest hurdles that may come your way. With the inspiration that Mercury brings and the progressiveness of Aquarius, you are simply unstoppable.

What is Mercury in Aquarius?

So, what exactly happens when Mercury sets up camp in Aquarius?

Spiritual revolution. Mercury is known as the planet that rules over the mind while Aquarius rules the house of dreams. When the two elements meet, space is created for both our rational selves and our hopeful selves. Our logic and emotions become balanced to help us see the possibilities beyond the status quo. With the right amount of reality and fantasy, we come up with revolutionary ideas to solve our problems or to build new projects. 

Aquarius is arguably the most futuristic sign too. This sign is forward-thinking. It extremely concerns itself with developing a brighter future for one’s self and for the entire world. After all, Aquarius is the most humanitarian out of all the signs. As it works together with the planet Mercury, we become so fired up to take visionary steps that will support progress and growth

One thing to be careful about as Mercury transits in Aquarius is losing touch with our emotions. As our minds become overwhelmed with a new sense of intellect, we may forget to handle our words and actions with sensitivity. While you may feel like you can rationalize everything, it is still best to practice caution in expressing our ideas. Make sure that the wisdom in your head does not overpower the intelligence of your heart. 

10 Steps To Utilize Your Mercury in Aquarius Energy

The union of this dynamic duo is considered to be such a powerful and intense time. Because of this, it is important that you follow certain steps that will help you maximize and balance your energy during this transit.

1. Balance Logic & Emotion

As Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, it is so easy to get carried away with our emotions whenever we speak. We tend to verbalize our opinions without really assessing the emotional impact they may have on others. This is why it is important to practice the art of balancing your logic and emotions. Remember that a successful conversation is not just when you’re right, but when you are able to communicate your ideas without harming other people. There’s no use winning an argument when it means losing friends. If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the ideas inside your head, it is best to take a step back and breathe. Organize your thoughts. Meditation and yoga exercises can help you think and feel clearer.

2. Rebel With Grace

Just because Aquarius is all about being independent doesn’t mean that you need to go against every rule. There’s nothing wrong with being strong, but coming off too strong may repel people away from you. If you must disagree with an idea or a person, make sure that you are doing it the right way. Stick to your arguments and don’t let your emotions get the best of you. When you rebel with grace, it means you fight for the right thing with utmost level-headedness. Assert your beliefs and do your own thing without breaking any law… or friendships!

3. Write It Down

With Mercury in Aquarius, you will find yourself thinking of such high velocity. Your mind will be literally racing with various thoughts that you may not be able to keep up. This is your mental capacity being amplified. The only way to keep up is to write all these ideas down. No matter how mundane or crazy they may sound, just write everything down. Having a journal will help you keep track of your ideas and plans. You will be able to organize and prioritize which ones should be acted upon and which ones can take the backseat for now. 

4. Be Kind

As mentioned, Aquarius is the most humanitarian sign while Mercury encourages genuine communication. If you want to maximize this astrological pairing, the simplest you can do is to be kind to the people around you. This should not be much of an effort as this only means treating people right. The more compassionate you are, the more you are able to channel important energy during this time. Ultimately, don’t forget to be kind to yourself. Watch how you treat yourself. Watch the language you use when you talk to yourself. There is no better place to practice kindness than within.

5. Be Unique

Mercury in Aquarius is not the time to be shy about your quirks and weirdness. This planet and sign are all about celebrating individuality and uniqueness! There is no need to pretend or to follow the crowd. Stand out by being yourself. If you’re battling certain insecurities, now is the time to utilize your energy in overcoming it. You will find that these two astrological elements are a great help in boosting your confidence. Remember that true growth only happens when you’re fully comfortable with yourself.

6. Express The Most Unusual Ideas

In line with being unique, it’s time to think outside the box. Aquarius is a sign that encourages us to express even the craziest ideas we have. Forget about your fear of being wrong or being laughed at. What’s important is that you are making an effort to get out of your comfort zone. Just speak up. Tell your friends your unusual ideas. After all, aren’t we all a little crazy?

7. Focus On Your Inspirations

Mercury In Aquarius, what is Mercury In Aquarius, Mercury In Aquarius 2021

If you have an idea that you feel very inspired about, don’t let that go. Trust your intuition. Chances are, this idea can grow into something that will eventually change your life. So, take a chance and focus on what inspires you. Research about it. Expand your knowledge until you are confident enough to do something about it. This could be a new business or a passion project, but whatever it is, just go for it! How often do we get inspired by simple things?

8. Think It Through

While of course you are encouraged to take risks for things that inspire you, it is also crucial to remember that preparation beats intention. You may have the most creative business idea but if you don’t create a detailed plan on how to operate, you will most likely fail. So prepare. Whether it be a small or a big project, think things through. Spontaneity is fine, but assess what you might lose if you act without a plan. 


9. Tend To Your Physical Health

Although Mercury in Aquarius is mostly focused on the mind, this is not a reason to neglect your physical health. There can never be a healthy mind without a healthy body. Make time to be active. Exercise. You can even just walk around your neighbourhood. What’s important is you get your body moving. This will stimulate your cerebral transit with Mercury and Aquarius.

10. Communicate Clearly By Balancing The Throat Chakra

Don’t underestimate the power of your voice in sharing your ideas. There’s no use having the brightest idea in the room when you can’t even share them with the people in it. As Mercury passes Aquarius, make sure that your Throat Chakra is not blocked or overused. To activate this chakra, you can drink warm lemon tea with honey or meditate with crystals like aquamarine. It is vital that you clear your Throat Chakra from unwanted energy.

How Should You Use Mercury in Aquarius?

The ultimate way to benefit from this pairing is by finding the balance between your logic and emotions. As both Mercury and Aquarius push your intellectual capacity, you have to make a conscious effort of not leaving your emotional intelligence behind. It is fine to think rationally as long as you also put emotional investment in it too. The humanitarian side of Aquarius will remind you that your wisdom should be used to fuel your growth and others’ too. 

Mercury in Aquarius is also the time to detach yourself from the fast-paced world around you. Take a break and focus on what’s going on within – your thoughts, feelings, problems and desires. These astrological elements will help you recalibrate your energy so you can find out what your next steps in life should be.

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