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February 9, 2021

The Only Guide You’ll Need on Angel Number 7


Everyone has a guardian angel who protects us since birth.

We may not see them or talk to them, but their presence is what guides us to make the right decisions. 

They communicate by leaving sacred numbers behind for people to encounter. 

Aren’t you curious why you see a certain number over and over

It can be in the mall, on the bus, or at your workplace. If you’re too busy to notice them, you will lose the chance to learn their meanings and apply them in your life. 

Each one has a different symbol, but it’s the perfect answer to your question.

There are a lot of angel numbers out there, but out of them all, only a few are considered to be perfect. 

One of them is the powerful angel number 7.

Angel Number 7 – What It Means

What is the spiritual meaning of angel number 7?

The spiritual associations of angel number 7 are immensely strong. 

Not only is it repeated in different religions, but ancient civilizations and present-day cultures hold this number in a high regard as well. 

These high energy vibrations can influence you to seek spiritual knowledge as well. Number 7 is tied among various beliefs as the embodiment of physical and spiritual perfection.

In Christianity, it is believed that the creation of the world took 7 days, as God toiled for six days and rested on the seventh. The same was given as an instruction to the people as represented in the 4th commandment, in which people should keep the seventh day holy for the Lord. 

Also, there are seven deadly sins pointed out in the Bible.

In Islam, Muslims set on a Hajj or pilgrimage towards the holiest city in their religion, which is Mecca. There, they circle the Kaaba seven times. 

They also need to walk back and forth between Safa and Marwah seven times. In an act called Stoning the Devil, pilgrims throw seven pebbles in the pillars in Mina. 


Lastly, Muslims and Judaists, and Hindus believe in the existence of seven heavens.

Even in Buddhism, the importance of the number is highlighted in the seven stages towards enlightenment, as well as the number of steps that Buddha took after his birth.

Is angel number 7 a good sign?

If you keep on seeing the angel number 7 popping in the most random places, consider it as an excellent sign of awakening brought upon by the heavens unto your life.

Arguably the most popular number in the world, the number 7 plays a cosmic part not only in religions but also in an individual. 

As an extremely introspective person, your mind is filled with a lot of unanswered questions. Other people may judge them as trivial or irrelevant, but it is necessary for you to explore your deeper purpose

By achieving a “why” in life, all your actions can be aligned to it. This sacred number is a sign that you will meet the explanations you’re looking for anytime soon.

Is angel number 7 a lucky number?

For most parts of the world, angel number 7 is an auspicious number, and while there are many reasons to prove this, take a slot machine as an example. 

Did you know that for these machines, the number 7 signifies the jackpot?

In China, number 7 is considered to be both lucky and unlucky. It’s considered an auspicious number for relationships, but the seventh month of the year falls in July, and in the Chinese culture, this is considered the ghost month. 

It is believed that bad spirits often lurk during this month to prey on weak people and bring bad luck to families and businesses.

The heavens did not show you this sacred number if you’re not meant to do something massive in your life. 

If you’re thinking of launching a new business venture, pursuing a different career, or confessing to the love of your life, this is a silent encouragement from the angels that you’re doing the right thing. 

Don’t put it off for some other time or wait when you’re ready. Buckle up. Never allow doubt to cloud your mind. It may be challenging, but going after what you truly want will be rewarding in the end.

What does angel number 7 represent?

Angel number 7 signifies a spiritual journey and quest for inner wisdom. When you see this sacred number, it’s about time that you pack up for a ride that will turn you inside out in the most positive ways.

When it comes to your spiritual understanding, always remember that this number is the embodiment of completeness and perfection. The more you experience the reality of the world, the more you question your faith. 


The saving grace is found in the tiny encounters of kindness to or from strangers. It can be tempting to be indifferent and apathetic, but you can contribute to a better world by being a better human being.

For you to develop true wisdom, you need not to look outside because everything you need is within you. The heavens have gifted you with skills that you can cultivate to become a master at any craft. 

Angel number 7 is a reminder that instead of spending time questioning yourself, you should hone your abilities to become the person you want to be.

As an extremely lucky sacred number, there will be a lot of opportunities coming your way. Tap into your inner self to decide which ones should you go after, and once you make up your mind, don’t regret the opportunity you had to let go. 

Life is all about taking things one step at a time. Focus on the crossroad you’re in right now.

Angel Number 7 and Love

Similar to its strong ties with spirituality, angel number 7 also has a deep influence in love. 

Evaluate your feelings towards the person you’re pinning for. Is your love harbored from deep within or is it influenced by the people around you? 

If you’re in a relationship, it is important that you sit down with yourself and be honest with your thoughts. 

Do you see a future with your partner or is tomorrow looking bleak? 

As someone who avoids confrontations, you have the tendency to remain silent and allow things to pan out. 

In this case, angel number 7 bears the message that if the relationship you’re in does nothing but confuse you with your truth, the wise move would be to put an end to it.

The angels didn’t send you this sacred number to get hurt, but the pain is a part of life. You’re not expected to make the right decision every time, so when you stumble, it’s okay to cry. 

When you’re done, pick yourself up and try again. Your guardian angels will not give up on you.

Why do I keep seeing angel number 7?

The angels don’t show this sacred number to anyone without a deeper reason, so if you keep on seeing it everywhere you go, take some time to ponder on it. 


Your guardian angels are trying to tell you something important. 

Open your mind and listen to what they have to say. There are a lot of lessons that you can learn from this number.

When you’re at a crossroads, your angels will send you the answer to your question through numbers. For angel number 7, you’re reminded that you have a bigger purpose in this life. 

You’re brewing something in your mind right now and the heavens are in full support of it. It can be daunting at first, but there is a certain thrill in taking the leap of faith towards your next plan.

The majority of what you need to do next is geared towards yourself, and not to the external world. 

Reflect on your past. 

Forgive yourself for your mistakes and learn from your experiences. 

Do your best in the present, and list all your goals in the future. If you follow a map, you will have a more concrete sense of structure and your guardian angels can intercede as needed.

Final Word

You don’t walk through life alone. 

You may be by yourself, but you’re always surrounded by guardian angels who look out for your good. Though they cannot hand over the answers to your questions directly, they communicate with you through angel numbers.

Not everyone is blessed enough to receive the message of angel number 7. 

If you have been seeing this sacred number all the time for a while now, you are an extremely lucky person with so much potential to do greater things. 

This is not that last angel number that will appear to guide your path. 

As a new chapter unfolds in your life, the guardian angels will show you another number that will help you during different circumstances.

One roadblock you must cross is finding your real purpose as a person, but other than that, you are blessed with exceptional skills and capabilities that will help you to rise through any crisis.


For now, what kind of roadblock is on your path? How are you planning to overcome it?

Share your thoughts with us.  

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  1. Amazing thank you team it’s only something little but I’ll find the right solution it’s where to move from here a relationship that’s plaqued my emotional mantel but strengthened me from the inside🙏❤️😇

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