The Zodiac Signs That Will Give You the Best Time in Bed ?

February 10, 2021

The Best Zodiac Sign in Bed


The act of making love is wired directly into our evolutionary instincts. However, while we are by nature driven to engage in the act so typically associated with reproduction– and having a good time, we can’t expect it to always be fun. Here’s which zodiac sign that will give you the best time in bed based on your own sign.

If you’ve done it with someone before, you can likely count the number of times you’ve not synced in terms of your rhythm. Maybe it’s the individual preferences in romantic arrangements or simply how different you are in terms of how you behave in bed.

Your partner, for example, may like role-playing and hardcore sex, while you may prefer simply cuddling and the language of romance before committing to the deed. There are plenty of approaches to sex, and this naturally means there’ll be differences in opinion.

Thus, much like in public life, people have their ways of approaching sex, and the apex of this difference is something that astrology has actually documented. For astrologers, sex isn’t about the act; it’s also about the union of many signs and their eccentricities.

As such, it’s often recommended that you try and see which zodiac sign you’re most compatible with in bed. The nuances between your individual signs often determine whether negative or positive energy will govern the sex.

Of course, none of this means that being incompatible astrologically with your chosen partner is going to make sex terrible for you forever. After all, even astrology offers workarounds for other signs to make sure that the sex will be flawless.

This effectively guarantees that if you and your partner are having a difficult time from being incompatible, this article’s advice will certainly apply to you and be usable in your own attempts to spice up the experience.

To that end, we’ve created a compatibility list for you, as well as things you can do to further enhance your sexual chemistry. With Valentines’ Day coming up, this article should help make your sex a more magical experience.

Read on, and make the magic happen!

Aries Works Best With Leo

Aries has a profound sexual chemistry with Leo because of the way these signs work. On the one hand, Aries often leads the sexual “charge” so to speak, and Leo amplifies it with their signature charisma.

This initial interaction often does wonders to foreplay, and as such, you should focus your attention here. Be subtle, deliberate, and clear about your passions. Set Leo up carefully, and when the time comes, make the most of it.

Taurus Works Best With Virgo

The traditionalist Taurus may not want a lot of action like those of the fire signs, but they are nonetheless masters of taking things slowly. This is also why Virgos are some of the best sexual partners they can wish for.

This is because Virgos like the intimacy of sexual acts. When they couple with someone, it’s genuinely a means to enjoy their very personhood to the fullest. Work with this, and your bed will be filled with positive energy.

Gemini Works Best With Libra

Sly and playful, Geminis work best with Libras due to them indulging in the little things that make sex interesting. Dirty talk, foreplay, and even roleplaying are what determine the quality of sex for these two signs.

If necessary, you can plan things out a little privately. Words are everything between you two, so talk dirty until the very end. The more you engage and play with each other, the funnier the sex will be for both of you.


Cancer Works Best With Scorpio

For Cancer, the emotional chemistry matters as much as the sex itself. Sexual chemistry, if anything, is a bonus, and because Scorpio is a package that delivers both sexual charm and emotional connection, sex between the two will be perfect.

Do not hesitate to cuddle with the Scorpio. In fact, use the cuddles, kisses, and hugs as precursors to foreplay. Hang out with each other in bed for hours first, then pounce when you’re ready.

Leo Works Best With Sagittarius

If there’s anything Leos want most, it’s the feeling of being loved, adored, and admired. Regal as they are, they love to be treated like queens or kings. With Sagittarius willing to give them that affection, there is no limit to how great the sex can be here.

As such, focus on doing things that are guaranteed to win Sagittarius’ affection. Give them flowers or some grand gesture. Once you two are in bed, seal the deal by getting physical.

Virgo Works Best With Capricorn

Virgos are known for preferring calmness and simplicity, so they are best paired with someone who is understanding enough to adapt to their preferences. As such, they’ve great sexual compatibility with Capricorn.

For the sex to be at its best, the key is to make plans. You can do it on a schedule, or however, you want to do it as long as the other party is notified first. Plan out each moment and everything will gradually fall into place.

Libra Works Best With Aquarius

The artistic personality of the Libra tends to yearn for a partner who can keep up with their jam. They are highly musical and creative, with varying interests. This playful mind naturally works well with Aquarius, whose interests are vast enough to keep up.

In this setup, remember that your bed is the canvas upon which love is to be made. Be creative in your approach– the more liberal you are with the sex, the more fun it will be with Aquarius.

Scorpio Works Best With Pisces

Scorpios often need to have emotionally sensitive partners who are willing to participate in their antics in bed. Carnal and needing true love at the same time, it’s no surprise that Pisces suits them well.

Here, it’s important to play all your cards and save nothing. Get dirty, engage in foreplay, and keep doing it with your Pisces counterpart. Your happiness will only increase the more you engage in sex. Make the bed your fortress.

Sagittarius Works Best With Leo

The primary strength of the Sagittarius is that they’ll always find new things to do in bed– and what better way to express this than to pair up with the like-minded, proud Leo? 

Being in bed with Leo means that it’s your chance to let go. Leos love to play any role and get kinky in all the right places, so let your creative side loose. Use tools, do your research– keep the sex interesting!

Capricorn Works Best With Taurus

Being guarded can often take away the fun out of sex for most people. However, this is actually the one thing Taurus can ever wish for. As such, Capricorns ought to consider bedding Tauruses.

With their slow demeanour, they will naturally adapt to your needs as a Capricorn. Take advantage of this and work with them to dictate the pace of the sex. As long as you keep comfort levels high, sex will stay fun.

Aquarius Works Best With Gemini

Aquarius can be too secretive, sometimes to the point of awkwardness. As such, they often need someone to hold their hand during the experience– and derive pleasure from it. Luckily, this is what Geminis are good at.


Listen to your Gemini partner and cooperate with them as you bed one another. With each session, you’ll soon be at each other’s wavelength. Remember that sexual intimacy is a gradual process, so be patient with your partner.

Pisces Works Best With Scorpio

Pisces is a sign that thrives on emotional compatibility. To them, the very act of gaining someone’s affection is foreplay in itself and is the first step to gaining the other’s affection. This vibes well with Scorpio’s passionate tendencies.

The best way to enjoy this arrangement is to slowly draw each other in with your wiles. Be seductive and give signals to your Scorpio counterpart. Have them guess and lead them straight to bed slowly.

Final Word 

Sexual compatibility is something that’s often overlooked in the simple, rather hedonistic quest of finding pleasure in life. 

This often causes relationships to fall short of one’s expectations. As this article demonstrates, however, keeping things interesting in bed relies heavily on coordination and care. 

No matter how compatible you might be with your partner, it is ultimately the willingness to judiciously communicate that determines whether your time in bed together will be meaningful or a waste of time.

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