Mercury Retrograde On Valentine's Day, What to Watch Out For This 2021

February 11, 2021

Mercury Retrograde On Valentine’s Day: What to Watch Out For This 2021


Right now, many astrologers are only thinking about the Mercury Retrograde and what its effects on this whole year will be. That’s unsurprising, given that it already started last January 30. The retrograde won’t be ending until February 20 this year.

However, the worst part about this retrograde is the fact that it’ll fall on Valentines’ Day. The predominant purpose of Valentine’s Day is to communicate the totality of your feelings or affections to your romantic partner and friends, and Mercury is the planet of communication.

With Mercury moving backwards and affecting each sign, things could totally go out of your way. Without careful preparation, you might end up sending mixed signals to each other and turning what is supposed to be a day of love into a day of tragedy.

What Will Happen to Each Sign?

The Mercury Retrograde alone already has varying outcomes for each sign. However, this retrograde is especially compounded by the fact that it’s currently in Aquarius at this time. 

The astrological sign of Aquarius is one that primarily relies on technology and communication, and with the pandemic in full swing, Valentines Day will undoubtedly put all other signs out of whack.

With how wild things can be at the moment, each sign needs to exercise caution. Here are some of the highlights.


For the passionate, fiery Aries, the retrograde can be a source of intrigue and misunderstanding. You may hear of friends, for example, talking behind your back about something particularly urgent.

As a hot-headed sign, Valentines Day could be a day of false alarms. You might be getting romantically linked against your will with another person, and if you don’t clear up the air between you two, things can get really awkward moving forward.

When talking to your crush or your romantic partner, be careful with your words and the timing. One wrong move could spell disaster, so exercise extreme caution!


As a Taurus, you tend to be somewhat overlooked, and you feel quite comfortable being a simple yet useful cog in any machine. However, this day will be completely different. You may see your friends put you on the spot for any romantic drama.

Thus, you’ll need to go out of your way to avoid such situations. If you wish to have a pleasant Valentines Day this year, you should extricate yourself from big events and simply stay with your family– or romantic partner– at home.

Plan something simple and don’t be wasteful with your resources. This day will be uneventful if you do it right, but it’ll bear no consequences on your person.


As a romantic partner, you often have a taste for the intellectual. Even now, you’re probably planning to critique a movie together with your significant other, or maybe make a book review together and debate its contents.

But with the retrograde coming along, things could be a bit more difficult to manage on that front. If you do so online, you may suffer some significant hiccups, and doing so in real life could become boring for your partner.

Thus, do something that goes against your normal Valentine traditions. Cook, exercise, party– do something strenuous and fun to help make your day great!



Cancer is a sign that naturally embraces emotions. However, this time around, you can expect your emotions to go on overdrive. On this particular day, you may have to revisit painful memories and rewind the clock as you become bombarded with events that remind you of things.

For example, you may meet your ex along the mall, or even in your village. You may also end up opening past conversations online, or remembering the feelings you had with your past relationships.

Use this time to examine your romantic choices. The pressing pause may hurt, but this will help you in the long term.


Leos have a taste for the grandiose, and in your case, you’re likely thinking of something that will blow your romantic partner away. On this particular day, however, you may need to dial it down a bit.

This is because the retrograde can be tough in terms of your communication with each other. The more extravagant your celebration, the less likely they are to appreciate it. 

Keep it simple and heartwarming with your partner, and you’ll still have the best Valentines Day ever.


The planner within you implores you to think of something to do with your partner. However, since we’re looking at a strong retrograde, any plan you could come up with might simply backfire.

For this reason, you should instead think of celebrating the big day by simply winging it. It might seem absurd on the surface, but that’s what makes the retrograde unique for you. 

By not planning at all, you can end up creating the most chaotic, yet happiest experience ever. Spice things up once in a while!


Libras are naturally just people, and consequently they believe in giving people second chances, due in part to the fact that while justice is absolute, people can change. This is a fair assumption to make, but be careful of what this means in romance.

Indeed, if you’re thinking about getting back with someone you’ve already broken up with, you may be headed for something terribly tragic. Watch your step and don’t simply obey your impulses.


As a Scorpio, your best weapon is often your secrecy, logic and simplicity. This will work well to your advantage this Valentines Day. Instead of spicing things up and making things novel, this may be your chance to simply stick to a simple routine.

In this case, it means that you should think of something lowkey– something that won’t incur too much expense, because what you need now isn’t costly planning, but simply the intimacy of a good holiday. Keep the celebration simple!


For the Archer, this Valentine’s Day can be a miss in some places and a hit on others. When confessing, for example, the feelings may be spot on, but the words you say may not be enough to express your true feelings

This can result in mixed signals, complicating what should otherwise be a clean confession or expression of love. Be patient and take your time in coming up with something that’s from the heart.



This year’s retrograde can be especially costly to you. Right now, you’re probably scrambling to get enough money to make Valentines Day a worthwhile event. However, this is actually the wrong way of thinking about it.

With the retrograde happening as it is, you shouldn’t rely on money, but your ingenuity. Instead of borrowing, try to make the most of your budget. 


Aquarius, you are the star of this day’s show. The retrograde is on you right now, which means you should be the most careful here. Before love day comes, ask yourself about your true motives for dating someone.

Do you truly love the person? Do you just want something from them? Hard as these questions are, they can determine the long-term for you. Think about that as you celebrate.


Being a Pisces, you’re currently in for a roller-coaster ride. This isn’t the time for adventure or work, but to remind yourself why you love your partner, especially because things are so stressful right now.

Take your partner out for dinner or do something intimate with them. Make love and talk about life’s profundities. This Valentines Day, let your actions prove the sincerity of your bond with each other. 

Final Word

As you can see, each sign has to deal with Valentine’s Day in a unique way. In general, you have to get out of your comfort zone because many of what we depend on have become imperiled by both the retrograde and pandemic.

February 14 will not just be any day of love, but a test to how far you’re willing to go for your partner. Will you succeed or fail? That is for you to decide.

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