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December 14, 2017

How Acknowledging And Working With Your Strengths And Weaknesses Creates a Happier You


How acknowledging and working on strengths and weaknesses creates a happier you? It’s not unusual to find people who don’t realize how formidable they really are, who never seem to see in themselves what others might see in them. Likewise, it’s also perfectly normal to meet people who demonstrate weaknesses, that they don’t seem to be aware of, or have received some sort of comment alluding to the fact that they might just be their own worst enemy. Like many things, what we see on the surface is often only the tip of the iceberg.

Acknowledging And Working on Strengths And Weaknesses

Acknowledging And Working on Strengths And Weaknesses

It’s often difficult for many to accept their strengths and weaknesses, either because they are too humble, or to afraid. But the thing is, we all have strengths, and we all have weaknesses, there is not one single perfect person living, we are all perfectly imperfect.

If we can find the courage to harness our strengths, and acknowledge our weaknesses, we can create a deeper, more fulfilling experience of life, and of our ‘self’.

Understanding, acknowledging, and accepting your strengths gives you great opportunity to leverage your qualities. You can lean on them, and use them to help you whilst you are working on your weaknesses, so that you can develop and grow quickly. But it’s important that you accept your strengths, and don’t put yourself down to the point where you hide your qualities. Without accepting your qualities, you cannot, or won’t harness them to your fullest potential, and you won’t address your weakness of self depreciation!

Similarly, your weaknesses are not something to be hidden, ignored or feared. They do not make you inferior, and you will never be the only person with the weakness either! Exploring your weaknesses, highlights your opportunities for growth, healing or reconciliation. These experiences will develop your character,and experiences of life. They will open new doors, and create new renewed energy all of which you may never have had the opportunity to experience if you didn’t find the courage to explore.

Exploration of yourself’, both good, and bad broaden the mind, in a similar way that travel and adventure does.

The challenge can often be in understanding what these strengths and weaknesses are, because often, we are simply not aware of them, (we are blind to them), or we cannot accept them, (we are dismissing them). So to learn more about ourselves, we may need to look externally, or ask ourselves what each comment, challenge or experience that we may have, may be trying to teach us about ourselves.

The trick to finding happiness through working with your strengths and weaknesses, is to use self reflection, meditation, personality analysis, or to even ask a friend, or family member who is close to you to help you become consciously aware of your hidden strengths and weaknesses, so that you can work with it appropriately.

When you achieve this, your new experiences, healed emotional bodies, and new understandings about yourself will bring you opportunity to further enhance your strengths too. But this time in a more holistic and wholesome way. So that you can rest, assured that you are leading a balanced, open minded and fulfilling life that is constantly moving forward in a happy and fully empowered way.

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