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December 15, 2017

3 Types of Vortexes for Awakening


The Earth grid offers spiritual tools from vibratory fields that you can tune into for realization, transformation and spiritual awakening. These power centers have accumulated energy to assist in re-aligning our etheric and spiritual bodies to our true self. However, not all sites in the Earth are equal in creating and dispersing energy. Depending on what you are looking for in your life, you want to connect to the Earth’s vortexes in a way that responds to your current needs and awakening. Following are three types of vortexes you can consider for your personal journey.

Vortex Energy Awakening

Vortex Energy Awakening

1. Yang Vortexes

The Great Pyramids to the Himalayas are often referred to as Yang vortexes. These are energetic portals that spin outward and upward from the Earth, penetrating through densities of energy. If you need revitalization or an energetic thrust, these areas penetrate through any blocks you may have. It is believed that these vortexes have water bodies below the Earth’s surface. As this energy accumulates, it creates a magnetic forcefield that spins through the Earth. When working with this energy, it is easier to pull from the purity of the magnetic force created, as well as the way it interacts with the surrounding elements.

2. Yin Vortexes

The female version of Earth vortexes pull energy down and back into the Earth, creating an introverted version of the energies surrounding you. Healing, self – realization and moving through core issues are often easier to reach when connecting to these Earth portals. The energy created in these vortexes is an accumulation of water which is external, such as ocean fronts or accumulated water bodies. The water accumulation is pulled down by magnetic forces of the Earth. If you are searching for a nurturing and self – healing type of energy to pull out any negativity from your etheric body, consider places such as Maui, Hawaii or some southern points of the Mediterranean. Some consider extreme Yin Vortexes to be places such as the Bermuda Triangle.

3. Polar Energies

There are certain grid lines which create vortexes that are polarized. This means that they have both Yin and Yang vortexes pulling energies at the same time. The power of these sites is with the ability to work through energetic blocks from your complete etheric nature while balancing your auric body. You can easily connect to internal dimensions that are readily available from sites which carry these polarities. Sedona, Arizona, is the most popular example of an energetic vortex which carries both energetic forces simultaneously.

The power of the Earth’s vortexes expands beyond the three major types into unique characteristics and features related to diverse regions. Lay lines and nodes in the grid of the Earth are maps to guide you to vortexes you may need for a special alignment. For Shamans and Earth Whisperers, working with magnetic fields and surrounding vortexes is key to awakening, realization and healing. Each vibratory field focuses on individual evolution, re-balancing and re-vitalizing the individual to quicken their awakening. Working with the Earth’s grid and planetary fields offers a profound impact for healing, transformation and enlightenment to your true nature.

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