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December 20, 2017

Making Better Life Decisions With iChing


When you were a child, making decisions was easy. You took out a coin and guessed whether it would be heads or tails. That would give a clear indication of what you needed to do. This simple guidance is something which formulated from the iChing, an ancient Chinese method to determine certain pathways and outcomes. Using this methodology assists in determining next steps, information about your life and lets you connect to the different dimensions that impact your life path.

Life Decisions With iChing

iChing basics are based on a combination of heads and tails in relation to a question. You will need to use a minimum of three coins. When flipping each of these coins, the combination will create a Yin or Yang energy.

All three heads are Yang and all three tails is Yin and are considered changing or temporary. With two tails you also have a Yang energy and two heads equals a Yin energy. If you have a changing sign, then it means that you will experience a shift and the situation is temporary. The others are stagnant or grounded and are set for the overall characteristics of your reading.

The extension of iChing is based on a hexagram style pattern. When you begin a reading, you will want to have two patterns that you will want to read, each which is formulated from a series of coin readings. The first three coin tosses form a lower hexagram and the second three coin tosses form an upper hexagram.

Making Better Life Decisions With iChing - Coin

The coins create lines that are either before, after or changing, developing a pathway in hexagram form of the information you need to know. These indicate the journey you are going on and what the outcome will be.

It is the relationship between the coin tosses as well as the lower and upper hexagram that give a complete reading of information you need to know. The hexagrams are defined as heaven, Earth, water, thunder, mountain, wind, fire or lake. The way that the hexagrams relate determine the events and changes taking place.

For instance, a heaven to Earth lower and upper hexagram lets you know that your question will have a positive and easy journey. When looking at the hexagram readings, it shows what is passing through or changing as well as what the result will be from the changes, allowing you to follow the guidance and make decisions for the best outcome.

The key to each iChing is reading is to focus first on the question you are interested in.

You don’t want to ask a question that has a yes or no answer. This will not provide the depth to the question you are asking.

You will want to look at the pathway of both hexagons, specifically to define the changes and the outcome of a given situation. Focusing on a specific circumstance and looking at the process will offer direct answers. The clearer you are about your question and your intention, the better your results will be.

Find solutions to dilemmas and know the energetic relationship to certain decisions you are making. The ancient Chinese methodology is designed to give insight to your circumstance while helping you with information and outcomes for important guidance. With the changing energies and guidelines, you can make wiser and more informed decisions.

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