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December 17, 2017

How Your Chakras Influence Your Health


Too often, we become ill, believing it is the environment around us that changes our health. However, there are many people who have never become sick. Any illness is a dis-ease, meant that one is not in ease, or comfort, with their etheric body.

How Chakras Influence Body Health?

Your chakras are the central system that impact your health and your misalignment. If this is not cleared and cared for within your energetic body, then your health is impacted, either through temporary illness or through chronic disease.

Chakras are divided into seven major energy fields located throughout your body. Each has the responsibility of maintaining your energy and auric field. They also carry certain attributes which relate to your spirit and soul and which act as a gateway to your body.

The chakras are your bridge from your soul and back to your physical body, making them a central part of connecting your etheric body to this world. When your chakras are out of sync, your body will start to reflect the energetic field.

Chakras have the capacity to move in three different ways, working as vortexes with your energy body. The first is a positive motion. When you have positive chakra movement, it spins in a clockwise direction. You will find that you have high amounts of energy, are able to accomplish what you want and don’t feel “blocked.” A good example of this is when you feel happy. This may mean that your heart chakra is moving positively and is open to what your spirit wants or needs. This translates to your emotions, moods and to your health.

How Chakras Influence Body Health

It is when chakras begin to move in opposing or conflicting ways that health begins to change. The energetic bridges can also vibrate negatively, often seen moving counterclockwise. If you have a low amount of energy, this may be related directly to negative chakra movement.

Anger, depression and emotions (energy in motion) that are negative in nature start with the negative cycles of these chakras, especially in the first and second chakras, which are attributed to relationships to others and the self. The fastest way to bad health is to have the negative movement of chakras and to allow these to continue to spin in a consistent cycle.

The energy system may also be neutralized or stagnant where there is no movement. Energetic blocks or feeling “shut down” is often attributed to this. For example, if someone says they have a creative block, check their third and sixth chakra to see if there is stagnation in the chakras.

Symptoms such as headaches or issues with the sinus may be directly related to stagnation of the fifth and sixth chakra. Movement of stagnant energy is required to clear the blocks in the chakra system.

Each chakra has specific attributes and characteristics that bridge from the soul to the body. Each of these expressions creates an energetic field of expression which move in multiple dimensions. The best way to preventative medicine and care without illness is to continue to clear your chakra system.

Maintaining positive cycles through meditation and healing methods as well as energy movement systems offers a higher vibrational frequency while allowing your chakra system to prevent disease and illness.

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