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December 7, 2017

3 Ways That Unlocking Your ‘Self’ Will Bring You Peace


Why is it important to learn the ways to unlock yourself? We all have hidden sides, aspects of our ‘self’ that do not create a smooth experience of life, or a sense of completeness for us. Aspects where, for an unknown reason that we are challenged, or in some cases driven to explore and expose.

We all want peace, fulfillment, a sense of self, and ‘unlocking’ your self will help you.

ways to unlock yourself

Here are five ways that you can find peace through unlocking your ‘self’.

1: Discover And Grow From Our Hidden Self

Our unconscious mind, will repress overwhelming events of significant emotion, only bringing them back to our attention, for resolution when we are capable of resolving them. We also have hidden behaviours, habits, and beliefs that don’t serve us, all of which can drain our energy resources.

We can discover our hidden self through a variety of personal development disciplines, such as Archetypes, and by also addressing our pain points. For example; when we start to fear fearful, that’s a clue to stop and find out why you might be afraid, so that you can uncover and resolve what is beneath that.

In doing so, we will resolve, unwarranted negative emotion and reframe our repressed experiences into a beneficial and helpful understanding that we can grow from.

2: Plug In Energy Drains

Our body needs extra energy to compensate for any imbalances that it may be experiencing. It needs the energy to continue to run as optimally as possible, even if there is a hole in the system. Holding onto fear, anger, sadness and so on, is a huge energy drain, and when your body is using up all of your energy to run, it means that you are not likely to be able to function optimally in your everyday life. Additionally, we may just simply have a few habits, or beliefs that we participate in, that just are a waste of our resources but that we haven’t realised that we are doing.

When we start to unlock our ‘self, particularly as described above, then you are able to understand where your energy leaks are, so that you can start to resolve, or change them.

3: Empower Ourselves

If we can face our fears, resolve unwarranted negative emotion, correct wasteful, or unhelpful habits and start to smooth out our life so that we are experiencing positivity, and good results from our actions regularly, then our self empowerment will keep growing and compounding as we reap more benefits from our journey of self discovery.

In unlocking our self, and understanding our hidden aspects we can discover, learn from and reconcile any of these aspects so that they are returned to a wholesome, holistic state (thus reducing illness, misaligned or wasted energy.

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