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December 6, 2017

Cause, or Effect: Where Do You Stand?


What side of the cause and effect equation are you on?

An interesting but mysterious question, this may be; but truthfully, when it comes down to finding enjoyment in your life, and in your personal development, understanding the notion of cause and effect is very relevant, and extremely helpful. Particularly because it puts you in control of your life, rather than feeling as though life controls you.

If you are on the cause side, you acknowledge that somehow, (even if you don’t understand why) that you are the cause of everything that happens to you (the good, the bad and the ugly) and that you are responsible for everything that you experience, because you create your experiences. Oftentimes, the ‘cause side’ is not a popular side to be on because most people cannot, or will not comprehend how they could possibly create such situations for themselves.

If however, you are on the effect side of the equation, you believe that you are not responsible for everything that has happened to you. Instead, your experiences are the consequences of other people, or of something external to you happening to affect you. The side of effect is a popular side to be on, but it is not necessarily a comfortable side, because when you are not responsible for many things that occur in your life, despite being a highly creative being, how can you feel empowered? And how can you steer your life to a place of happiness and fulfillment?

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Some people might like to be in the middle somewhere, where they might consider that of course, they are responsible for some of their experiences. But other experiences (such as trauma, a financial difficulty not directly caused by themselves), not so much. In these scenario’s being on the ‘cause’ side can be difficult to accept.

Whilst it’s not a popular side, the side of cause will always be a highly beneficial, empowering and healing side to stay on at all times. And as you live your life on the side of cause, you can ask yourself what you can learn from any of your experiences, and what your could have done, or would do differently to make them positive, or heal from them. And when you do this you can heal the past, and create the future, the way that you want it to be.

How It Works

Similar to synchronicity, the notion of cause and effect, and how it occurs in some situations is still a mystery. But here’s what we know so far:

It’s not just your conscious, or unconscious actions, that create an effect, soul agreements and synchronicity might also play a part too. One could also consider past lives, and inherited genetic agreements, or even the collective consciousness to be at play as well, which is why you may not be consciously aware of why you experience what you do.

You may not have consciously chosen to experience a trauma, however unconsciously on some level you did, and it is likely to be for a reason, even if you will never understand why (consciously at least).

For example, if we all experience the effects of global warming we could say that we didn’t cause it (because we didn’t do it alone, or because the effects are cumulative effects from many years of ignorance, or abuse of our environment) but our souls arrived on this planet at a time where the consequences of global warming was occurring, and we had no choice but to live through these consequences, so how could we be responsible?

If reincarnation was real, and the notion of synchronicity was far greater than we could ever possibly realise then we may have contributed collectively to this situation, and are now here to correct ,or accept the effects of these actions so that we can resolve them and balance them out. This is an example of how we could have caused an effect both unconsciously and collectively.

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