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August 3, 2017

What You Are Like In Your Marriage Based On Your Archetype


Marriage Archetypes


The Caregiver is an archetype of tenderness, gentleness, and kindness. They have the sweetest souls and are always ready to go above and beyond for their significant others. But of course, capturing the heart of a Caregiver isn’t exactly easy. If you do, however, somehow manage to break down the guarded walls of a Caregiver, there is no doubt that you will be rewarded with a fruitful and committed relationship. You can be guaranteed that the Caregiver will shower you with devotion, love, and understanding for years to come.


The Creator tends to be a perfectionist of sorts, and this pattern repeats itself throughout all areas of the Creator’s life. And yes, that includes the Creator’s love life. They yearn for the perfect partner; a partner who understands them completely, upholds the same exact principles and leads a similar lifestyle. The Creator is extremely detail-oriented, and if you exhibit the slightest indication that you might not be a potential fit, they will not hesitate to drop you as a love interest. The Creator is extremely expressive, and they’re never afraid to tell you what they want, and that tends to be a valuable trait in any relationship.


The Explorer archetype is what I’d like to call, the adventurer of the archetypes. They’re open-minded and possess an incredible amount of energy. That being said, Explorers tend to struggle with commitments and relationships – they prefer not to limit themselves, and would very much rather spend their days in wander. That’s why the Explorer usually prefers to have open relationships or brief romances, as opposed to trapping themselves in committed relationships. But if an Explorer chooses to commit to you, as unlikely as it sounds, the relationship forged will be nearly invincible.


The Hero archetype often feels the need to be needed. Despite their apparent brave frontiers, they often fail to realize that the fuel of their bravery stems from that incessant need. Not to say that it’s a bad thing, of course. The Hero is one who’s always ready to take charge and times of distress, and they’re constantly striving to resolve disagreements and differences amicably. The Hero is an archetype that’s infinitely devoted to its significant other, and does everything within its power to serve and protect. This family-oriented archetype is practically the traditional definition of what it means to be the foundation of a family.


The Innocent archetype tends to take a more traditional approach to relationships. It is an old soul that enjoys long walks on the beach, and being cuddled up with its significant other while watching movies. The Innocent, contrary to popular belief, isn’t an archetype that’s gullible. They know when they’re being lied to, but because of its strong sense of intuition, it’s always ready to go against the grain. The Innocent is arguably the strongest and most determined of all the archetypes, and it’s always ready to give its all to protect the heart of its significant other. An important note about the Innocent is that its words are often unfiltered and blunt, which often results in hurtful exchanges whenever they’re upset.

Marriage Archetypes


The love life of a Jester can either be simple, or extremely complicated. There is simply no in-between for them. Their charismatic performances might put them at an advantage when it comes to attracting attention, but it rarely helps them in forming deeper bonds with potential partners. Jokes are great in social situations, but during one-to-one interactions and romance, the Jester often comes off as an individual who just doesn’t want to be taken seriously. The Jester in a relationship is one that’s filled with considerable highs and lows. So, if you do find yourself in a relationship with a Jester, you can expect to be taken for a roller coaster ride.


If there’s one thing that the Lover archetype does best, it’s loving. Lovers often make the best romantic partners. Their level of commitment and passion supersedes every other archetype on the table. They make their partners feel incredibly secure and are often one of the few who can provide the closest thing to unconditional love. A Lover’s fear of being alone can also cause them to jump into unhealthy relationships at times. It’s important for a Lover to view a potential partner objectively and make the call as to whether the individual in question will be a good fit. This will prevent a whole lot of heartache for the Lover archetype.



A Magician’s love life can be fairly complicated. Its level of faithfulness can be said to be unparalleled, and when it loves, it loves with everything it’s got. This often puts the Magician in the position of experiencing the worst heartbreaks. However, maintaining a relationship can take a toll on the Magician. With all things considered, this archetype is known to struggle the most with opening up to their partners. It’s important for Magicians to remind themselves to talk about themselves more with their partner instead of constantly listening. This will go a long way in maintaining a healthy and balanced relationship.


The love life of the member archetype can be rather complex. Being in a relationship can be quite challenging for the Member. They might end up feeling restricted and force themselves not to interact with others of the opposite sex. In turn, they could end up feeling trapped and unable to express themselves. It’s important for a Member to communicate to its partner about its need for social interactions with others. The Member is passionate about life and feels a strong calling to embark on new adventures. They’re able to introduce some much-needed excitement into a relationship, and when in love, the Member will be committed for life.


You can be almost guaranteed that the Outlaw archetype isn’t looking to get into a relationship of any sort. Commitment is the least of their concerns, and definitely not what they need. Their romantic stints are often short-lived, but passionate for the duration that it lasts. With that being said, marriage is definitely out of the question for the Outlaw. There’s practically no way imaginable that they’d want to succumb to society’s expectations of a typical, traditional marriage. In fact, it might even disgust them. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that an Outlaw is unable to find love or express their emotions. There is a slight chance that an Outlaw might eventually want to settle down, as unlikely as it sounds.


Ruler archetypes tend to come off as authoritative and dominating, which can prove to be a challenge when it comes to relationships. There’s often an imbalance in opinions when a Ruler embraces romance with another partner. It takes someone with a lot of patience to understand and submit to a romantic partner of the Ruler archetype. Rulers should bear in mind that relationships are always a two-way street, and the values and opinions of their significant other’s need to be listened to. There are also times when a Ruler is required to sacrifice his or her pride for the greater good of the relationship. Listening to your partner can, in fact, be a lot more empowering than trying to impose your authority over him or her.


The Sage archetype needs predictability in its love life. Predictability is indicative of stability, which is where a Sage truly thrives. Commitment is another attribute that Sages should look out for in a potential partner. This will grant the archetype a strong sense of comfort in their romantic partner. Thoughtfulness is also appreciated immensely from Sages. However, a Sage must bear in mind that while their knowledge and intellect must seem appealing to some, others tend to be more impressed with social awareness. It’s important for a Sage to play to its strengths when it comes to finding a potential romantic partner.

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