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December 13, 2017

Divination Explained: Plus 3 Unusual, But Easy Divination Techniques, That You Can Use Today


Divination definition: it is a tool, or process that allows us to read the energy surrounding us at any particular moment in time, by assigning meaning to a specific situation, or item. It’s almost like learning to speak, or read because the person divining learns to use the tool (cards, tea leaves, events and so on) to read the energy that is radiating from the person or situation that they are reading.

There are many forms of divination, some are more well known than others such as Crystal Balls, Scrying, Tarot Cards, Astrology, and Numerology. There are also other lesser known forms of divination too, some of which you can create for yourself, from anything that you desire.

Of course, some divination tools, can go much deeper than our own creations will, Tarot, Astrology and Numerology are some examples of this. Their energy, and the stories that they can tell are much more in-depth and complex. If you can read them well, the insights that they provide will be much more specific, and deeper than self-created and much simpler divination definition and techniques, such as the those described below.

Divination Definition and Techniques

1: Flip Through A Book

A simple and quick divination technique that can really help you gain perspective, just when you need it.

Here is what you do: With your eyes, and the book closed, think of the situation, or question that you’d like to gain clarity on. Take some time to form the question in your mind so that it is clear and focused. Then all that you do is randomly flick through the pages of the book, and move your finger across the page until you feel like stopping (with your eyes still closed). Then open your eyes and look for the next sentence, paragraph or statement that follows on from your finger, read it and consider how that applies to your question. It’s that simple.

Note: Pick a book that is useful in this situation (a novel, is probably not going to work, or at least it’s message might not be as clear) but using a book of wisdom, (it could a book of quotes, a self help book, text in a course, a holy book etc.) will help you to find the answers or signposts a little easier.

2: Use The Principle Of Three

This is very easy, you simply make up a ‘rule’ that goes something like this; ‘if you experience something, hear something, or if a certain response happens to an action you take three times then you will take that as a message to ….’ (insert whatever it is that you will do as a result).

For example; ‘If the traffic lights are red three times during this journey then I won’t buy that house’. Or, ‘if somebody says the same thing to me three times then I’m going to ask myself (and seek to understand) why that might be necessary for me to hear’.

3: Use flowers:

This one works in a similar way to jungian archetypes, but rather than having an Archetype, or flower assigned to your personality, you simply pick a flower you are drawn to, and then you research the flowers qualities, properties, strengths, weaknesses so that you can reflect and assess how the flowers qualities apply to you.

For example: You may pick an open daffodil, and see that it reflects fleeting moments, new starts and beginnings, annual traditions and events, and a gentleness that isn’t too vulnerable but is not as brazen as a sunflower may be e. Then you apply these properties to your own life, where you are now, what you are experiencing, and what you’d like, or should be experiencing.

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