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December 12, 2017

4 Unique Ways To Work With Your Archetype


So, you’ve discovered your predominant Archetype and the resemblances are uncanny, but how do you work with it to gain a deeper relationship?

Here are four ways that you can work with your Archetype to broaden your horizons (who said you could only do that through travel?!)

If you haven’t discovered your Archetype yet, you can take the free archetype quiz here!

Ways To Work With Your Archetype

Ways To Work With Your Archetype

1) Compare and Contrast

By comparing and contrasting ourselves against others we become more alert to our own little idiosyncrasies. And we can do that with our archetypes too! And here are a few a few ideas;

To compare yourself with your archetype, notice the differences between you both. Ring the changes, consider what they might like or dislike in different situations, beyond what is acknowledged in this descriptive list of the 12 jungian archetypes. Next, notice if you have the same tendencies. As you notice these little traits in yourself, notice how many of them were blind to you before this exercise, and start to pay attention to them now, for they will either teach you or inspire you.

Why: This gives you great insight into who you are as a person, how you think, feel, and act, beyond what you already know. It’s a known fact that we are often blindsided by many of our traits and beliefs. This exercise allows you to explore yourself by looking at a representation of you through the looking glass!

2) Projection

Think about your archetype and then imagine them interacting with people in your life or other characters that spring to mind. Notice how they react to situations, what they are afraid of, what they desire, and what they need. Notice what makes them happy, or sad. Notice their regrets, if they have any, and how they could make their life better.

Why: As you do this exercise with your archetype, you will broaden your mind into thinking about idea’s that you hadn’t considered before about yourself, or will use resources that you didn’t realize that you had, you might uncover solutions to problems that you didn’t realize were there, simply because you stepped out of your own persona into a different version of you.

3) Using Your Imagination

Imagine how your archetype would react if they were interacting with mythical characters, how would they respond to the lessons, what would they love, or hate. How would they change? What would they resist?

Why: This exercise brings in new lessons and new experiences of others that you wouldn’t normally experience. It allows you to see how you think (as yourself), whilst your are imagining your archetype interacting with these characters, and it’s these quiet thoughts that you are experiencing personally, that will offer great insight into your own belief system (including limiting beliefs). Plus it also helps to broaden your mind.

4) Learning From Them


If you don’t know what to do about a certain situation or problem that you are experiencing in your own life, ask yourself’ how would your archetype deal with this, and try to handle the situation in the same manner. Or to the contrary, try doing the opposite, what’s the opposite reaction that your archetype would have, consider that too.

Why: It might just give you a new perspective, and it’s these contrasting opinions that will allow you to learn new coping strategies, broaden your options, and encourage creativity when solving any problems that you may have.

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