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July 28, 2020

Are You Clairsentient? 11 Traits of Clairsentience


The most common clairsentience definition is having a strong psychic sense. If you are a person who feels everything all too deeply, there is a high chance that you are clairsentient.

Clairsentient people are highly sensitive. They can feel the energy of the room just by simply entering it. Words are not needed for them to know what’s going on with their surroundings. They can sense everything – subtle or not.

While sensitivity is often deemed as a weakness by this harsh world, know that it is actually the best weapon of clairsentients. When used correctly, it can lead their minds to operate beyond the physical.

Their heart and body can easily be in tune with the energy of other people, things, or places. And this is such an important trait to have on Earth.

So, how do you use your sensitivity correctly?

Being Wisely Sensitive

When you unintentionally feel all the energy around you, it is easy to become so overwhelmed by its weight. This is because you are like a sponge that absorbs everything. You can’t fight this, but you can certainly manage it. 

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A must-have skill for clairsentients is being able to set boundaries. You must know how to filter what goes in and out of your system.

Sure, you feel for your friend who is struggling right now, but will you abandon your own inner peace for the sake of other people’s emotions?

The key to becoming wisely sensitive is assessing the energy around you without compromising your own spiritual state.

Clairsentience is not just about blind empathy. It is empowering others without letting external energy dominate you. You have to know the thin line between being caring and being overly involved.

It is vital for clairsentients to discern which situation you will put your emotional energy in. Remember, you cannot save everyone. Even in helping, you have to choose your battles wisely.

11 Traits of Clairsentience

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#1 You Are A Deep Thinker

Theorizing about how and why things happen is not new to you. One of the best clairsentient abilities is being able to see beyond the surface. You don’t just accept things for what they are.

You dig deeper because you are a firm believer of cause and effect in everything. Nothing is ever ‘just something’ for you.

Moreover, clairsentients are deep thinkers because of your belief in the Divine purpose. You believe that every single one of us is called upon to fulfill spiritual goals.


You always ask questions like “what is this struggle telling me?” or “where is this relationship leading to?”.

Yes, “Everything has a purpose” is your lifelong motto!

#2 You Are Selective Of People

Your clairsentience allows you to become hyper-aware of the people around you. You can easily determine their intentions, their emotional energy, and their (potential) purpose in your life.

This is why you can be selective when it comes to making friends. While clairsentients are known to be kind to everyone, you just keep a small circle to really open up to.

Once you have mastered managing your emotions, you will find it hard to just accept any person in your life. You will become very meticulous – and rightfully so.

You wouldn’t want to keep people who drain your emotional energy. A real clairsentient knows who to let in and who to keep at a distance.

#3 You Are A Creative Soul

Has anyone ever told you that you are good at music? Arts? Or at any creative department? 

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Clairsentients are naturally creative. You are passionate and hardworking when it comes to your craft. The moment you decide to put your heart in a project, there’s just no stopping you.

You are overflowing with ideas and you have a good grip on what will look/taste/feel good to other people. Everyone appreciates your creative outputs.

You may be passionate about something, but you are not stubborn. Your clairsentience guides you to be flexible with your creativity. When things don’t go the way you initially planned it, you don’t give up immediately.

You have a thousand other options to finish the project – that’s how creative you are!

#4 You Are Highly Intuitive

One of the most important clairsentient traits is being highly intuitive. Nothing ever gets past clairsentient people. Others might think that you don’t notice, but you do. You silently do.


This is because your clairsentience allows you to be highly attuned with the vibrational energy that your surrounding gives off. 

Most clairsentients act upon intuition. As you grow older, you realize that your strong intuition has never failed you.

Your gut feeling has always acted as the inner voice that warns you about any negative energy. Indeed, intuition is a clairsentient’s weapon.

#5 You Always Want To Help People

Another trait of clairsentience is being naturally helpful. Because you are highly sensitive to the feelings and needs of other people, you can’t help but extend a helping hand to them.

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You even go out of your way to help people out, especially those who are close to you. Your kindness is unconditional.

The downside to this is being too helpful. Clairsentients tend to forget their boundaries when it comes to their generosity. Saying no to people is almost never an option.

This is where being ‘wisely sensitive’ comes in. Know that sometimes, limiting yourself is not an act of selfishness but of self-preservation.

#6 You Are A Liar-Buster

Clairsentients detect deception even before people finish their sentences. 

Because of your strong intuition, you can easily sense if something is off in any statement. Whether it’s a white lie or a big one, there’s this voice that always nudges you when something is wrong.

You can see it in the person’s eyes, their gestures, or even in the tone of their voice. Liars can never have their way with you.

Although you are good at catching liars, some clairsentients find it difficult to confront them. This is blind empathy at work.

Your mind might make up excuses for liars because you always assume the good in people. This is why you need to master your clairsentience. Learning how to discern situations is a must.

#7 You Are An Old Soul


What does it mean to be an old soul?

Basically, old souls are those who are wise beyond their years. You speak and act as if you have gained so much wisdom from a lifetime of experiences already.

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You often have people tell you that you are mature for your age. When it comes to peers, they probably seek your advice for almost everything. To be an old soul is to be reliable because of your intellect.

You cannot be an old soul without clairsentience. Emotional sensitivity plays a vital part in how old souls make their decisions.

Thinking and feeling things through will always be your top approach when handling difficult situations. Old souls know that the best results are often achieved by those who know how to use both their mind and heart.

#8 You Don’t Like Dark and Cramped Spaces

Clairsentients thrive in ambient spaces. You get more motivated when your room sees some sunlight, has huge space, and is decorated with things that are pleasing to the eye.

When the room is dark and cramped, you feel suffocated. This is because you easily absorb the energy around you. 

Nature greatly recharges a clairsentient’s energy. This is why plants are always a great idea for your space. It gives off that refreshing vibe that feeds your soul.

Because clairsentients are naturally nurturing, most if not all have green thumbs. Try decorating your space with some plants today!

#9 You Struggle With Overwhelming Emotions

Another clairsentience trait that you should know is being highly susceptible to emotions. Because you feel all the energy around you, it is so easy to get overwhelmed with everything.

You might find yourself starting the day with high spirits, only to end it struggling with your emotions. It all lies in who you spend your time with.

If you always hang out with negative people, they will drain your energy no matter how happy you initially were. 

It is important for clairsentients to know when to take a step back. It is okay to take a break from people, and even more so to cut them off if you feel that your relationship is nothing but a burden.


Your emotions and overall spiritual health should always come first.

#10 You Are Everyone’s Unofficial Therapist

If you are clairsentient, there is no doubt that people come to you for advice. Not to toot your horn, but we all know that you have the greatest advice on every single thing!

You are logical, wise, and compassionate.

Everything you say makes perfect sense. This is why a lot of your friends trust you with their problems.

Another thing is that you are never judgmental. You always try to understand where people are coming from.

You do not hold biases. Instead, you speak from the heart and apply what you know. Clairsentients are incredible friends/partners to have.

#11 You Are Physically Sensitive

Do you ever notice yourself being too cold or too warm in just a short span of time? Like your body is in tune with the changes in your environment?

We all know that clairsentience means emotional sensitivity, but did you know that most of clairsentients are also physically sensitive? One prominent manifestation is temperature.

Clairsentients feel temperature changes long before other people notice it. You are also sensitive when it comes to smell and sounds, which makes it easy for you to detect the things that smell off.

Chances are, you’re also not a fan of very loud music. You prefer moderation whether it is with temperature, sound, or smell.

Protecting Yourself and Others

Clairsentience is a gift that when used correctly, can lead not only to your own spiritual awakening but to others too. 

How do you use your clairsentience correctly?

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Discernment. If there is one thing that you should practice to master clairsentience, it is the act of discerning energies. You must be able to know which type of energy you must keep in your system.


Remember, the energy you accept will eventually make or break you. This is why it is important to discern. Get into the habit of asking yourself if something or someone vibrates in the same frequency that you do. 

Moreover, trust your intuition. Your gut feeling is a strong weapon that can tell you if you’re treading the right path. Do not dismiss your feelings of uneasiness when you meet someone for the first time.

Chances are, your energies do not jive and therefore will not result in any fruitful relationship. On the contrary, feeling comfort in the presence of a person is an indication that your soul recognizes their positive frequency

Final Word

Once you have mastered your own clairsentience, it will be much easier for you to fulfil your soul’s purpose of shedding light on other people.

Your strong emotional foundation will protect you from the things and people that can potentially wear you down.

You can make wise decisions on who and what to get involved with as long as you are the master of your emotions (and not the other way around!). 

As clairsentients, protecting yourself is an act of protecting others.

Remember, your clairsentience can only truly be effective when there is wisdom in your sensitivity. 

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