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July 24, 2020

What Are Crystal Children (And How To Know If You’re One)


If you are an empath, chances are you are either an indigo or a crystal child. Crystal children – believed to be the offspring of indigos – are a group of people whose souls are made for psychic healing.

Their purpose is to make the world a more peaceful and loving place. They are quite the idealists, perceiving things and people not as what they are, but what they can still be. 

What Are Crystal Children?

Crystal children are great spiritual mentors. They have a deep connection with the Divine. They possess the necessary wisdom that can guide people to their spiritual awakening.

A crystal child makes the best friends or partners. They exude kindness, generosity, and warmth – the type of people that you would want to keep close in life.

Now that you know what a crystal child is, it’s time to ask the next question: Are you a crystal child?

6 Common Crystal Children Traits

crystal children, what are crystal children, crystal children traits, crystal children characteristics, crystal child

#1 They Are Sensitive

One of the most prominent crystal children characteristics is sensitivity. This does not only pertain to emotions, but also to physical conditions. Crystal children can be very sensitive to smell and temperature.

They are the first ones to notice that something is burning in the kitchen, or that the room is colder than usual. They are drawn to pleasant things like flowers, a scenic view, and even as simple as good food.

Crystal children are equally sensitive when it comes to the emotional department. It does not take much to make a crystal child happy. However, this means that even the smallest of things can hurt them too. 

#2 They Love Physical Touch

Crystal children are highly affectionate. If you are a crystal child, you most certainly love giving and receiving hugs!

You probably love holding hands with your partner and showering them with kisses too. This is because physical connection is very important to you.

The love for physical touch by a crystal child cannot be equated to lust. This trait is beyond the body’s needs.

Often, they use physical connection as a tool to convey their love for the people around them. It is their love language.

#3 They Are Into Arts And Music

Most crystal children are highly creative. They have a high appreciation for arts and music. Not only can they appreciate art, their talents in this area are nothing but amazing too!

Many crystal children are singers, writers, artists, etc. They have this nice way of letting out their creativity to create a masterpiece.

Crystal children are highly visual too. They become more aware when things are presented to them in an eye-pleasing way. This is why they don’t do well with messy or disorganized environments.


#4 Their Eyes Can Easily Convey Emotion

If you’ve ever looked into a crystal child’s eyes, you would notice how their gaze can be quite hypnotizing. A penetrating gaze is one of those crystal children traits that are universal.

You would feel like they can see right through you – which they actually can. Crystal children are good at reading people’s emotions and behavior. Their eyes can tell if someone is lying or not. 

Although it can be uncomfortable at first, you will realize that they have such unnerving gaze because their eyes carry so much emotion too.

Have you heard of the term smiling eyes? Most crystal children can smile through their eyes. Their eyes tell a million stories.

#5 They Are Usually Uncomfortable In Large Crowds

Don’t get us wrong, crystal children are fun to be with. However, their social battery can easily drain when surrounded by a large crowd (especially of strangers!).

They also feel restless when the atmosphere is too loud and rowdy. If you want to hang out with a crystal child, your best bet is a quiet dinner or staying in for a movie marathon. 

So are crystal children choosy when it comes to friends?

In a sense, yes. They are kind and friendly to everyone, but they choose who to really open up to. They value deep connections. This is why they often make sure that they are with the right circle before really diving in.

#6 They Love Nature

Crystal children thrive in nature. Their routine usually consists of going out for a walk in the morning or driving to the beach during weekends.

crystal children, what are crystal children, crystal children traits, crystal children characteristics, crystal child

Anything that helps them reconnect with nature is always a go. The outdoors is their second home. They can’t stay inside for a long while or they will get really upset.

They can even feel sick when they don’t see the outside world for a long time.

Nature energizes crystal children. These people can even communicate with plants and animals. They have this deep connection with nature that no one can ever decipher.

Recognizing The Abilities Of Crystal Children

In general, crystal children have this innate urge to make the world a better place. They start with developing themselves, helping out people, and cleansing the environment.

As mentioned, they can be quite the idealists. They often devote their lives to fulfil this purpose.

Crystal children operate in a shared consciousness instead of individual consciousness. This means that their thoughts and actions are usually founded in the fact that we are all interconnected. We are united as one.

crystal children, what are crystal children, crystal children traits, crystal children characteristics, crystal child

This is why they are very empathic spiritually. They share with the happiness and the struggles of others. They believe that we are each other’s responsibilities.

When it comes to forgiveness, crystal children are considered the frontrunners. Their pure hearts let them forgive so easily. This is not because they are naive, but because they believe in the goodness of every person.

They look past what has been done. They only focus on what can still be repaired. Crystal children will always choose to let go instead of hurting themselves by holding grudges.

Another admirable ability of crystal children is their resistance to conform. If there’s anything that they hate the most, it is probably being asked to act differently just to fit in. Expect a hard no from them.

Changing themselves for the pleasure of others is impossible for crystal children.

If You Are A Crystal Child…

If you feel like you are a crystal child based on the signs we listed, know that you are a special soul. You are here because you are called upon to shed light on the world.

A man stand as a spirit, Spiritual Mediums

Explore your abilities. Let things naturally flow within you. Your instincts will guide you into doing the best not only for yourself but also for humanity. 

It can be hard to figure out – and even more so, fulfill – your soul purpose. But once you have aligned with cosmic intentions, you will surely find it in you to act in accordance with the Divine plan.

You are a natural healer. Your heart is made to restore peace around you. Take it one step at a time. You can save the world… You are a crystal child.

Are you a crystal child? Let us know in the comments below!

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