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June 19, 2020

12 Natural Laws of the Universe (What They Mean & How To Use Them)


When we hear the term laws of the universe, one thing surely comes to mind: the Law of Attraction. But did you know that there are actually 12 laws of the universe?

Yes, we’ve long been focusing on one spiritual law to guide us, when in fact we have eleven more to choose from!

In general, all these 12 spiritual laws of the universe lead us to one thing – a joy-filled life. They are woven in a way that neglecting just one of them would hinder us in reaching our maximum potential. 

This is why it is important to know all 12 laws of the universe by heart. People who embrace awareness of these laws and how to use them all live in complete confidence and peace.  

These universal laws have been with us since time immemorial, but its earliest practice can be traced back to ancient Hawaiian culture.

Ho’oponopono, which roughly translates to correction, is a Hawaiian healing practice that focuses on forgiveness and spiritual cleansing.

This is traditionally practiced by indigenous Hawaiian healers but has branched out to various groups in the present time.

The 12 Spiritual Laws of the Universe

The 12 spiritual laws of the universe lead to the same goals too: to uplift our well-being by aligning our minds with clarity and genuine peace.

So, what are the 12 laws of the universe?

1. The Law of Divine Oneness

This law focuses on our Divine origin. It highlights the fact that we all came from one Divine source and that everything in this universe is interconnected.

We are nothing without other people, the nature around us, the world we live in – and vice versa. This is why it is vital for us to always think beyond ourselves when we make decisions.

Believe it or not, our words and actions will always affect everything around us, one way or another.

To practice this law, you must think of yourself as a part of a whole. You are not an independent entity in this universe.

You are created work hand in hand with everything that was also created around you. Remember, no man is an island.

2. The Law of Vibration

The Law of Vibration states that everything in this universe – seen and unseen – carries energy that is always in constant flow called the vibrations. Nothing in this world is truly at rest.

Raise Vibration, law of vibration, vibrational energy, laws of the universe, what are the 12 laws of the universe,12 laws of the universe, 12 spiritual laws of the universe

However, one must understand that these vibrations differ in frequency. The chair you’re sitting on, your dog, and even your innermost thoughts, every single thing carries different levels of energy and consequently, different frequencies

If you want to follow this spiritual law, the first thing that you need to do is to determine the things that you desire and the corresponding energies they carry.

The goal is for your vibrations to match. Practice lowering or increasing your energy to attune with certain things or people.

3. The Law of Correspondence

Still related to the interconnectedness of the universe, the Law of Correspondence teaches us that patterns can be universal. An example of this would be the 12 archetypes that represent the patterns of behaviour and personalities.

laws of the universe, what are the 12 laws of the universe,12 laws of the universe, 12 spiritual laws of the universe

What you think is only happening to you is actually happening to the rest of the world.

Furthermore, your external environment is a reflection of your internal state. The physical world only serves as a mirror of each person’s deep-seated thoughts and emotions. 

In other words, you can shape your own world by projection. Of course, if there is chaos within you, you cannot expect everything around you to stay peaceful.

The more you rear negative emotions, the more things turn sour. One cannot live a joy-filled life without starting from the inside.

4. The Law of Attraction

This you might know beyond doubt, the Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. Your power to manifest will determine the chance of you achieving the things you want.

laws of the universe, what are the 12 laws of the universe,12 laws of the universe, 12 spiritual laws of the universe

However, the Law of Attraction is more than just manifestation. It is quite similar to the Law of Vibration in the sense that you need to vibrate in the same frequency of your desired object. 

Most people think that attracting things means to simply summon them. It takes more than just the mind. You need to tell the universe that you are someone who deserves to receive such blessings.

This means that you only seek for things you can give and you can work for. For example, you cannot attract love if the universe knows that you cannot give it.

5. The Law of Inspired Action

From the term itself, the Law of Inspired Action is all about taking the necessary steps in order to achieve what you want.

It teaches us that drawing inspiration from our goals should lead us to create realistic plans in order to attain them. This doesn’t always mean a huge plan of action. Sometimes, just knowing when and how to start is enough.

Practicing this law means you need to always make time for goal visualization. Create a space where you can comfortably list down all the things that you want, and all the things you are willing to do to achieve them.


Make sure to maximize every possibility. Inspired action means being driven to the fullest and not focusing on limitations.

6. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy tells us all about how the world is in constant motion. Energies are endlessly passed on, evolving, or depleting.

A beautiful form of Heart chakra

We often cannot see these changes because most of these processes are intangible. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s not happening.

One perfect example is mood change. Have you ever felt so excited only to be discouraged by someone who is in low spirits? Maybe that person didn’t intentionally want to dampen your mood, but his/her negative energy was naturally passed on to you, immediately transmuting your energy.

The other possible scenario of course is you transmuting that person’s energy to a higher level. Uplifting of energy can always be done if the person puts effort to it. If you feel like that is too much work on your part, it is important to just vibe with the same energy frequency to preserve your own. 

7. The Law of Cause and Effect

To be taken quite literally, the Law of Cause and Effect is all about knowing that your actions have corresponding reactions. Nothing is ever done without a consequence.

Just like the concept of karma in Eastern practices, everything you do will always find its way back to you. You may not always notice it, but the energy you put out to the world will somehow affect you in return.

8. The Law of Compensation

Quite similar to the Law of Attraction and the Law of Cause and Effect, this Law of Compensation is another emphasis on how things will always find their way back to you.

law of cause and effect

However, this specific law talks about how you are going to be rewarded proportionately. This means that your rewards depend greatly on how you have lived your life.

For example, a person may amass a lot of wealth beyond what he/she deserves. This is not a proportionate reward.

Because he/she has taken more than what’s supposed to be given, this excess wealth will surely pose some problems in the future. You only reap exactly what you sow.

9. The Law of Relativity

The Law of Relativity tells us that each entity in this world is neutral, until they are put together. Think of two apples in separate boxes. Each apple has its own neutral characteristics –maybe apple A is big and apple B is small.

However, when you put them side by side, you can already give your own interpretation that apple A is bigger in relation to apple B. Nothing is inherently good or bad until we correlate them.

This law is all about being multi-perspective. This means that you should always seek explanations using different lenses. You might think that you’re poor, but it’s only because you are surrounded by wealthy friends.

With the Law of Relativity, you have a wider view of any situation, thus leading you to handle it better.


10. The Law of Polarity

When you hear about the Law of Polarity, it is important to remember its main message that everything in this universe has its own opposite. Good, bad. Love, hate. Up, down.

This is especially helpful in times when you feel like everything is going downhill in your life. The Law of Polarity will help you realize that it can’t rain forever. You will always find a silver lining because that’s how the universe works. Sadness today, happiness tomorrow.

Think of all the hurdles you have overcome. Think of all the times you thought you couldn’t make it. But here you are, still here. This is because the universe always has the best things waiting for us. We only need to live in determination and pure conscience.

11. The Law of Rhythm

The Law of Rhythm focuses on cycles. It teaches that just like nature, everything in our lives has its own season. Consequently, it tells us that nothing is permanent as well. From nature to our own selves, we are all bound to undergo changes.

This is why we are always reminded to cherish the present. So learn to always appreciate the good things that you have now, but never hold on to it. In the same way, the bad things in your life right now are only temporary. Let go.

Since cycles are a natural part of our lives, you also have to take note that you can never stay the same way you are right now. Somewhere, somehow, you will change.

You will change your style, you will change your beliefs, you will change your ways. Just make sure that with every change comes more maturity.

12. The Law of Gender

The Law of Gender tackles the two major types of spiritual energy: masculine energy and feminine energy (yin yang or anima and animus).  This universal law encourages us to balance these two energies within us.

law of gender, law of polarity, anima and animus, yin and yang

Having an overflow of one energy over the other is something that we need to address immediately. The balance (and the lack thereof) between the masculine and the feminine energy is a main determinant on whether we can become fully realized individuals or not.

This balancing can be quite a task especially that we live in a patriarchal society. We have always been told to be strong and not show emotions. Machismo has been a standard for strength.

However, know that there is also strength in being emotional, in being sensitive and in being caring. These are not characteristics that are only expected of females. After all, a good character knows no gender.

Applying the 12 Laws of the Universe to Your Life

Now that you already know the 12 spiritual laws of the universe, it is important to know that applying them to your life does not mean strictly going by the books.

What’s important is that you fully understand the concept behind each law. This will allow you to personalize them in a way that tailor-fits your situation.

Remember that all of these laws are made to complement each other, so feel free to use a combination of two or more when dealing with a problem. 

What’s your favourite law of the universe? Share it with us in the comments below!


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