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September 22, 2020

How To Awaken Your Divine Masculine


We’ve all heard of the Divine Feminine and the qualities of female energy, but not much is said about the Divine Masculine. This is because history-wise, people have portrayed male energy as overpowering and stern.

We grew up with the notion that the full potential of male energy can only be seen in dominating.

This is the same notion that reinforces things like patriarchy and misogyny in our society today. From dictators to abusers, these perpetrators are largely men.

What is the Divine Masculine?

Some masculine energy traits include being protective, grounded, leading, and brave. When you think of the greatest men in history, or even just the good men in your life, you will notice that there are similar traits that they share.

sacred masculine, masculine energy traits

These men are usually the best people to rely on because they are responsible and stable. They make you feel secure even without words.

Most often than not, they are not expressive but when they speak, their words carry so much weight. They are your protectors.

So, is masculine energy inherently evil?

No, but because of its strong nature, it is susceptible to abuse. It is important to know, however, that the true masculine energy never seeks to overpower anything or anyone.

The Divine Masculine complements the Divine Feminine. Instead of domineering, this energy is all about stability, support, and strength. If female energy is leaning towards emotions, male energy complements it by leaning more to logic.

This is how the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine work. Although many people mistakenly see them as two opposing energies, they are actually meant to complement each other.

Is masculine energy only found in males?

Just as how the Divine Feminine resides in each of us, we all have the Divine Masculine within our spirits too. We are all created with these two amazing energies inside us; we only need to find the right balance between them.

When you are told that you are “too feminine” or “too masculine”, chances are you probably haven’t explored the other energy yet. Remember that the true spiritual awakening lies in harnessing these energies equally.

Why You Need to Awaken Your Divine Masculine

There are a lot of benefits in awakening the Divine Masculine within you. When you get past the idea of the polarity between male and female traits, you will notice that this sacred masculine energy has so much help in store for you. 

awaken divine masculine

You become more assertive. Becaus masculine energy is naturally leading, tapping into it makes you feel more confident about yourself. It strips you off of your hesitance when it comes to having the upper hand. You will find yourself taking more initiative when it comes to group tasks. Lastly, you will have more courage to say what you want, instead of keeping ideas to yourself in fear of rejection.


Setting boundaries gets easier. Feminine energy is inherently caring, so it might be hard for you to say no to people if your masculine energy is not awakened. Your masculine energy helps you to see things beyond emotions. You get so much mental clarity to do the logical thing: putting yourself first. It’s not that masculine energy isn’t kind, but that it knows that you need to take care of yourself first before being able to take care of other people.

You become less sensitive. Digging deeper into the emotional balance this energy brings, the Divine Masculine makes you process feelings in a less sensitive way. When faced with conflicts, you become more objective with your decisions instead of basing everything on your current emotion. The Divine Feminine can be soft, so it need masculine energy to integrate a certain level of logic with your emotions.

8 Ways to Awaken Your Divine Masculine

sacred masculine, masculine energy traits

#1 Examine Your Idea of Masculinity

To awaken your sacred masculine energy, you need to go back to the idea of masculinity within yourself, your family, and your community.

Understandably, the concept of manhood differs from culture to culture. We all grew up with various ideas of what a “real man” is, but we share some universal perceptions such as being strong, powerful, and protective. 

Now that you’re on your journey to awakening your Divine Masculine, it is imperative that you perceive masculinity without bias and prejudice.

Gone are the days when men are expected not to cry, or when they couldn’t be told to help out with the household chores.

As you go along, you will see manhood in a different light. You will realize that being a real man is not all about machismo. 

#2 Explore the Concept of Fatherhood

Another concept that you need to examine is fatherhood. What is a father to you? What traits should a man possess to be considered a good father? How is your relationship with your father?

divine masculine, fatherhood

These are just some of the most important questions that you need to ask yourself to determine how you view fatherhood.

If you do not have a father figure, or your relationship with your father is damaged, you need to heal from these wounds to be able to develop your Divine Masculine.

You need to create a space in your heart where there is no resistance to masculinity.

#3 Be Action-Oriented

The Divine Masculine loves action. It encourages people to move and work for things that will benefit them.

A life full of stagnancy is a life without the sacred masculine energy. Real masculinity is all about being assertive with the things that you want in life.

It does not tolerate passiveness.

To strengthen your Divine Masculine, you should find the courage to jump onto opportunities left and right. Yes, you need to become a go-getter like never before. 


#4 Take on Leadership Roles

Now that you know how the Divine Masculine hates stagnancy, you need to learn how to always take the initiative.

Sacred masculinity grows in situations where you lead. It is because the Divine Masculine is a giver. It likes being able to contribute and be of help to other people.

To some extent, you can relate this to how we perceive men as providers. Because masculine energy dislikes being unused, it always finds a way to provide even just a small help to anyone.

This active nature makes leading a pack an easy task for you.

#5 Build an Expertise and Stick to It

Real masculinity is all about growth and development. If you want to awaken your Divine Masculine, you need to persevere in excelling in your chosen field – or it doesn’t even have to be a field!

You can pick a single skill and hone it until you become an expert at it. It doesn’t matter which skill or what it is for.

The key here is to use your masculine energy to propel you into sticking to a goal or a program that will benefit you in the future.

As you awaken your Divine Masculine, you will find yourself always aiming for greater heights because self-growth has surely become a priority.

#6 Develop Your Self-Confidence

Confidence is expressed in various ways. It can be seen from your words, your actions, or even just from your posture. Masculine energy manifests the most in these three.

full moon ritual, full moon rituals, lighting candle, light candle ritual

When you speak and act confidently, it shows people that there is strength in carrying yourself. You should be able to present yourself in a way that captures respect and even admiration among the people around you.

So, stand tall. Talk big. Act confident. Developing your self-confidence is key in developing your Divine Masculine. 

#7 Learn Accountability

Real masculinity does not resist accountability. Because masculine energy is a leader by nature, you should also learn how to be responsible for your decisions.

The Divine Masculine does not make anyone perfect, but it teaches you the importance of owning up to your shortcomings. Playing the victim in any situation is a big no-no.

Knowing when to admit when you’re wrong is a vital part of awakening the Divine Masculine. As you learn to be accountable, you will realize that what’s more embarrassing than making a mistake is denying it.

#8 Embrace Femininity

You might be confused, what does femininity have to do with my Divine Masculine? As mentioned, your masculine energy is the other half of feminine energy within you.

divine feminine, divine feminine energy, what is the divine feminine, divine feminine archetypes

You cannot awaken the Divine Masculine if you still have skewed views about women. Real masculinity does not undermine the worth of any woman.

You need to realize that femininity is not a hindrance to your masculinity. Learn more about women. Learn about the value and function of femininity in our society. 

Are you ready to awaken your Divine Masculine? Tell us how you plan on tapping into your sacred masculine energy in the comments section below!

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