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June 5, 2020

How To Awaken Your Divine Feminine


Because of its gender-binary term, many of us assume that the Divine Feminine is an energy that can only be harnessed by females. No, this is not the case. The Divine Feminine resides in all of us, no matter what our gender subscription is.

It has only taken a backseat for hundreds of years because we have continued to live through a world dominated by masculine energy. 

What is the Divine Feminine, then? And why is it in need of such awakening?

The Divine Feminine energy takes the other half of the Spirit of Life. It represents your compassion, creativity, intuition and sensitivity. 

Think of mothers. They are nurturing, loving, and full of understanding. Mothers have heightened Divine Feminine energy to be able to tend to their children. Everything is seen through their caring eyes. 

This is a perfect example of the Divine Feminine energy.

In a patriarchal society however, these traits have always been considered as signs of weakness and vulnerability. This is why a lot of us try to suppress our Divine Feminine energy.

In a world where power has taken precedence over everything, these “soft” characteristics have inevitably lost its place.

Divine Feminine Vs. Divine Masculine

History tells us that the Divine Masculine has taken over our lives. It has been overpowering all of us, creating an imbalance between the two energies. It is important to note though that both of these energies are inherently neutral. It is the imbalance – the tug of power – that creates chaos between the two.

divine feminine, divine masculine

You’ve heard it a million times: too much of anything is bad. The overuse of the Divine Masculine energy has led us to become ruthless persecutors in times when all we needed to be was just. Our integrity has been replaced with pride and ego.  We mistake aggressiveness as courage – the list goes on. 

Underneath all these is our internalized machismo. 

We can only reach our maximum spirituality when we learn to balance the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. These two energies are meant to work in harmony and not to be pitted against each other.

If there is an oversupply of one energy, the only remedy is to reinforce the other – thus the need for the awakening of the Divine Feminine.

To illustrate further, let’s see how balanced and imbalanced Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine would manifest in people:

Divine Feminine (Imbalanced)Divine Feminine (Balanced)Divine Masculine (Balanced)Divine Masculine (Imbalanced)
plays victimintuitiveobservantjudgmental

Remember that the goal here is to let both energies complement each other. The more overshadowing one energy is, the more you will struggle with yourself and with your external relationships.


5 Ways to Awaken Your Divine Feminine

By now you’re certainly curious as to how you’re going to start this journey. Awakening the Divine Feminine within us can be quite daunting, but very achievable. All you need is an open mind and a hopeful spirit.

Let’s break it down into five easy steps.

#1 Acknowledge The Divine Mother Within You

Divine Mother, huh. The term might sound whimsical for most people, but acknowledging the presence of the Divine Mother is the first step to awaken your Divine Feminine. 

divine mother

If you’re familiar with Carl Jung, you might have heard of the concept of “archetypes”.  To put it simply, archetypes are the various sub-personalities of a person (Yes, we all carry more than one personality!). The Divine Mother is one archetype that is found in all of us, regardless of our gender.

To start, you need to visualize what kind of Divine Mother you think is within you. There are a lot of these Divine Feminine archetypes. Do you see your Divine Mother as the Ruler archetype (leader)? The Lover? The Hero?

Whichever Divine Feminine archetype you decide on, it is vital to connect with it by always bringing it to your consciousness.

Let this energy guide you, your words, your thoughts and your decisions.

#2 Embrace Femininity

This one can be tough as most of us grew up in an environment where masculinity has significantly shaped our beliefs.

We have set expectations on how femininity should be expressed.

And most often than not, our basis is superficial and biased. “Females should always be dolled up”. “They should not be physically and emotionally strong”. “Their main purpose in life is to bear children”. 

Acknowledging that there has always been oppression of the female energy is the first step to embracing femininity. Toxic beliefs and behaviors can always be reversed.

It doesn’t matter how you thought of women before. What matters is how you continuously educate yourself to view femininity with maturity.

Think of the female figures in your life. How have you treated them so far? Do you respect their energy? Do you draw inspiration from their energy? Do you feel any resistance towards them?

Start with these questions. Assess yourself, then plan on how to make more space for femininity in your life.

#3 Let Your Emotions Guide You

Being emotional has always been viewed as a negative trait. While to some extent oversensitivity can really pose problems, it is important to be aware of when and how to tap your emotions.


Suppressing your feelings is not cool. It is unhealthy. Know that when you deny yourself to feel things, you deny yourself freedom too.  

Another important thing is your intuition. Let your mind and heart feel things unconsciously. Acknowledge the fact that not everything needs reason.

Your resistance can block all the things that your gut feel may be telling you. Most often than not, your intuition is right. Use it. Trust it.  

#4 Connect With Your Body (Self-Love)

A part of loving yourself means being in tune with your body. You know its desires and its limits. You know how to nourish and protect it. You put value to it.


The Divine Feminine can only be awakened when the body becomes a temple to its energy. This means you welcome sensuality, compassion and adoration of self.

One way to exhibit your love for yourself and for your body is through self-love affirmations. Believe that you are enough.

You are worthy. You are someone who is set for greater things. Forget the cheesiness and the cringing, affirm yourself every single day!

#5 Honor Mother Earth

The last step to awakening your Divine Feminine is by paying great respect to our Mother Earth. You cannot go on with just developing yourself internally.

Planet Earth

Taking care of your body, connecting with your emotions, and even embracing femininity is nothing when you don’t acknowledge the importance of connecting with Mother Earth. 

As we are all born in her, it is our duty to protect her. It is our duty to preserve her beauty. It is our duty to adore her.

While letting yourself experience nature is one great way to connect with Mother Earth, the best thing is to still lead a lifestyle with responsible consumerism. That is, taking what you only need to reduce waste and promote sustainability.

What Happens When You Awaken Your Divine Feminine?

So, what should you expect when your Divine Feminine has been finally awakened? 

A transformation. A full 180.

Once you have awakened your Divine Feminine energy, expect that you can never return to the person that you once were. Now that you have learned to balance both your masculine and feminine energy, you are equipped with an unstoppable force of the Spirit of Life.

Navigating through this world is easier. There is comfort in your heart because you’ve gained so much knowledge within you.


An active Divine Feminine enhances your intuition. You are now able to feel things beyond their surface. You have the power to pick up a vibe just by arriving in a room. Needless to say, your instincts are magical.

Because your emotional intelligence is heightened, you also have greater compassion not only for others but ultimately for yourself. You see beauty in everything.

You feel a deeper spiritual connection with people and nature. Trust me, the world turns so much more beautiful with an awakened Divine Feminine.

Lastly, you are finally at peace. Your anxiety is significantly reduced because you now have a wider understanding of how the world works. You are able to accept how things are – whether something is for you or not.

You have the ability to let go. You are not concerned how you should be, you just are.

Living with an awakened Divine Feminine sounds exciting, right? We all deserve a life full of peace and love.

Are you ready to awaken your Divine Feminine? Let us know in the comments below!

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