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June 9, 2020

New Moon Rituals: 9 Tips To Manifest Love and Abundance


By learning these practical tips about new moon rituals, you can manifest love and abundance through the new moon’s power!

Symbolizing spirituality and intuition, the moon itself is often revered for its mystical power. With ancient civilizations looking up to it, its glory and power remain significant to spiritual practitioners and alike. 

As such, the moon, despite its distance to us, is viewed as an impeccable force that moves us.

Subtly changing our moods and inner thoughts, the moon’s gravitational pull is not only causing tides and waves in the ocean but also to our unconscious mind. 

Thus, learning to ride its tide is crucial – since knowing the moon’s power can bring abundance into key areas of our lives. 

With that, we’ll be imparting to you some key tips and tricks in harnessing the power of the new moon.

What is a New Moon Ritual?

Generally, there are 8 moon phases. With each of these phases, certain areas of the moon are highlighted, depending on where we are.

what is a new moon ritual, new moon meaning, new moon ritual definition

It is believed that these different phases carry varying meanings and energies with them. Thus, knowing what to do on a specific phase allows you to harness the moon’s current power. 

In this case, we ask: what do we need to do when the new moon phase is up

Before we answer this question extensively, let us first explore what a new moon actually is. 

The new moon is a lunar phase that happens when the moon is in conjunction with the sun, making it invisible from the earth.

As little to no light reflects, the naked eye is unable to see the magnanimous beauty of the moon. 

In spirituality, this lunar phase is known to be equally at par with a full moon’s energy and potential.

Although they are different in terms of how you should harness them, their influence can be life-changing if you know how to properly channel their power. 

With that, the new moon phase is the power of new beginnings.


Thus, when the new moon is up, you should focus on manifesting aspects of your life in which you wish for a fresh start. As such here are some of the most commonly desired areas of human existence:

  • Romantic Relationships – the new moon is a great opportunity to hit that reset button or begin new connections! 
  • Career Opportunities – yes, this phase offers a perfect start to lock-in on that shift you’ve been eyeing for. 
  • Health and Wellness – thinking of enrolling in a gym? Now is a perfect time! 
  • Passions and Hobbies – want to learn how to play the piano but was hesitant ever since? Take advantage of the new moon! 

New Moon Rituals and Romance

As you may have observed, the new moon and romance are strongly intertwined above all the other pursuits that we can think of. 

In general, the moon is strongly linked with intuition and emotions. 

Manifesting our deepest desires, the moon’s power can amplify or even begin our romantic journey in life.

As it brings to the surface how we really feel about things, its overarching presence forces us to be true to what’s deep inside our hearts. 

And given its unique power, the new moon creates unparalleled opportunities to fall-in-love or reset one’s relationship.

With that, if you are seeking to open up your romantic pathways and finally take that leap of faith with someone, then the new moon phase is the perfect time for you.

Paired alongside new moon rituals and abundance manifestation techniques, you’ll bring yourself closer to that romance that you’ve been dreaming of! 

9 Tips To Make Your Own New Moon Rituals

In order to properly take advantage of the new moon and its power to bring fresh beginnings in your life, you have to make your own new moon rituals. 

new moon ritual tips

While there are a lot of new moon rituals available out there, making one doesn’t necessarily mean starting from scratch. Instead, what it means is that you can handpick certain new moon rituals and practices to form your own ritual set.

This creates a different effect on how you manifest your intentions. Instead of simply following traditional ways, the creation of your own handpicked set means that you’ll have a more personal touch in your new moon rituals. 

With that, we’ll be suggesting some tips to create your own set of new moon rituals! 

New Moon Ritual Tip #1: Identify a worthwhile intention

Like our first tip, this is perhaps the most overlooked yet essential thing to focus on when creating your own new moon ritual.

While it is true that the ritual is comprised of practices that will help manifest abundance in a key area of your life, most of us often miss the point – that abundance should not be attracted to unworthy areas. 

For instance, using the new moon to attract positivity in the area of luck can be a ‘not so’ worthwhile intention.


When we try to attract something positive in our lives, we seek growth. But do we grow when we’re hoping for a miracle with our Powerball ticket? 

While it is true that you may use the new moon to attract that luck, in the process of doing so, you are feeding something that’s not worthwhile. 

Thus, it is important to assess what our intentions are and vet if it is something that’s going to bring long term good to us. 

New Moon Ritual Tip #2: Lighting a Candle

In case you haven’t noticed, one thing that sets the new moon apart from other phases is that the moon itself is not visible from your own naked eye.

As no light reflects through it during this period, it may seem absent. However, in reality, this represents a tabula rasa, or what we call as a blank slate. 

With this blank slate period, we can create anything we want. 

But can we do so in the absence of light? 

By lighting a candle during this phase, we allow ourselves and our intentions to be illuminated. In doing so, we ourselves are attracting positivity and change, something that brings growth in our lives. 

Thus, make sure to include candle rituals in your personal set of new moon rituals! 

New Moon Ritual Tip #3: Randomly Open yourself to Others

Known to be the perfect time to begin relationships, the new moon phase will open opportunities like no other. As it allows you to spark those new beginnings, invitations left and right will be an unexpected present for you. 

But the question is: are you ready for it? 

True enough, most of us fail simply because we don’t open ourselves to others. Instead of including this in their actual new moon rituals, they simply forget to go out or open themselves to others. What beginners do instead is to focus on doing new moon rituals at home. 

While healing crystals with salt and candle rituals will definitely help, don’t forget to do what works! 

New Moon Ritual Tip #4: Preparing your Personal Space

Often perceived as an underrated tip, the preparation of one’s area for meditation rituals is a crucial note in order to ensure that the manifestation goes as planned.

When one’s area is secured and prepared, unnecessary distractions won’t occur. Thus, it is important to make sure that you have your own bases secured. 


With that, here are some tips to prepare your own personal space: 

  • Make sure to prepare all the necessary materials like mats, candles, flowers, healing crystals, etc., beforehand. You don’t want to interrupt yourself in the middle of the ritual just to get that matchstick, right? 
  • Secure your personal space. Whether it is a room or the attic of your house, choosing a secluded space prevents intruders from disturbing you midway. 
  • If done outdoors, make sure that you remain undisturbed. For some, doing outdoor rituals is better since it allows you to connect with nature. But if your neighbor is having a party, perhaps another kind of energy will be attracted instead! 
  • If done indoors, select a space that has access outside, preferably a room with a window. In manifesting rituals, it is important to prioritize the entry of energy. Otherwise, only trapped negative energy will be absorbed. 
  • Prepare your list of intentions, write them down. While mental memory is good, having that list is crucial in ensuring that nothing is missed out. 

New Moon Ritual Tip #5: Preparing Yourself

While tip #4 focuses on setting the mood and ensuring that everything is there, tip number five is equally, if not, more important than that.

To prepare oneself means that you are in a proper disposition to do your new moon ritual. Meaning, you must free yourself from prior engagements and preoccupations so as to ensure that you are properly channeling the moon’s energy.  

With that, here are some tips to prepare yourself: 

  • Do not set prior appointments. 
  • Focus on your intention and try to picture it out in your mind even before the ritual begins. This will help in having a more vivid image of the manifestation itself. 
  • Try beginning something new. Don’t focus on your hang-ups. Instead, seek the future and the gift that is in store for you. 
  • Do prior meditations. Whether it’s Zen meditation or chakra meditation, these spiritual techniques will help you maintain that proper disposition. 

New Moon Ritual Tip #6: Carefully select your Spiritual Items

Like the witches in the classic T.V. series Charmed, having the right items in doing your new moon rituals is crucial in casting the correct manifestation spells. With that, some items are better than others, depending on the intention that you are holding. 

Thus, here are some common spiritual items that you can include in your sacred space: 

  • Roses: mostly for love rituals, roses symbolize one’s pure and unconditional intentions. By having this in your own customized ritual, it will be easier to attract lovers. 
  • Coins: like roses, coins are strong symbolizers of money and wealth. If you are seeking a strong career or business boost, you can never go wrong with having these on your tab. 
  • Healing Crystals: with each crystal having its own unique property, carefully selecting which ones to include in your new moon meditation is key in ensuring its success. (this will be discussed later)
  • Salts/Salt baths: known to repel negative energy, salt is an essential spiritual tool to ensure that you are in a primal state of purity. By immersing yourself and your space in it, it becomes easier for you to attract what you want. 

New Moon Ritual Tip #7: Make use of Healing Crystals

If you are a new age spirituality practitioner, then I presume that you are already familiar with healing crystals. Playing an indispensable essential role in attracting energies of sorts, these crystals will bring good energy depending on your intention. 

Now, we can’t go over all the healing crystals, but one hack to do it is to tell its general meaning by its color. With that, here are the universal color interpretations

  • Red: the basic life force
  • Blue: communication and delivery
  • Green: calmness and inner peace
  • Black: removal of negative energies
  • Pink: love and romance
  • White: clarity of perspectives
  • Violet: higher self
  • Orange: creative and sexual energies
  • Yellow: willpower and courage

Thus, depending on your intention, pay attention to the meaning of these crystals as you include them. 

New Moon Ritual Tip #8: Make use of Sound 

Apart from being a great mood setter, sound itself plays a vital role in ensuring that we are in the proper mental state.

Since sound is delivered through radio waves, its energy will inevitably penetrate our own subconscious mind without us noticing it.

Thus, setting the sound is crucial if you want to fully harness the new moon’s power. As your ritual is cradled on the universal energy music, it becomes far more potent compared to a standard silent ritual. 

New Moon Ritual Tip #9: Utilize oils to induce a good smell

Just like in traditional spirituality, making use of incense provides strong energies to the higher self. In the same way, if you want to induce the power of the new moon through these rituals, it is important to make use of essential oils since each oil can have a different meaning and purpose. 

Just like in the practice of Ayurveda, taking into account whether to use Chamomile or Lavender is crucial, depending on your intention. With that, here are the most common oils and their respective meanings: 

  • Lavender: For higher self
  • Rose: for love and romance
  • Chamomile: for peace and serenity
  • Hyssop: for illnesses 
  • Ylang-ylang: for building one’s self-esteem
  • Cedarwood: for attracting personal beauty

With that, we’ve imparted 9 new moon ritual tips. Use these suggestions to build your own customized new moon rituals, which will make you feel safe, at home, and comfortable! 


What to Avoid During a New Moon

While we’ve stated the things that you have to do when doing new moon rituals, it is also important to point out the things that you have to avoid along the way.

new moon ritual

By taking note of these common blunders, you are able to maximize the harnessing of the new moon’s energy. 

1. Avoid Negativity

This first tip can’t be stressed enough. Avoiding all sorts of negativity is the most important thing in order to ensure that you are on the right track. 

When your subconscious mind is filled with negativity, it will struggle to harness the power of new beginnings. Preempted by anxiety and distrust, these energies will hamper your progress even before it started

With that, here are some things to take note of:

  • Avoid anxieties and worries – like sitting on a rocking chair, this won’t help you move forward
  • Let go of items of the past – especially for those seeking new relationships, mementos from your exes will only hold you back.
  • Do not listen to your doubters – while doing a new moon ritual, it is never wrong to share it with others. However, they may easily throw their unwarranted comments and bring you down. 

2. Avoid Energy Suckers

Whereas the main goal of new moon rituals is to attract positive energy, allowing energy suckers to retain will only compromise all your efforts.

As such, being mindful of these energy suckers is one way to ensure that you are on the right track. 

For instance, this applies when you allow yourself to be distracted by the current technologies that we have.

In the same way, hanging out with friends who constantly consume your positive energy is also another way to block what’s coming. 

Thus, ensuring that you are free from these distractions is essential in moving forward. 

Final Word

Doing new moon rituals is entirely up to you. As you can see in this article, harnessing its power relies on how much effort and concentration you dedicate to it.

After all, you cannot harness the new moon’s power unless you are in a proper disposition for change and progress. 

But as you create your own new moon rituals, this article will certainly help you tailor it in ways that you want.

Instead of simply following some guide online, having that personal touch and control will allow for a more genuine manifestation experience. 

With that, just remember to stop clinching on the past. If you are yearning for something that you’ve lost, then it simply means that you are still lost. Instead, focus on what’s new that’s coming to your life!  


Do you have a favourite new moon ritual? Share it with us the comments below!

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