January 11, 2019

Horoscopes Love Predictions for 2020


To begin our horoscope love predictions 2020 article, nothing beats starting with the age-old and eternally popular horoscopes prediction.

Describing horoscopes as such would be an understatement. This is perhaps because nothing truly rivals the relevance of its predictions. Based on constellations, which are largely regarded for divinity, horoscopes are accepted as a staple in a cosmic understanding of life.

Given this context, we will then be exploring the power of birth chart compatibility and how it can help us understand the path of love for 2020.

Horoscopes Love Predictions 2019 - aries


Bearing the emblem of the ram, Aries comes first in our list of horoscope love predictions 2020. Aries is also a cardinal sign.

For people bearing the Aries sign, it definitely will be a good year for them. Whether single or in a relationship, 2020 promises a year for Aries to become the best that they can be.

Generally, it will be a great year for you to explore your options. Perhaps, this is that moment you are waiting for when you wanted to just go out there and get to know someone.

As for the planetary alignments, Jupiter, Aries’ planet of travel, will be staying with Sagittarius for quite some time this 2020. This is a good sign for you, telling you to go out, live, and explore what the world has in-store for you.

Another significant shift would be caused by the planet Uranus, the planet of change, as it will be moving away sometime in March. This shift signifies independence, challenging you to become better as an individual.

Given that this slow-moving planet has docked in your first house for the past seven years, it brought about change in the way you perceive yourself. Because of this, you have acquired a stronger sense of self, multiplying your attractiveness tenth-fold.

Lastly, around the third week of January, your fifth house will experience a lunar eclipse in Leo. This, as in old times, signifies a chance to meet someone special in your life – whether it be a new friend, lover, or family member.

Crystal Healing Stone: Sugar Dolomite

2020 can be a year of discovery for Aries. Particularly in the aspect of love, Aries has to explore and know more about the world. This quest will unlock the endless potentials that the world has in-store for Aries.

As such, this adventurous road of discovering one’s self and eventually the partner requires a crystal that is focused on self-discovery and balance.

Particularly, the sugar dolomite can be a good crystal to use as its spiritual aspect focuses on self-discovery. As it is a year of focusing on one’s self, it is crucial to select a stone that is strongly in-line with this intention.


Furthermore, it also has the power to bring balance and stability in the subconscious level. This is crucial as it will allow Aries to make the best moves in situations, including meeting and being with other people.

On the level of the conscious mind, sugar dolomite also contributes by enhancing commonsense. Such will allow Aries to make the obviously good choices instead of overthinking and making mistakes – a good point in love.

Horoscopes Love Predictions 2019 - taurus


The earth sign of the bull, Taurus, will have an ambivalent year – one that is filled with both perils and opportunities to find or maintain their loved one.

Uranus will be entering the first house of Taurus by March 7. This is in time with spring, an opportunity to blossom new relationships.

As interpreted and predicted by most astrologers, the planet of change can bring about crucial changes that can make or break people bearing this sign.

If you are single, Uranus will challenge you to explore the various aspects of yourself which can lead to greater self-understanding.

If you are in a relationship, such change may block your partner from recognizing you. However, change can either be bad or good. In the right way, change can bring a person to improve, just as a seed grows into a sprout.

Furthermore, if you are looking for someone to be with, make sure to begin the relationship right by capturing them with your vision and passion for something.

As Pluto (your planet which signifies love) will be working with Saturn, you are expected to become more responsible and caring to your partner. This means that you become sensitive to their needs and wants, making them feel more valued and special.

Also, you need to look for new ways to spark the fire with them, igniting the relationship and going away from the usual norm.

Lucky planet Jupiter will be with your ruling planet Venus by January 22 and November 24.

Both of them are good dates to remember and can bring good luck for love relationships of Taurus.

Crystal Healing Stone: Charoite

The key to success for Taurus’ love affairs this 2020 is to have that power to go through and conquer his/her challenges. With this, a good crystal to pair with Taurus’ fate would be Charoite.

On the onset, Charoite is known to have properties that help expand a person’s consciousness. As it affects the crown chakra, this can lead to empowerment of other chakras such as the heart chakra.


While on the spiritual level, Charoite is known to signify vigor and determination. This is necessary for Taurus’ love path this 2020 given the many challenges intra and interpersonally.

Also, in the subconscious levels, Charoite is working its way through by relaxing Taurus, and helping him overcome obsessions and struggles. This is a good complement for the stubborn nature of Taurus.

Furthermore, on the level of the mind, Charoite helps Taurus tackle and make important decisions. As the ego is the one in control, this crystal will aid in making the right choices. 

Horoscopes Love Predictions 2019 - gemini


Gemini, perhaps, is in luck this 2020. Jupiter, the planet of luck, will be spending seven months in your house of relationships.

Given that Jupiter is the planet of love for Gemini, it means that this planet will bring good luck to your ventures, including love.

So, if you have finally come to your senses, never think twice for 2020. Go out there and win that thing. Lady luck is on your side, placing you at a favorable place even when things seem cloudy.

If you are in a relationship, this year, perhaps, may be the best time to kick things on another notch – whether it be a new kid, a proposal, or transferring both to another country.

This year is a good year to make drastic changes in your relationship as you are within the graces of Lady Luck.

Venus, the planet of beauty, will also be by your side this 2020. Most especially between June and July, Venus will endow you with beauty, leaving your partner or suitors mesmerized.

Furthermore, Mars will also be entering your sign by the end of March. This will boost your confidence as an individual, as cosmic powers will give you that much needed push.

The key is in balancing yourself, given that these signs are too strong and might feign away your potential love. By becoming aptly open and vulnerable, you allow them to enter right through you.

Lastly, your fifth house will be joined by a new moon in Libra by the end of September. Mars, which governs pleasure, will be entering your fifth house by early October.

This will lead to more fruitful and passionate love experiences by then.

So, if you are libra, it is your time! Go out and bear fruit, take advantage of 2020 as your year of love.

Crystal Healing Stone: Amazonite


Amazonite or Feldspar is a teal-colored crystal which represents balance and stability.

Looking at Gemini’s 2020 love map, we can see that they have a lot of gifts in store for them. But just like the lotto winner who couldn’t handle his/her winnings, Gemini needs to strike that healthy balance.

On the spiritual level, Amazonite brings self-determination. This is crucial for Gemini given that they may be swayed at any moment away from their goal. By embodying the unconscious with self-determination, Gemini will be able to reap the benefits of 2020.

On the subconscious level, this crystal brings emotional balance. By being moderated, Gemini will be less prone in making mistakes that they could have otherwise avoided.

On the conscious level, harmony between intellect and intuition is something that it can contribute to. To think about love, it means that we have to be sensitive yet not simply let our emotions decide. 

Horoscopes Love Predictions 2019 - cancer


2020 can be a challenging year for Cancer given that its host planet, Saturn, which is naturally strict, will strongly influence your seventh house of love.

This means that as Cancer, you are likely to make strong rules and standards in your relationship, which can lead to stagnation and lack of spontaneity.

In the same way, this can also be equally positive given that rules can lead relationships to the right path – allowing it to be regulated.

Saturn will be staying until end of December for 2020. Limitations will be all over the place, making it difficult for you to open up and get comfortable with your partner while at home.

If you are single, you may unconsciously put up many big walls to your possible life partners. This means that you may begin making the list or criteria too long, making it overly difficult to open up.

Some eclipses will happen, particularly on January 20 in Leo and July 16 in Capricorn. These eclipses will impact those with partners the most, creating a vibe which seeks to cut-off unnecessary aspects of the relationship.

This can be a good opportunity to cut-off those excesses, such as bad habits and unnecessary actions. If you are a couple who loves to splurge beyond your means, this can be a good time to confront and change such.

An even more important date to remember is around June 14 to 19. This is crucial as Mars and Mercury will help you clarifying things that you need and want in your love life.

This will allow partners to craft the necessary boundaries while singles defining the rules barring suitors with ill-intentions.

Lastly, by the end of first week of March, Uranus will enter your eleventh house which signifies friendship. This is a good sign because it will unconsciously open up your social circle for the next seven years, you will be able to meet people who might be a perfect match.


Crystal Healing Stone: White Peace Agate

The path of the planets and the stars seem to make Cancer unconsciously place a barricade around them this 2020. In the same way, love seems to be directed at protecting the self.

In this case, the White Peace Agate can give Cancer a sense of inner peace and security. Such can be crucial to Gemini given that walls are to be in place, if not yet there.

The unconscious and spiritual level can be influenced by this crystal as it invokes calmness, peace, and self-confidence. This will allow Cancer to deal fairly with their walls – whether these are merely representations of their insecurities or real-problems that they have to be weary with.

While on the subconscious level, White Peace Agate contributes by strengthening inner composure. This allows Gemini to become kinder and sincerer, both of which are necessary in order to welcome new suitors in 2020.

Finally, on the conscious level, this crystal promotes tolerance and understanding, two qualities that are necessary given that Uranus is in the eleventh house of friendship.

Gemini should pay attention to how he/she can use these walls to one’s advantage. The white peace agate can definitely help with that.

Horoscopes Love Predictions 2019 - leo


For Leo, their planet of love, Uranus, will be moving from the ninth house of rebirth, to the tenth house of honors. Meaning, as Uranus will be staying there for the next seven years, it can be quite challenging for Leo to find or keep love this 2020.

Being in the house of honors, people bearing the Leo sign will be most passionate on their careers and individual development. If they feel forever stuck in their menial jobs, this might be the time span for them to finally take that risk forward.

If within a good job post, Leo won’t be shying away from the spotlight. Instead, for the next seven years, Leo will aspire for that promotion, like a lion conquering the savannah.

This can cause problems for love and relationships given the priorities of Leo. The good news is that Jupiter will inhabit the fifth house of pleasure until around the first week of December.

It is a good sign for love, allowing the possibility for Leo to explore love interests and enjoy the pleasures while busy in their life goals.

Both Venus and Jupiter will be together in Sagittarius on the early third week of January. This is a good sign, a time for Leo to explore love possibilities.

The astrological signs points towards the idea that Leo should explore not only the house of honor but also love this 2020! With Jupiter, Leo should also open up to the possibility of having a wild romance ride – as the rosy and red houses of pleasure is by their side.

Crystal Healing Stone: Richterite


Although Leo has a lot in their sleeves for their upcoming promotions and successes, love can be quite tricky for them this 2020.

This is because as Jupiter inhabits the fifth house of pleasure, Leo can be quickly torn between work and romance, promotion and pleasure.

Thus, it is crucial for Leo to have a broader perspective and a wiser mind. Richterite is a crystal that can help particularly in this category.

On the spiritual level, Richterite can specializes on wisdom and foresight. This is crucial for Leo as it brings more control to the upward rollercoaster of emotions that is about to come.

While on the subconscious level, Richterite can bring a good sense of timing. Most of the events in our life depends on divine timing, as it can play a crucial part to success. Knowing when to strike can be a make-or-break for Leo this year!

Finally, on the level of the mind and the conscious, Leo broadens one’s perspective and viewpoints. Both in career and love, a broader perspective is always a plus.

Richterite will allow Leo to maneuver smoothly this 2020, a year full of surprises and big life changes.

Horoscopes Love Predictions 2019 - virgo


A lot is in-store for Virgo this 2020, all of which can greatly impact their future love choices.

One particular event that they should pay attention to is the solar eclipse in Capricorn around the end of first week in January. This event will begin the spark of sorting out the important priorities for 2020, including love.

Another planetary movement will be by Neptune which will be headed to Virgo’s seventh house of relationships. This is crucial because Neptune is characterized as a dreamy planet.

This can greatly impact your future relationships, prompting you to dream and seek out deeper meaning in life including your relationships. Moving forward from superficial levels, Neptune can help you make your 2020 love more meaningful than ever.

If you are single, use Neptune’s intuition in order to find the perfect partner. Having a strong sense of intuition allows Neptune to feel out instead of making a clear-cut list of qualities to be sought for.

If you are already in a relationship, 2020 is a good time to further the meaning by building stronger foundations with your loved one. The Lucky planet of Jupiter will be travelling through your first house of the self and body, allowing a renovation.

Most astrologists suggest that this is a good time to build upon even the physical aspects of your house such as your living space.

The planet Saturn will also enter your fifth house of creativity and pleasure. This will be a good sign for love and making love this 2020.


If you aren’t dating anyone, it will be good time for you to entertain new people in your life. (yes, you need to get rid of the toxic ones)

But if you are already with someone, 2020 may be a good year for you to explore or even move to a new space with your partner.

Crystal Healing Stone: Apyrite (Tourmaline, Violet)

In 2020, Virgo will be experiencing a lot of changes in their lives, especially those of inner value. The landscape from which Virgo maneuvers can be quite confusing, to say the least.

As such, it is only necessary to utilize a crystal that can respond to these challenges – Apyrite. Coming from the tourmaline family, apyrite is not really that famous due to its scarce nature.

But despite such, it is known to bring wisdom on the spiritual level. This can have a big impact for Virgo given that these changes in their lives can devastate instead of improve Virgo’s love situation.

While on the subconscious level, Apyrite is known to promote peace of mind and optimism. In altering one’s environment, it is crucial for Virgo to note that inner peace and optimism can be defining points when one moves away from the familiar.

To add it all up, on the level of the consciousness, Apyrite can help solve problems by finding the right solutions. By harboring Apyrite, one is able to create the best and necessary choices in their love life.

Horoscopes Love Predictions 2019 - libra


2020 can be a great year for Libra given that Pluto, the planet of transformation, will be moving out of your eight house (of regeneration and sex). For the past seven years, Pluto has stayed there, making it difficult for Libra to fully unleash their potential.

Whatever Libra is enjoying or lacking right now, bearers of this symbol should take note that their full potential is yet to actualize. This means that changes might be possible, even more than what this section can give you an idea of.

Along with this exit, Uranus will be entering the same house by March 7. This means a lot because Uranus means change and originality will be brought upon the eight house.

Representing sexuality and intimacy, bringing positive change to the eighth house can translate into raising sexual activities to heights never before seen. Those with partners should take note and be cautious with this, even if it is generally a good sign.

Partners can explore new ways to enjoy sexual activity, experimenting on things that they didn’t originally do.

As for singles, Jupiter will be moving through Libra’s third house. By bringing luck, wisdom, and growth, lucky planet Jupiter will strongly affect the house of communication and thinking.

This has an implication to love and relationships given that it will allow singles to make their intentions clear to people around them. By having a clear mind and a direct way of expression, single Libras might just hit the jackpot.


In the same way, partnered Libras will also be able to express sexual changes that they want to happen with their partner in a clear manner. This will improve their overall relationship.

Healing Crystal Stone: Rose Quartz

One thing that we should note for Libra this year is that it will be prone to a roller coaster of events, over and above love.

Coming from the quartz family, this crystal is often used to provide clarity, particularly of the heart, given its rose color. Its healing properties can bring peace to inner and outer conflicts.

Spiritually, the rose quartz is known to bring sensitivity. Such quality can reap good results for Libra given that they are fated to venture into the sexual aspect of their relationships. Sensitivity is the necessary starting point for care. By being sensitive, one is able to show genuine love and affection to the other.

While on the level of the subconscious, the rose quartz is known to increase empathy and aid in sexual difficulties. While Libra is blessed in this aspect, it can also be a source of conflict. Constantly having rose quartz can be a reminder of relating to the other.

Lastly, on the level of the consciousness, rose quartz is a good source of clarifying the personal needs and desires of the other. Coming from the quartz family, this is a benefit expected from the rose quartz – to make intentions clear.

Horoscopes Love Predictions 2019-scorpio


For Scorpio, 2020 can be an exciting year! A lot of changes may happen due to two particular plants.

First, we can see that the planet of love, Venus, will be moving quickly through all the houses of Scorpio. This means that a lot of changes may happen along the way in a swift manner across one’s life.

With this, it can be expected that Scorpio will have their focus and attention constantly shifting. This can be quite challenging for those seeking a relationship. But for those already in a relationship, this shift can bring about an exciting journey.

Also, by the end of the first week of March, Uranus will be moving from the sixth house to the seventh house. Being there for quite some time, Uranus is expected to have brought change in your health.

Moving on, it now seeks to bring transformation to your seventh house of relationships, possibly making it a catalyst for something big.

Uranus will be staying there for the next seven years, so expect that change can go either way. By positively harnessing its transformative power, it can bring the signs that you are finally waiting for.

If you are single, both planetary movements are something to take advantage of. By having the cosmic power to move forward, Scorpio should take note of a few key indicators in order to improve how one communicates with another.

If you are partnered, you have to take note of these changes and be cautious with them unless you are in a bad relationship. If it is going strong, you might want to continually test its foundation just so to make sure that any changes will contribute to improvement instead of destruction.


Don’t worry, all of these changes are things that you can handle. Being mindful of them should be more than enough!

Crystal Healing Stone: Aragonite (Banded)

For 2020, change is the keyword for Scorpio. As Uranus will be staying in the seventh house of relationships, we can expect that a lot of changes can be expected. These changes can be life changing and devastating for Scorpio.

As such, Aragonite is an excellent crystal to utilize in order to calm the mind and settle disagreements. Given the transformative power of Uranus, a lot of conflict may come up. Scorpio needs an element that will minimize such.

First, on the spiritual level, Aragonite promotes growth and unburdens the soul. This is crucial in order to match the pace of growth that is expected in Scorpio.

Second, on the subconscious level, the transformative power of Uranus will greatly affect our expectations on our relationship status. Aragonite will help us live up to expectations, as it is one of its key qualities.

Third, on the conscious level, Aragonite also helps in granting focus despite tough situations. With all the conflict expected, particularly in the communication part, improved focus will allow us to focus on what the person wants to convey.

With these points, we’re hoping for a great love year for Scorpio this 2020!

Horoscopes Sagittarius


If you are born sometime around November 22 – December 21, this is definitely your year. 2020 has a lot in store for you, Sagittarius!

First, Jupiter will be traveling towards the first house of Sagittarius, one that represents mastery of the self.

This is a good thing for Sagittarius because they will be able to regain their happy and likeable self, one that they have lost in 2018 given that Uranus was present. By previously shedding-off things that they don’t like, Sagittarius is able to move forward.

Jupiter, representing luck and wisdom, will stay with the self, bringing luck and wisdom to Sagittarius!

If single, Jupiter will make cosmic forces favorable for Sagittarius, letting them meet the best of persons as they travel. (yes, 2020 is also a good time for Sagittarius to travel!)

If with a partner, make sure to enjoy traveling with them! Going out and exploring the world with your loved one can improve your relationship and bring a breath of cool breeze.

Uranus, the planetary symbol for transformation, will also be leaving your fifth house by the end of March first week. This will allow you to relax, as things begin to stabilize instead of constantly combating for change.


Lastly, the squaring of Venus and Jupiter in your own sign can signify an event which can spark some love interests. Sagittarius should pay attention on January 22 and November 24, as these are two dates which can be crucial for their love affair.

Crystal Healing Stone: Orange Carnelian

The orange carnelian is one of the more uncommon stones in this list given that it is not always available. But despite its increased rarity, its usability remains relevant, especially for Sagittarius this 2020.

Particularly on the aspect of love, we can expect Sagittarius to focus on the self in order to love others. As they say, loving one cannot give what one does not have. Sagittarius should take advantage of lucky planet Jupiter being in the first house, further boosting one’s self.

Orange carnelian is very much relevant in this case given that on the spiritual level, it boosts courage and will-power. By boosting both qualities, we can expect a vibrant Sagittarius coming out to date someone in 2020.

Moreover, the orange carnelian is also known to bring vigor, stability, and better mood on the subconscious level. This aids in stabilizing Sagittarius, making sure that they make the right choices.

Lastly, while contrasting, the orange carnelian is known to promote idealism and pragmatism, both of which can allow Sagittarius to handle affairs with a two-pronged approach as a unique edge.

With these qualities, the orange carnelian is sure to bring good qualities this 2020.

Horoscopes Capricorn


For Capricorn, 2020 will be a quite a ride given the many solar and lunar eclipses in their houses.

The planetary ruler of love for Capricorn will be undergoing three solar eclipses and two lunar eclipses. These events will lead to more of a personal change for Capricorn.

First, a partial solar eclipse will happen for Capricorn around the end of the first week of January. This will particularly happen at the eighth house, which is strongly linked to sex and intimacy.

Second, a solar eclipse will take place around the 2nd of July in Cancer, particularly on the third house of mind and communication. This will affect Capricorn’s finances with their partner.

Third, a final total solar eclipse will happen to your sign by December 26. This eclipse on the tenth house will affect issues of authority which can affect the relationship of partners.

As for the lunar eclipses, one will happen by January 20-21, particularly hitting the 8th house. Similarly linked to the other solar eclipse, this will bring about some issues of debt and negative entanglement. Such issues can potentially affect relationships.

Lastly, the second partial lunar eclipse will happen by July 16, particularly on your sign, signifying a shaking up of relationships and love associations with others.


Eclipses in houses generally mean that there will be a shaking-up of previously held values. With regard to love, Capricorn has to be particularly cautious in these changes.

By knowing the dates of the eclipses and the trend for love forecast, Capricorn can take advantage of knowing tendencies and protecting relationships from changes and sudden emergence of debts.

The planet of Uranus will be moving to the fifth house, signifying an innovation in children and true love on March 7. This can mean that the next seven years for Capricorn can be filled with life-altering events such as meeting true love or having a new member of the family.

Crystal Healing Stone: Vanadium Beryl

With all the destined eclipses for house Capricorn, love this 2020 might very well be an inevitable bumpy ride. But as they all say, challenges will bring better warriors. The same idea applies to Capricorn, who might emerge as an improved version after these seemingly endless struggles.

Vanadium Beryl is a crystal which brings the qualities of care and trust on the spiritual level. These qualities will help them not only relate to others but also relate to themselves which can be game-defining for their love affairs.

Also, on the subconscious level, such stone is known to bring courage in face of despair. With the gravity of the events to be faced by Capricorn, it is necessary to carry a stone that empowers one’s ability to face tough situations.

Finally, this crystal, on the conscious level, allows its user to go beyond boundaries and conquer the seemingly impossible situations. Eclipses are known to shake the situation of a person in ways that they wouldn’t expect. Such qualities allow us to respond in a similar manner.

Although Capricorn cannot escape these eclipses, it is also up to their own power how to deal with it. Having vanadium beryl definitely helps.

Horoscopes Aquarius


Similar with Capricorn, Aquarius is confronted by a number of eclipses this year. This means that a lot is in-store for Aquarius but needs wisdom and precaution in order to take advantage of these situations.

We need to take note that the personal planet of love for Aquarius is the Sun. So, any solar eclipses can shake-up the love and romance for Aquarius. They will have to closely pay attention how they will move forward.

First, on January 5, a solar eclipse will happen on the twelfth house. This means that a solar eclipse on the house of spirituality and the unconscious will question a person’s belief system – with love not being an exemption.

By January 20, a lunar eclipse in Leo or the fifth house. This will force single and partnered Aquarius’ to confront issues and facts with themselves and their partners. A lunar eclipse in the fifth house can mean that one is craving for change through recognition and development.

Early March is also a date that we have to pay attention about. Uranus will be arriving to your 4th house of self-care, home, and family. This will impact your love story more than you could ever fathom.

This is primarily because Uranus will be distorting the balance in this house, causing relationships to shake-up.


A key point to remember is that you simply have to accept this challenge as a day-to-day challenge, one that you can constantly battle with and is defeated not by a single choice but by a series of positive choices.

Crystal Healing Stone: Lapis Lazuli

One thing to ponder upon for Aquarius this 2020 is the shifts that are about to happen. But sometimes, giving too much thought on those things will only worsen the situation.

Thus, a good way to address it is by using a healing crystal that makes sure that most of these issues will be covered. The key word here is to focus on quality, as it will allow Aquarius to sort what’s good from bad.

With it, the lapis lazuli can bring the element of truth on the spiritual level, this crystal focuses on truth. By doing so, Aquarius is able to identify which path to take, as truth, no matter how much it hurts, is always more valuable than a convenient lie – an idea in line with Aquarius’ search for quality.

As a natural consequence, the subconscious level is also influenced by this crystal as it promotes sociability and friendship. Honest friends create quality bonds based on love.

Finally, on the conscious level, the lapis lazuli aids in the telling and accepting of truth, a key quality to make 2020 count given that Aquarius has to take advantage of these life-shaking events.

With these concepts, we hope Aquarius is able to surf through 2020 with meaning.

Horoscope Aries


The last symbol that we will be discussing is none other than Pisces. 2020 can be a confusing year for Pisces, but most of it depends on how the individual steers through.

The stars and planets are telling us that this might be quite of a problematic year for Pisces given that the seventh house of love is inhabited only by the fastest planet – Mercury.

Being one of the small moving plants, Mercury is the fastest, meaning motion can bring about swiftness and unnecessary change.

Pisces, then, will have quite a hard time dealing with this, making it quite troublesome to prepare and create plans with someone else.

Despite such, Pisces should take note that on March 24 to 31, Mercury will be squaring with Neptune. This is a good sign for singles to meet new people with the same wavelength.

Furthermore, March 7 is a crucial date to take note for Pisces given that Uranus, the planet of transformation or change, will be moving towards the third house. This means that Pisces will indeed have to face changes towards communication.

Such planetary movement is crucial as it brings you new ways to communicate yourself and thus, new ways to get to know others. Uranus will be staying there for seven years so Pisces should be open to change.


One thing to take note of for Pisces is that there will be a series of retrograding by Mercury. This is commonly known and understood as a negative sign in astrology. When Mercury retrogrades, a lot of negative stuff may possible happen, such as those that you don’t really expect them to.

For instance, cars and computers may suddenly break or unexpected bad weather can happen on a garden wedding.

Pisces has to be cautious of planet Mercury in order to protect their interests of love this 2020.

Crystal Healing Stone: Gold Quartz (Tiger’s Eye Quartz)

The Mercury retrograde for Pisces can be quite a problem if left unaddressed. As popularized in media, never do anything during a mercury retrograde. As such, people are often advised to keep it low and stay away from big things as there’s a good chance that unfavorable events may happen.

But such warnings should not stop Pisces from moving forward. Apart from love, a lot is still in-store for Pisces, events that this house should take advantage of.

Given this context, Pisces must move forward with clarity and courage, qualities that are fused within the Gold Quartz.

First off, the gold quartz will allow Pisces to assert themselves. Situations may not necessarily favor them, but it doesn’t mean that they are wrong. If they let situations to be determined by destiny, then they would only lose grip of themselves.

Secondly, the subconscious level of Pisces can be improved by this stone as it will aid in difficulties through hope and courage. A lot of storms may come, but Pisces will be able to wither them marvelously as they are equipped with this stone beside them.

Lastly, on the level of the conscious, this stone helps digests impressions and focus on fundamentals. The key to solving problems, most of the time, is to go back to the fundamentals, which can be crucial in making the right choices.


The stars and the planets have a lot in store for us, especially in love, for 2020. But we have to remember that these predictions are not absolute and are only warning signs for us.

After all, loving and meeting someone is not merely an act of fate and destiny.

If you are destined to meet that person, it takes action by going out of your room and dressing up to go to that random café where you’d eventually meet the one you’re waiting for.

You can gain more insights into what lays ahead of you this 2020 by keeping up with your daily horoscope readings, and also by requesting your free birth chart interpretation!

You must understand that we still have the power to define 2020 for ourselves, but in defining it, looking at your fate can be useful. As a matter of fact, most sections for it are ambivalent and dependent on individual’s action.


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