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June 12, 2018

Different Phases Of The Moon


Our ancestors relied heavily on the movement of the stars, planets and phases of the moon to tell them the secrets of the universe. Every night, wise leaders would sit out and look at the stars, seeking answers. Today, it can be harder to see the stars and the moon thanks to bright city lights and more time spent indoors.

However just because you can’t see the planets doesn’t mean they don’t affect you. The phases of the moon are a regular 29-day cycle that can dictate your mood, the best time to start or stop a project, and more.

New moon

The new moon can seem unsettling, but it is actually the best time of the moon cycle to try a new thing. When there is a new moon, it’s time for new beginnings. As you move forward in your experiment, the moon will guide you and keep you company.

Crescent moon

A waxing moon is a moon that is getting brighter. Waxing moons can be anything from the faintest sliver of moon to a quarter crescent that starts to light up the sky. As the moon continues to wax, you may notice a need for reassurance and security.

First quarter moon

When the moon is half-full, it is a first quarter moon. This phase of the moon can have a lot of disruptive energy, encouraging you to shake things up and try a new approach to your everyday activities. This energy can be a little anxiety-inducing since change can bring positive or negative feelings.

Gibbous moon

The gibbous moon is three-quarters full and encourages you to learn and seek out new truths and understanding. During this moon phase, you may find yourself questioning how things work and why they happen. Use this energy for positive change!

Full moon

Full moons can feel powerful because of the cool, bright light they give off. During the full moon phase, you may find you don’t sleep as well, and you even wake up in the middle of the night when the moon is brightest. During this phase, you may feel the most in touch with your natural instincts. This is a good time of the month to focus on your desires and foundation.

Waning gibbous moon

The waning moon moves from full to three-quarters full, so it is getting darker every night. During this time, you should focus on taking the knowledge from the previous part of the moon cycle and applying it to your life.

Last quarter moon

At this point, the moon is only half full and getting darker every night. Since there is less light from the sun, this is a sign to start focusing on your natural light to guide you in your decisions. Take the intuition you honed during the full moon and apply it.

Waning crescent moon

In the final phases of the lunar cycle before the next new moon, you may feel that you have to complete projects quickly. Use this time to release the past and move forward into your new cycle. This natural end of a cycle also signals a new beginning.

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