February 25, 2020

What’s behind your Recurring Dreams?


Understanding the nature of dreaming is often a tricky task. With the sheer complexity of dream state, there can be a plethora of ways to interpret even a single symbol in one’s dream. 

As such, systematically approaching dream interpretation is one of the best ways to properly address this problem. By knowing how to interpret each dream according to their intended meaning and purpose, one is able to arrive at a more accurate conclusion. 

 With that, in this article, we’ll be answering one of the most crucial points in dream interpretation – recurring dreams. By knowing the meaning of our recurring dreams, we get to have a better grasp of things and how to interpret them. 

What are Recurring Dreams?

 Basically speaking, recurring dreams are ones that constantly repeat over a long period of time. As such, this simple definition doesn’t seem to amount much. But in particular, what we are talking about here are specific symbols that make an impression on you. 

 In this case, we can arguably say that dreaming of a pathway is very common in most of our dreams to the point that it is technically recurring. More often than not, a pathway is part of one’s dream as it signals a direction and one’s journey – life itself. 

recurring dreams

But examining this reality, it isn’t always the case that we get to have a strong resonance with this symbol. In fact, we get to experience this symbol even in small dreams, or the ones that we don’t really remember or even recognize. 

 In this case, even if symbols were to recur in small dreams, they don’t really have that much of an impact on our psyche. Instead, as Jung pointed out when dreaming, what we should be concerned about are big dreams – the ones that make a long and lasting impression on us. 

In this case, if you were to dream of a pathway with big dreams, then perhaps the pathway symbol should be given much importance and value. Instead of being segwayed and sidelined, pointing out a possible interpretation helps in understanding the value of the pathway. 

 However, for it to become a recurring dream, you must constantly experience this symbol. Unconsciously, your mind shows you images in your dreams, which most likely reflect your fears, doubts, desires, or even future paths. By repeatedly showing you the same symbol, isn’t it a way of the unconscious to communicate with you?

The Value of Recurring Dreams – A Communication with the Unconscious

 In one of my recurring dreams, I always see the imagery of the moon and the meteor. As significant elements in understanding my psyche, the moon and the meteor are elements that constantly appear in my dreams over time. And when I say over time, I mean years of consistent re-appearance. 

As such, these symbols usually appear when something big is happening in my life. Like a month before things happen, these symbols suddenly appear in my dreams as if telling me about a fortuitous event. 

 With that, I can classify these symbols as part of my recurring dreams. By carefully observing their effects in real life, I get to know what they are trying to communicate. 

Breaking down this simple example, meteors are often associated with catastrophic change, while the moon reflects spirituality and intuition. As such, when I dream of them, I take these universal interpretations as ways to associate the value of these symbols. 


 In general, dreams can mean one of these three things – first, it can be a reflection of your shadow, second, it can be a foreboding, or third, it can be a reflection of your desire. 

 As such, you are interpreting your recurring dreams should be systematically assessed based on these three points. For the first point, it basically covers your repressed thoughts and feelings. Were you guilty about how you left your ex-lover recently? Then perhaps dreaming of meteors reflects your desire for change. 

In the same way, are you longing for change in your life? Something that you’ve been waiting for in a while now? Then perhaps the meteors symbolize an upcoming shaking of things which will grant you the opportunity to make something out of it. 

Thus, carefully assessing the possible meaning of the recurring symbol or dream itself will help you process it. Being a wonderful resource, these dreams can become the very foundation of your self-development or self-reconciliation, if you know how to make use of them. 

Final Word

 In this brief article, we’ve examined the power of recurring dreams and their possible effects on our lives. By taking into consideration how consistent symbols can be interpreted, we get to have a new way of looking at things – one that transcends all forms of bias and thought. 

Because dreams in themselves can be mystical, their value should never be limited to the ones that we already know. But because their constant re-appearance seems to give us something to chew on, knowing its possible value is key to moving forward. 

If you are really serious in interpreting the meaning of your recurring dreams, I suggest that you learn more about dream journaling and dream interpretation. 

By learning about dream journaling, you’ll get to have a systematic way of recording your dreams. Instead of simply relying on your vague and transient memories, taking note of practical ways can help you move forward. 

More importantly, paying attention to universally acknowledged dream meanings and symbols allows you to make sense of dreams even further. Since the symbols you experience are also things that other people had in their dreams, familiarizing yourself with the collective meaning is key in moving forward. 

With that, we hope and wish you the best in your journey onwards!

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