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December 29, 2020

13 Sacred Geometry Symbols & Their Meanings


What Is Sacred Geometry?

Sacred geometry symbols are known as ancient shapes and patterns that are believed to represent all living things.

These symbols are regarded as the most perfect/divine shapes because they are regarded as the blueprints of many life forms in the universe.

Also dubbed as the language of the gods, these sacred symbols are also a depiction of everything that is mystical and abstract in this world.

13 Sacred Geometry Symbols

#1 The Flower Of Life

flower of life, sacred geometry

First on our list of sacred geometry symbols is the Flower of Life. This symbol contains all necessary information about every living thing in this world. Moreover, it depicts the interconnectedness of all life forms.

It shows how humans are nothing but complements to other life forms, and vice versa. This reminds us that everything in this universe is molded from a single life blueprint. 

The Flower of Life has overlapping seven symmetrical circles to the shape of a flower. Many people believe that this formation represents the growth of a tree – from growing roots to bearing fruits.

#2 Sri Yantra

sri yantra, sacred shapes

The Sri Yantra is a sacred symbol that can be traced back to Hinduism. For the Hindus, this shape is the perfect visual representation for their meditation syllable Om.

The Sri Yantra contains both the masculine and the feminine energy of the world, as well as the cosmos. It is the greatest source of energy, power, and creativity. 

The Sri Yantra has nine overlapping triangles. Four triangles point upward carry all masculine energy and power.

On the other hand, the remaining triangles that point downwards are seen as the divine feminine.

#3 Metatron’s Cube

metatrons cube, metatron cube, metatron's cube

Another sacred geometry symbol that can be traced back to religion is the Metatron’s Cube.

Named after an Archangel in Christianity, the Metatron’s Cube is the main equalizer of all the energy flowing in the universe.

It also protects the energy of every existing life form by sending energy to those who may be in need. True to its archangel nature, the Metatron’s Cube is considered as the guardian of the universe.

This symbol contains the five platonic solids which represent the five elements of the universe: earth, fire, water, wind, and spirit.

#4 The Seed Of Life

seed of life, sacred geometry

The Seed of Life symbolizes creations and beginnings. Just like the Flower of Life, this symbol has seven overlapping circles, albeit smaller.


Many believe that these seven circles portray the seven types of chakra and the seven days of creation. This sacred shape is seen in various churches and temples all over the world.

With one circle at the center and six circles surrounding it, the overlapping of these shapes is seen as a perfect depiction of how each day of creation is interdependent with each other.

The creation of the universe was an intricate process: one can never exist without the creation of the other. The circle at the center is the culmination where every creation has finally come together. 

#5 The Hexahedron

hexahedron, sacred geometry symbol

The Hexahedron is one of the five Platonic Solids. As each platonic shape represents one universal element, the Hexahedron represents the earth with its stable foundations.

The Hexahedron is known to contain consistent energy which gives light to all living things, especially humans. It is believed to be the meeting point of the spirit and the body.

If a person is seeking consistency and stability, this is the symbol to associate with.

#6 The Tetrahedron

Another shape from the Platonic Solids group is the Tetrahedron which represents fire. It symbolizes passion, drive, and dreams.

It can also mean physical health. Because the Tetrahedron is considered the closest to the Sun’s energy, it is seen as a great source of healing power too. 

#7 The Icosahedron

icosahedron, sacred geometry shapes

Representing the element of water, the Icosahedron is the third of our Platonic Solids. This sacred shape symbolizes fluidity, movement, and change.

Its tranquil energy is also associated with healing and realignment. The Icosahedron aims to tell us that we need to trust the flow of the universe.

Anyone who goes against the direction of its tide will find it difficult to navigate through life.

#8 The Octahedron

octahedron, sacred geometry, sacred shape

Another Platonic Solid is the Octahedron. It has eight identical faces and represents the element of air. This sacred shape is best associated with spiritual awakening.

It helps people to achieve higher vibrational frequency. As it represents the air, is also believed to clear all types of energy. In essence, the Octahedron can serve as a protector of our energy just like the Metatron’s Cube.

#9 The Dodecahedron

The last of the Platonic Solids, the Dodecahedron represents the spirit. It symbolizes the mysticism and abstractness of the universe. This sacred pattern is deemed as the ultimate purifier of the universe’s energy.

It can cleanse the energy of a room, of a person, or of a situation. Lastly, it helps in cultivating harmonious relationships among humans and even other life forms. 


#10 Eternal Knot

eternal knot

As its name suggests, the Eternal Knot represents different facets of infinity. It can refer to the endless flow of wisdom in the universe.

To some, it is the intertwining of religion and secular affairs. For other religions, the Eternal Knot is the endless cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.

This sacred symbol greatly represents time, growth, and cycle.

#11 Star of David

The Star of David is created from overlapping two triangles, each facing upward and downward.

This six-pointed star signifies God, humans, and Torah’s teachings (a book in the Bible).

A person’s soul is said to be connected to God only through their observance of Torah’s teachings. Those who don’t keep these teachings in their hearts are believed to have a fickle relationship with the Creator

Overall, the Star of David represents our relationship with God and the various efforts we exert in enriching it.

#12 Hamsa


The Hamsa is most popular in Middle Eastern cultures.

This sacred geometry symbol resembles the bearer of prosperity, happiness, and good health.

There are various interpretations of the hand, but the most common belief is that the Hamsa hand portrays the act of raising our hands to worship the Divine.

#13 The Torus

The Torus is a sphere-shaped symbol that represents the balance between spirit and matter. This sacred pattern is all about aligning the energy so it can flow back and forth from a powerful focal point.

It aims to depict how the energy flows from matter to soul and vice versa. The Torus teaches us how balancing the way your energy flows within and outside you can lead to a harmonious and peaceful life.

Understanding These Sacred Geometry Symbols And Their Meanings

Meditating with these sacred geometry symbols will surely lift your spirits to a higher vibrational frequency.

sacred geometry, sacred geometry symbols, sacred shapes

Once you have grasped the meaning behind each symbol, you can now use them as an anchor for your manifesting. For example, you can balance your chakras by using the Seed of Life.

You can purchase a Seed of Life card, or you can draw the shape yourself. Treat each circle as your own chakra and color them with their corresponding hues.


As you get to each circle, try tapping into its assigned chakra energy. You can also use other divinatory tools such as crystals when meditating with these sacred geometry symbols.

What’s your favorite sacred geometry symbol? Share it with us in the comments below!

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