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March 12, 2019

Identifying Crystal Intentions By Colour


Now that you already have an idea of how to use your crystals, it is time to have a general idea of when to use them.

While we will present to you a quick guide regarding how crystals work, having a general idea still works best. After all, when you begin shopping your own crystals, you won’t need access to each and every component of the guide since the crystals you can shop may be limited.

As such, having this general idea will allow you to have a better grasp about your crystals and the crystals of others as well.

For instance, if you see someone wearing a pink ornament, then you will have an idea that they may be hoping for love and romance in their life. Knowing this, you may be able to approach them in a manner of having an idea of what they’re going through in life.

Furthermore, crystal colors will allow you to further resonate with your crystal as you don’t need to fully think of everything as you integrate them in your life. This, in turn, empowers your intuition regarding how crystals work.

Understanding the Crystal Intention by Colors

Thus, here are some of the basic crystal intentions per color:

White/Clear Crystals

Whiteness or clearness is often associated with clarity in one’s dealings. When we try to think of a color that best resonates with the lack of chaos (fire) we often think of imagery such as the tranquility of the sea.

As such, clarity is associated with the capability to absorb energies that we don’t want to have. This absorbing power empties our mind with unnecessary clutter, one that blocks the positive flow of intentions.

The quartz and selenite families, for instance, has strong representations of varying degrees of clarity. Depending on the co-associated colors, these crystals are usually utilized by individuals who seek clarity in their lives.

Red Crystals

Generally, red crystal colors are associated with passion and energy, just as universal symbolisms for such include fire. Characterized by the power to conquer, red healing crystals are usually associated with individuals who seek to have more push in their lives.

The intricacies of modern-day life can easily make us trapped in this feeling of not being able to achieve anything. If we look at people, this trend can manifest in such a way that they live mediocre lives, settling for less or even something they’re not happy with.

Such miserable lives need the power of red crystals, as these crystals imbued with the imagery of a raging fire will allow us to burn all our procrastinations, making us passionate and bold in our approach.

Orange Crystals

Orange healing crystals are often connected with the power to release us from certain things in life. The sunstone, for instance, has properties which allows users to dissipate fear, anxiety, and depression.

Perhaps, this is because this such crystal colors is often associated with sunshine, in which its rays of light make us feel more alive and less stressed. Just as when a room lacks windows which allows natural light to come in, life becomes duller and more stagnant.

With the help of healing crystals which share similar properties, we are able to handle whatever life throws at us, because we feel vibrant and energetic in its presence.


Green Crystals

When we speak of green gemstones and healing crystals, it is often associated with Jadestones which played significant roles in the eastern world, most especially in China.

While there are a lot of different meanings that can be associated with green healing crystals, more often than not, the theme is associated with balance.

In our lives, it is crucial to master the art of balancing as it is often balance that makes things in harmony. If we look at nature, a perfect balance between its elements allows for life to exist.

In the same way, the lack of balance in our own personal lives can cause it to be miserable, tilting us to making the wrong mistakes in the most unexpected moments. 

Whether it is having too much work, or having too much fun, ‘too much’ in itself is already the problem. As such, it will greatly benefit us to tap onto the power of green healing crystals. 

Brown Crystals

Brown healing crystals are often associated with the idea of ‘allowing’. By this, what we mean is that such crystal colors can lead people to their goals by setting the path that they have to take.

Allowing means to be open. It means that we are able to convince ourselves of the value of things, making us open to them. Coupled with that openness, brown healing crystals set the guidelines to pursue them as well.

For instance, the Tiger’s eye is particularly noted for its quality of being able to lead us forward despite the stress and counter-currents that we are experiencing in life. Having this healing crystal will ensure a guided path for our journey to uncertainty.

By being open and guided, we become more in-tune with how our goals pan out in the cosmic scheme of things.

Yellow Crystals

Just as how a path is lit, yellow crystal colors allow us to align ourselves with our goals. While brown ones usually show the way, this one is more internal – making us follow the path.

Dealing with this internal struggle can make us succumb to doing less. If we aren’t aligned within ourselves, we’ll inevitably brew an inner conflict, making it even more difficult for us reach what we want.

As such, calling to aid the powers of yellow healing crystals will make us even more efficient as it re-organizes the energies within us, bringing us closer to removing those bad habits and/or building better ones.

A good example of this would be Mookaite, as this crystal is known to make the mind more flexible, allowing it to envisage the different possibilities and scenarios while simultaneously helping us pick the right one.

Pink Crystals

Seeing the color pink instantly makes one cheerful or happy, especially if they’re women who usually prefer this color over men. This is because pink gemstones have an internal resonance with our feelings for they often symbolize love.

If you’re having trouble with your love life, the rose quartz is often a viable choice for a healing crystal given that it uplifts our emotional and even sexual mood. Such crystal disarms us, making us more susceptible to good feelings drawn-out from love and relationships.


In general, pink healing crystals bring harmony to the internal and external conflicts of our relationships. They allow us to heal and re-connect, setting aside issues of miscommunication and unfulfilled promises. These crystals helps us hope and yearn for a better tomorrow with the people around us.

Violet Crystals

One of the most popular healing crystals is the Amethyst. If we do a quick search, we can see a lot of articles talking about healing crystals while using the image of the amethyst. Even when we try to look at how celebrities use them, amethysts are significantly portrayed beside them.

The Amethyst healing crystal, which is probably the most famous from the violet family, is known to aid in helping people relax. While there can be quite a few variations of the amethyst, all of them share the same power of uplifting the spirit.

Whenever we feel down or discouraged, we get tired. We go home, we feel the absurdity of life’s endless cycle of working, getting broke, and all other mundane things that we can think of.

Sometimes, these things can be too much to bear for us. This calls for a violet healing crystal, given that violet ones can uplift us from the pain and suffering we’re feeling right now.

As such, celebrities are even known to sleep with this crystal or have it with them all the time, given that it serves as a kind of all-around uplifting crystal.

Blue Crystals

When there’s a gap between persons, communication usually solves the problem. By opening yourself to what the other has to say, their words are able to penetrate your soul.

But more often than not, such level of communication can be difficult. Whether it was a past conflict, or simply the advent of smartphones that prevents people from communicating personally, a lot of influences can make this situation troublesome.

As such, it may need some intervention in order to address this issue. Of course, one way to break the monotony is to seek the help of healing crystals, particularly blue ones.

Furthermore, communication is not limited between persons. We may find ourselves in internal conflict requiring a certain amount of internal communication. With the help of blue crystals, we are able to find the truth in ourselves and become more peaceful with our dealings.

Black Crystals

Last but not the least, this crystal colors is the direct contrast to the first one mentioned in this section of the article. While known for its sleek, clean, and classy nature, this color is often as popular as its counterpart – white.

As a healing crystal, this color is often associated with the idea of ‘protecting’. While we usually find ourselves building stuff and pursuing things that we want in life, more often than not, they crumble into pieces should we fail to safeguard them.

Whether it is someone who’s been holding a grudge or just life not going the way you wanted it to, everything that we have is always under the threat of being dismantled or destroyed by something or someone else.

As such, it is necessary to protect our relationships, wealth, health, etc. The Obsidian stone, for instance, allows its user to recover from shock or trauma that may cause them to break down. In the same way, Tourmaline helps us protect our goals from unnecessary distractions.

Having this general idea will let you know that how black healing crystals function, and how to use them properly instead of associating it with negative things just because it is black.


Quick Review

Given the intricacies on how various crystal colors affect our intuition on how they work, knowing their overall theme will help us become experts in the field of crystal healing.

As such, whenever someone approaches you and talks about their struggles in life, you automatically can envision in your mind which crystal works best with them. In the same way, the color of these crystals can mold your subconscious into selecting things, allowing you to become more at ease with the world.

Noting their values is important in our journey as such knowledge is vital for having an in-depth understanding not only of how they work, but also how they can be matched together.

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