March 13, 2019

Amplifying Healing Crystal Effects With Reiki


In this final section, we will explore how reiki can also be an effective tool in harnessing and maximizing the power of healing crystals. Just like chakra points, Reiki is an ancient practice that can help us discover the whole potential of healing crystal use, making it more effective for our day-to-day practices.

As such, we will have a short discussion of what reiki is and proceed by discussing some of the top healing crystals that we can use in this practice.

What is Reiki?

Basically, Reiki means two words – Rei and Ki. Rei here is usually translated as Higher Power, while Ki means Life Force. Given that both are combined, Reiki means “Higher Power guided life force energy”.

While not as popular as other practices, Reiki Healing is actually an ancient practice that allegedly predates Buddhism and Christianity. But because these were passed on through stories instead of writing, such concepts eventually were lost.

As time passed by, it has been rediscovered by a Japanese scholar and monk, Dr. Mikao Usui. In fact, he was the one that created the word “Reiki”. Much of the Reiki concepts discussed here and even by others stems from his efforts.

To begin with, the goal of practicing Reiki is to cleanse or re-channel the “ki” energy in our body. This goal assumes that there is a mind-body connection, that our thoughts affect the quality of life that we have.

While wholly debatable, we can say that there is a movement in the western world away from physical monism, to establishing the connection between this dualism. As an example, there have been scientifically approved papers and studies revolving around the idea of how depression can affect one’s physical state.

Following the same principle, Reiki is a method that seeks to address physical and even mental illnesses by changing the flow of energy, pulling us away from the negative stuff. In doing so, it seeks to make us feel better and more energetic overall, not to mention that we also become healthier.

The basic principle behind this is the assumption that Reiki is able to stimulate the natural healing process of our body. By changing our energy, it affects the very organs that operate within us.

As such, Reiki is like an energy that is assumed to be part of our genetic structure, a non-tangible force that allows us to operate.

But as we go on with life, we make some bad choices which either remove or block such energy. For instance, overconsumption of alcohol can lead to a blockage of reiki flow, ultimately resulting to numerous physical and mental diseases within us.

Being such, Reiki is strongly connected with chakra points, for they are treated as passageways for energy. By removing the toxins and blockage, we allow the natural reiki flow as well.

Furthermore, practicing Reiki is also known to reduce stress levels, allowing us to achieve more in life. Just like what was mentioned in the previous section, the re-channeling of these energies will allow us to have a better outlook, improving our experience of the world.

With this, we can conclude that Reiki is a holistic approach to healing ourselves. By targeting both the mind and the body, Reiki hopes to address issues that are present, and prevent those that are yet to come.

Reiki with Healing Crystals


The 5 Ways of Reiki with Healing Crystals

Given the brief introduction about Reiki, we will proceed with the discussion by pointing out the 5 key ways in practicing it. Moreover, we will also be suggesting some popular healing stones that can be a good amplifier. Lastly, we will also be including the significant chakra points for each level so that you may have an idea how to meditate with it.

The discussion on the previous section brings us to one point – that the nature of practicing Reiki is it targets how the consciousness can influence the body. By embodying certain concepts, we are prone to make better choices in life, empowering our inner Reiki.

With this, the practice of Reiki isn’t something like a one-time decision that you have to make. Rather, like healing crystal meditation, chakra meditation, and other forms of improving individual spirituality, Reiki requires constant practice and execution, making it a daily habit instead of one big choice in your life.

Thus, with Reiki healing, you cannot expect it to happen overnight. It doesn’t mean that when you change your viewpoint to a positive one, things will automatically happen. Instead, you need to know the five simple ways of practicing Reiki.

The five ways of practicing reiki are phrased as follows. Just for today…

  1. I will not Worry
  2. I will not be Angry
  3. I will be Grateful
  4. I will do my work Honestly
  5. I will be kind to every Living Thing

Now before we dwell on the meaning of each phrase and how healing crystals can help us in this quest, we should pay attention to the common denominator of all five ways.

In each of these ways, we begin with the phrase “Just for Today”.

This phrase is a crucial part in understanding the whole Reiki system because simply by incorporating “Just for Today” promotes three major points which makes it appeal to the modern man.

First, this phrase signals a daily activity.

Being a daily activity means that we are able to do it on a day-to-day basis. As such, it attracts everyone regardless of social status or context because if something can be done on a day-to-day basis, it means that it must be of simple nature.

For short, I don’t have to be a genius to do or understand Reiki. I don’t have to have PhD Degrees nor do I have to be a socialite to do it. Reiki, being simple “Just for Today” activities, signal the idea that it can be done anytime, anywhere, and by anyone.

Second, because we can do Reiki on a daily basis, then if we continually do it, it will surely become a habit. If we look at successful people, we will realize that most of them are successful not because of some one-time decision in life, but because they had excellent habits to begin with.

By constantly living in the present, in the “Just for Today”, we are able to master these powerful and life-changing habits. If we do so, these everyday decisions will become part of our subconscious mind, or even our unconsciousness.

Meaning, the next time we encounter a rude person on that subway, or a grumpy old lady along the street who smirks for no reason at all, we need not be mad at them. In fact, we don’t even have to think of them, simply because it has become our unconscious habit to “not-mind” them.

But what do we do when we fail to do these practices? The answer brings us to our next point:


Third, even if we fail for today, we can always restart. As long as we have the will to do it, we can constantly engage in the “Just for Today” phrase, allowing us to start over and over again.

This is a very important point because it recognizes our nature as humans – that we can and will always make wrong choices from time to time. For instance, a person who is constantly smoking and drinking decides to stop them in order to pursue Reiki healing.

While they may have that ultimate will in the beginning, it will be a struggle along the way given that these negative habits are rooted in them for a long time.

If Reiki was a complex process which involved a lot of divine timing and preparation, these recovering individuals would have a hard time defeating their negative habits.

By being doable with a margin of error, Reiki becomes an attractive practice that appeals to the modern man.

After all, the phrase “Just for Today” means that we don’t necessarily have to commit bigtime to these practices. Thinking of such commitment alone already stresses us, but because Reiki lacks that, it becomes appealing.

1. Just for Today, I will not Worry

They commonly say that worrying is like sitting on a rocking chair – you are moving and yet you are not getting anywhere.

In life, constantly worrying about things is one of the worst things that you can do. This is because repeatedly thinking about what-ifs will lead you to endlessly dwell on the ‘unknonws’ of life.

For instance, a chronic worrier will cross the street with far less confidence. This is not because he/she is being vigilant or safe. Rather, regardless of the circumstances, the worrying part has taken over, conquering the way they live.

As such, worrying is the first step to overthinking negatively. When we do so, we leave ourselves in a situation of doubt and uncertainty, causing our own problems that aren’t really there.

Reiki helps us address these problems by teaching us how to practice the everyday habit of dismissing one’s unnecessary thoughts.

By doing so, we are helping ourselves to be free from an undeserved stress, which will eventually cause negative repercussions to our body. This will reflect as illnesses manifest in our physical bodies.

Furthermore, the negative effects of worrying will also lead us to trust others and ourselves less. Constantly worrying is a sign of lack in self-trust and self-confidence, something that only we can give to ourselves.

While others may empower us and boost these areas in our life, making them completely a part of us is entirely up to ourselves. If we cannot trust that things will happen, we will constantly live life in such state of unease.

With this, to begin the whole process of trusting one’s self, we must understand that worrying stems from uncertainty. But more importantly, this is uncertainty about the negative, not the positive. Meaning to say, worrying stems from the fact that life has setbacks.


If we are to build positive traits that will lead us to cope with worrying, we must understand that setbacks are part of life. We cannot do away from them for all individuals have setbacks at one point or another.

Usually, we are left with two choices – either to accept the setback and do something about it, or to worry when it will come and where it will lead us to. Of course, the latter is a negative course of action, something that will trap us to the endless spiral of worrying.

Reiki helps us deal with this through the “Just for Today”, allowing us to become more and more at peace with ourselves. By constantly practicing the phrase “just for today, I will not worry”, we consciously command our subconscious to stop overthinking and overanalyzing unnecessary things.

Meaning, we engage in the deeper part of ourselves as we consciously choose to be.

We can, of course, achieve this by using a basic Reiki practice. By placing one hand on the root chakra while the other on the heart chakra, we tap on our chakra points, removing or unblocking the negative energy.

To proceed, we must recite the phrase five times, and place our hands there as long as we need to.

In order to amplify this process, we must utilize the help of an Agate.

As a healing crystal, Agate is known to absorb negative energy and provide us with that much needed sense of security. In the case of worrying, we do so because we lack that sense of inner peace and confidence, something that the Agate can contribute to.

Furthermore, the Agate as a healing crystal also conditions the consciousness to be more realistic. This is a good solution to worrying, given that worrying often causes us to become unrealistic and over-project things. In doing so, we are likely to lead ourselves to the wrong choices.

Also, since this section taps onto the heart chakra, it will greatly benefit you to meditate and practice Reiki alongside Black Tourmaline. This is because Black Tourmaline is a kind of healing crystal that absorbs negative energy in the heart charka.

While usually we meditate with a pink crystal for this chakra point, in this case of worrying, it would be far more helpful to meditate with a black crystal given that it absorbs negative energy.

When we worry, it signals a blockage, something that bars us from being positive. As such, the heart chakra fails to channel the proper energy which will lead us to trust more.

Furthermore, it is known to bring protection, something that is crucial as we proceed

Black tourmaline, in this case, would prove to be an excellent solution to the matter

2. Just for today, I will not be Angry

Yet another powerful principle, Reiki instills to us the concept of temperance.


More often than not, we live our lives with small mistakes which leads us to express unnecessary anger.

For instance, picture yourself out in your daily routine. Hurriedly, you decided to get a can of juice in a convenience store nearby. As you enter, an unfortunate event happened – someone accidentally spilled a drink on you.

In this scenario, it would be very much understandable that you become angry to the other person. How come they were so clumsy that they actually ruined that rush hour morning for us?  What do I do now? I wish haven’t been here!

This feeling can be perfectly valid in its own way. Anger is an emotion that we necessarily have as human beings. And even more, in the example above, it was totally not your fault.

But imagine a scenario where you would have been able to implement the Reiki principle of Just for today, I will not be angry.

Things would definitely take a different spin. Instead of being angry, you would have simply understood that people make mistakes that they do not intend. Although you are not happy with what happened, it doesn’t mean that you push back the same point on others and worsen the situation for yourself as well.

Such a simple example above shows to you the difference of being able to harness the power of Reiki.

Reiki practitioners live by the principle this principle. They understand anger as a powerful emotion that can decide our course of action. Being a course of action, anger then takes control of our energy and consumes it.

In the process of consuming energy, anger takes control, leading you to the worse instead of the better choice. With the example above, the end result leaves us as losers. Although that person who actually spilled a drink on you may feel bad about it, they most likely have carried on with their lives.

You, on the other hand, decided to dwell on your anger.

You will most likely proceed your day lamenting on that unfortunate event or fuming even after the deed was done. Either way, both options leave you as the loser here, given that you are most likely to expend energy on a person that doesn’t really care about it anymore.

The whole point of the Reiki system is to prevent you from committing the same mistake, over and over again. In the case of anger, we can see how it can be destructive both on the inside and on the out. But this is not an involuntary response, for Reiki practitioners believe that we have the choice to do otherwise.

To begin this process of Reiki healing, you must place one hand on the third-eye chakra and one hand on the root chakra. Proceed by following the same steps of placing yourself in meditation mode and reciting the phrase “just for today, I will not be angry”.

To help you with this journey, some of the healing crystals you can use are Peridot and Black Obsidian.

Peridot, a green-colored healing crystal, is known to dissipate one’s anger at the subconscious level. Meaning, as it works to address your subconsciousness, this healing crystal seeks to remove that inner habit or preference to anger.


By meditating with this healing crystal, you are able to become generally calmer, balancing forces of anger and chaos within you. Furthermore, it will also make you accept mistakes easier, regardless of who caused it.

In the example of the accidental spill above, such qualities can prove to be helpful for us.

Obsidian, on the other hand, is helpful in providing resolution on a spiritual level. This means that it has the power to dig deep within us, tapping on our ability to ensure that we will follow this principle of avoiding anger as a solution.

This is very important given that anger is such a strong emotion. It can easily eat us up. By making sure that we are able to have resolution on a spiritual level, it will be easier for us to follow the path that we’ve set for ourselves.

Furthermore, being a black healing crystal, the Obsidian has the power to absorb the negative emotion of anger, giving a person that much needed space to breathe in-and-out.

With the help of these healing crystals, it will be easier for us to live by this mantra of avoiding anger. Doing this will allow us to live a life of forgiveness, where we free ourselves from the pain of holding grudges or ill-thoughts against others. We become free.

3. Just for Today, I will do my work Honestly

The third principle discusses how one should treat his/her work. Just for today, I will do my work honestly.

But before anything else, we should understand the underlying presumption in this case. If we look at Marxist Theory, we will see that life can be divided into three equal parts – 8hrs of sleep, 8hrs of leisure, and 8hrs of work.

Meaning, to integrate work into the Reiki principles presumes that work is an essential part of life.

Reiki assumes that part of man’s journey is to work, that work is an expression of one’s reflection.

For instance, we can see this in artists whose works often reflect their ideas and visions of themselves. Painters like Van Gogh, for instance, reflects their struggles and joys through their paintings.

In the same way, craftsmen and artisans show their passion through their output – a reflection of their being.

But not all work is as creative as this one. More often than not, menial jobs are what most of us are doing. These jobs may be repetitive or output-based, following strict rules of procedure. Such is quite different from the creative ones presented above.

Either way, regardless of the nature of one’s work, Reiki suggests that we do it honestly. What this means is that we should not cheat in our work.

More often than not, we understand cheating in the workplace as something that involves money. But in reality, the time that we fail to fully allocate and dedicate ourselves with is already a form of dishonesty.


Reiki, being a Japanese tradition, strongly goes against such dishonest ways, believing that work should be something that we do with all our heart and effort. In this case, when we are tasked to do something, we should do it with integrity.

What this means is that when we decide to live by this mantra of working honestly, we become fair to our craft. Sometimes, it is easy to become unfair, especially with our time, in dedicating ourselves to the task-at-hand. The availability alone of social media is more than enough to make us think twice of our effectivity, as we are constantly tempted to reach out to that notification.

As such, if you want to change such negative habit, this is an effective way for you to begin. By living with this mantra, “Just for today, I will do my work honestly”, you are able to slowly develop integrity and professionalism, making you more of an individual.

After all, work is one of the many ways to fully express our meaning and take pride of ourselves. Being an essential expression of man’s existence, work can be an outlet of one’s individualism.

With this, Reiki suggests that we begin by placing ourselves in a meditating vibe, allowing us to create an inducive environment.

After the environment has been set, we can continue by placing one hand on the third-eye charka, and one hand on the solar plexus, before we begin reciting the mantra, “Just for today, I will do my work honestly.”

In this exercise, we tap onto the solar plexus as it is often the pathway of energies for self-discipline and independence, both of which are crucial in developing our proper notion of work.

Furthermore, the third-eye chakra is also one of the important pathways since it provides to us vision and wisdom, allowing us to see the value of these precepts.

As for our healing stones, the Lapis Lazuli comes as a frontrunner with this mantra. As a healing crystal, Lapis Lazuli is known for bringing out the truth on the spiritual level, while promoting honesty and dignity on the subconscious level.

By incorporating this healing crystal in our journey to improve our work, it will be easier for us to dedicate ourselves in it.

Another crucial healing crystal is Pyrite. For the spiritual level, this healing crystal is known to bring self-recognition, allowing one to see the value of being honest in one’s work. In this way, we will be able to see this mantra as a valuable part of our life, instead of a task that we simply have to finish.

By using these two popular healing crystals, it will be easier for us to remain consistent in repeating this daily challenge. After all, of the mantra’s present in Reiki, this might be the most challenging to remain consistent with.

While anger and worrying are emotions that we have to deal with, work is an action that we have to live by. The way we treat it will also reflect the kind of persons that we are.

4. Just for Today, I will be Grateful

Often overlooked, gratefulness is one of the strongest ideas that can easily and quickly change one’s perspective in life.

The thing with gratefulness is that its relativity depends on the viewpoint of the person alone. If a person is able to appreciate the situation that they are in right now, they will be able to see the good things instead of the bad.


More often than not, this is not the case. People nowadays simply forget to be grateful due to the advent of social media.

If we look at Facebook or even Instagram posts, people are likely to post the icing of the cake. We see the good memories, happy pictures, and even wonderful experiences.

But while such is true, we also fail to see the bad things, the struggles, the pains that they underwent, the “behind-the-scenes”, and the ugly things that we choose not to post.

Even so, we compare our lives to the tip of the iceberg experiences posted online, often engulfing our minute experiences of ordinariness. By constantly comparing our ordinary lives to such grandiose images, we can easily forget to be grateful for the life that we have.

Gratefulness is key to contentment.

For every shelter that we have, someone is sleeping on the streets tonight. For every ounce of water and gram of food we eat, a homeless person is dehydrated and starving. Taking such basic needs that are with us right now makes us fail to realize how grateful we should be.

In the same way, for every friend and lover with you, someone is suffering a break-up or has lost a friend. For every mother who continually scolds you, someone lived in a broken family.

As such, if we truly want to live a harmonious life, one of the keys presented to us by Reiki is gratefulness.

By being grateful, we are able to change our mindset. Instead of comparing ourselves to others, and focusing on things that we don’t have, we are able to be thankful of the people who are there for us even in the lowest moments of our lives.

Living by this Reiki principle will make it easier for us to live a life that is not bound by social rules and ideas, one that is not imprisoned in materialism and utility alone.

Gratefulness teaches us to become more appreciative of things that are free. As the classic saying goes, the best things in life are free.

Happiness, for instance, is not something that can be bought and sold. While we are able to purchase things that can make us happy, such can easily be fleeting. Two months after you’ve purchased that purse, its meaning and value can easily depreciate.

But think of happiness in persons, in communities, in acceptance by the other. These things, in its genuinity, can easily be free. It is right there for us. Our mothers hug, our sibling’s listening ear, our friend’s time – these things can easily be the most valuable moments of happiness, but they aren’t necessarily bought or can be paralleled by material stuff.

Thus, if you find yourself in the situation wherein you are absorbed by the standards of the world (like having the best travel pictures or the newest iPhone), then perhaps this Reiki principle is for you, allowing you to be more accepting of who you truly are and can be.

You can begin this process by placing one hand on the third-eye chakra and one hand on the crown charka. In the same way, meditate and slowly recite the mantra – Just for today, I will be grateful.


By tapping on to the crown chakra, you are giving yourself access to your consciousness and unconsciousness, shaping the way you live your life.

As for the healing crystal, we can suggest that you use Epidote, as it is known to bring happiness and fulfillment on the conscious level. Living life with such powerful ideas can easily turn your seemingly miserable life into an unexpectedly happy one.

Furthermore, Epidote is a black healing crystal, capable of absorbing negative thoughts and ideas in your life. This is helpful because gratefulness is the beginning of happiness, but such cannot be seen with the silhouette of negativity in front of us.

With these, we can hope to begin and start living a kind of life that will allow us to become better human persons, being able to see the value of the things that we have instead of lamenting about those that we don’t.

After all, happiness is simply a perspective. Like a glass that reflects light, happiness cannot be seen by a person who refuses to reflect it.

5. Just for Today, I will be Kind to Every Living Thing

Here we are on our fifth and last Reiki principle which seeks to teach us that life should be lived with universal love for others.

Most world religions preach this idea of universal love, for it is one of the core ideas on how to live a truly meaningful life. But in preaching such idea, they include their unique and sometimes seclusive precepts, often self-defeating the whole concept.

In comparison, Reiki teaches us a true version of this idea of universal love, by teaching us how to live a life that appreciates all that there is.

But what is the general idea behind?

We should understand that kindness begets kindness. Reiki principles follow the law of positive and negative karma. By showing kindness, the same will return to you as you move forward in life. 

For instance, a person of high stature can easily neglect others due to his/her status in life. But treating people like that also means that while their money can buy other’s time, it can never purchase their respect.

The everyday janitor or waiter in their office may greet them with reverence, but never truly respect them due to the lack of such kindness being shown to them. While the rich man is able to make them work, they fail to command respect if they don’t exhibit it.

Meaning, what we put into the jar of life is also what we get, and it is also what comes back right at us.

But more importantly, by being universally kind and loving, we also become one. By constantly and consistently living by this mantra, “Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing”, we become the very embodiment of it.

Meaning, when universal kindness becomes part of who we are, we don’t need to consciously command our thoughts. Kindness will be an automatic response, as if it is a natural part of our existence.


With this, being kind will be effortless. It will not be something that we have to decide for every single time, because even before the opportunity arises, we have already decided.

As such, no matter where you are in your life right now, try to envision it with this mantra. How much better would your life be if it were lived with universal kindness? After all, almost all beings in this world deserve such, for everyone deserves to love and be loved.

Compared to all other four mantras, this one is perhaps the most complex.

Begin by preparing yourself to be in a reflective stance, allowing you to meditate and empty your mind.

Proceed by placing one hand on the third-eye charka and the other on the throat chakra. These points which are responsible for vision and communication will allow you to see and express universal forms of kindness.

After doing your usual mantra of reciting the phrase five times, continue by changing hand positions, transferring them to the heart and root chakra. Doing so will empower your emotions and base, allowing for a genuine heart to appreciate the beauty of life in general.

As for the healing crystals, you can use Amethyst with Chalcedony. This healing crystal is specifically known for its ability to promote feelings of happiness and universal love on the subconscious level, allowing you to truly embody the mantra in your daily life.

In the same way, being a violet healing crystal, it allows for relaxation and creativity to enter your mind, both of which are perfect in seeing things from a positive light.

And of course, the most famous healing crystal that embodies universal love would be none other than rose quartz. This healing crystal simply works wonders for any love-related activity, may it be individual, familial, or even universal love.

Using this healing crystal will allow you to tap on the kinder aspects of yourself, making it possible for you to continually live by the mantra presented above.

With these, you will be able to see life at a new light, one that consistently rejoices and appreciates life’s blessings. More than being simply grateful, treating others with love and respect is one of the most effective ways to act on one’s gratefulness.

Doing so will actualize your notions instead of simply being mere feelings and ideas within your head.

Quick Wrap-up

Reiki and its five-fold path can allow us to live a life that is worth living.

By presenting these five principles, we are able to proceed at a more genuine approach to our existence, instead of simply living based on how society wants us to be.

While we are never truly unable to avoid the influence of society around us, such principles will empower us to take control of how to lead our lives. Living by these principles will free us from the 21st century’s entrapments of social façade and materialistic happiness.


Furthermore, in this journey, our healing crystals will contribute greatly in embodying such mantras.

By tapping on to the powers of healing crystals, we are able to amplify our reflections and actions, making it virtually easier for us to live by the life of just for today.

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