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October 13, 2020

11 Most Powerful Crystals for Protection


The use of crystals for protection and healing can be traced back to ancient Egyptians. Many believe that they are the first people to don crystals not only as body ornaments, but even more so as a form of a “shield” from negative entities.

However, the foundation of modern crystal healing has now shifted to Chinese and other Asian philosophies.

The main goal of crystal healing today is to restore the balance of our life energy – a concept that is notably found in the teachings of Buddhism and Hinduism.

At present, the main use of crystals is to alleviate our stress caused by various factors.

As we try to navigate through a fast-paced world, anxiety has become second nature to most of us. Hence, we seek tools such as crystals to help us restore our mental clarity.

Crystal Healing Uses

In recent years, it is quite undeniable how healing crystals have found a renewed sense of popularity.

crystals for protection, healing crystals

Gone are the days when healing crystals are solely associated with mysticism and fortune-telling (does crystal ball ring a bell?!). Today, many people find crystals a vital part of their self-care routine.

Why? Because they are believed to fend off the negative energies around us. They protect our chakras from being disturbed by the toxicity of different external forces. 

Crystal healing is a form of therapy wherein you either wear healing crystals as accessories or you place them at home as decors. You can also put them inside your bag.

The key here is to keep the crystals as close as you can to your body. Think of your air purifier.

Crystals typically function the same, except that instead of the air, it cleanses the energy field around you so that you can only absorb positive frequencies.

Experts recommend that you also place crystals on your nightstand or even under your pillow to aid healing in your sleep.

How To Use Healing Crystals For Protection 

crystals for protection against negative energy, crystals for protection against negative energies

Set your intention.

The first and the most important step in using healing crystals is determining your intentions. List down your reasons why you want to use them and the outcomes that you expect.

Know that the healing crystals will not say no to you, but you need to be clear in what you want them to do for you.

Do you want to heal from a broken marriage? Are you wanting to be more confident? Or perhaps you want to let go of certain memories?


Whatever your intentions are, you need to communicate with your healing crystals.

Hold them. Talk to them. Let them know which direction you intend to go to. Your healing crystals are your allies.

Wear your healing crystals for protection against negative energy.

Nothing keeps you closer to your crystals than making them a part of your everyday wear.

Aside from their aesthetic value, having crystals on your body means they are accessible anytime, anywhere. The more you touch healing crystals, the more you can tap into their energy.

You should know by now that healing crystals are not just mere tools. You need to create a relationship with your stones to get the most out of them.

If you treat crystals as simple objects, they will remain exactly like that – lifeless objects.

However, if you try and form a deeper spiritual connection with them, you will see how they can work for you as a healing aid. 

Explore crystal healing rituals.

Let’s set things straight first: performing crystal rituals does not equate to praying to them or worshipping them.

Crystals serve as your pathway to a deeper connection to yourself or even to the Divine. They facilitate your meditation.

Depending on the type of stone that you use and the intention you manifest, there are tons of rituals available for you.

They can range from one minute to one hour-rituals.

For example, if you have been around negative people lately, you can try to put a selenite over your chest for 3-5 minutes before going to sleep. This is will cleanse the energy that you have absorbed from them.

Surround your home with crystals.

Energy resides everywhere. Placing your crystals in every corner of the house does not only help with setting a sophisticated interior mood, it ultimately helps you fend off unwanted energy everywhere.

You can base their positions on their color, size, or their purpose. You should also pay more attention to your room, workspace, and your bathroom.

Since these are the places you spend most of your time in and where you are most vulnerable, carefully choosing the right healing crystals to put here is a must.


Top 11 Crystals For Protection From Negative Energy 

#1 Amethyst

One of the best crystals for protection is amethyst. This purple crystal has properties to heal physical ailments such as headaches and fatigue. It also improves the body’s blood circulation and alleviates our stress.

amethyst, amethyst crystal

Because it emits calming energies, it is advised that you place it in your bedroom to protect you from insomnia and even nightmares.

Most people who use amethyst say that they feel more recharged when they wake up in the morning, thanks to the presence of the amethyst in the room.

The restorative qualities of this crystal make amethyst perfect for your meditation practice as well.

#2 Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is one of the most widely used crystals for protection. Dubbed as the “love crystal”, this stone is known for attracting romantic energy.

rose quartz, rose quartz crystal

To reap its maximum effects, experts say that this crystal should be worn as an accessory instead of using it as a decor.

Who can you attract at home anyway? Wear it every day as you go out and meet people. You will notice the difference that it brings to your energy.

Aside from its romantic power, the rose quartz also affects your reception of disappointment and pain. It acts as a barrier that lessens the damage of rejection on your emotional and mental health.

#3 Raw Emerald

Another crystal that encompasses love is emerald. This gem is known to provide success when it comes to love and relationships.

raw emerald, emerald crystal, raw emerald crystal

It brings loyalty, domestic bliss, and improves the emotional intelligence of partners. Because the emerald directly works on the heart’s energy, it facilitates emotional healing.

It also helps the mind to process feelings in a logical way.

As powerful as it is in relationships, the emerald works just as fine in promoting friendships.

This crystal encourages our spirit to get to know other people. It makes us carry out positive actions amidst conflicts.

Overall, emerald helps us become a better partner, friend, or family, making it the perfect crystal for protection against negative and toxic relationships.

#4 Black Kyanite

When you see kyanite, you will immediately notice its sharp edges or its blade-like structure. These edges are believed to help you cut ties from your trauma or a toxic relationship.

kyanite, black kyanite, kyanite crystal

Kyanite, specifically black kyanite, is an excellent crystal for protection against negative energies, as it heals us from the blockages that we carry in life.

These blockages can come in the form of childhood trauma, insecurities, or mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety.

If you feel like something is holding you back, you can place black kyanite in your room or on your desk. This will help you clear your mind as you get in tune with your emotions. 

#5 Pyrite

Pyrite assists us in strengthening our intuition and raising our intelligence. It also helps with maintaining a good memory.

pyrite, pyrite healing crystal

When you use pyrite, you will notice that you are becoming sharper in seeing through people and situations.

You can sniff a lie from miles away. You can assess problems from a wider perspective.

Pyrite is a powerful crystal for protection, promoting both mental and emotional stability. It targets your holistic growth – meaning it covers your physical, emotional, and mental health.

Some of the physical diseases that pyrite can help with are lung-related conditions, bone injuries, and infections.

#6 Obsidian

If you are under intense stress, you might want to try using the obsidian crystal.

obsidian, obsidian healing crystal

Not only does it act as one of the strongest crystals for protection against the negative energies around you, but it also draws out the tension and stress within you as well.

This stone is a great tool for overall detoxification of the body, the soul, and the mind. 

Obsidians, especially the black obsidian, are perfect for meditation when you are feeling confused too. It helps you see the dark areas of your life and consequently break each area down.

You should continue meditating with the obsidian until you have cleared all your fears and doubts about a certain matter.

#7 Golden Obsidian

Also called the gold sheen obsidian, golden obsidian is a powerful crystal for protection that aligns your chakra with the Divine.

What does this mean? You gain the ability to manifest your desires as the Divine guides you to it.


Golden obsidian helps you heal and grow so that you can unleash your maximum potential in this world. This crystal tears down insecurities. Then it gives you the courage and motivation to pursue what you want.

If you’re losing sight of your ambitions or just feeling lazy with your work, try putting any golden obsidian near you (or wear it!).

You will feel a renewed sense of drive because of the positive energy this crystal emits.

#8 Black Jade

Quite similar to the golden obsidian, the black jade is a great crystal to boost your creativity. It gives off a positive energy that gets you moving.

If you’re en route to a new project or a new business, a black jade might just be what you need.

Did I mention this crystal also means prosperity and success? Black jade is really a must when you’re trying to achieve something.

This stone also helps you remain firm and grounded. It makes you less vulnerable to outside influences such as gossip because its healing properties include building your confidence and mental strength.

#9 Malachite

Malachite is a green protection stone that helps you see your toxic behavior, the ties that you should cut off, or your false beliefs. It encourages strong self-awareness.

This crystal is perfect if you’re embarking on a journey of transforming yourself inside and out. It will tell you what you lack and what you need to change.

At the same time, it will help you realize your strong points that you should appreciate yourself for.

Malachite is a great tool for change and risk-taking. It will enable you to get rid of what you don’t need so you can create more space for things that truly matter.

#10 Desert Rose

The desert rose selenite is another popular crystal in the world of meditation.

desert rose, desert rose crystal

This is because it allows you to enhance your psychic abilities especially when it comes to your past and your future.

It helps you get into a deeper meditative state, where you have access to things that your regular consciousness cannot reveal.

This stone will definitely activate your clairvoyance.


You will be able to see beyond the surface. Your dreams will make sense. You will be more aware of the signs of the universe

#11 Tiger Eye

Last but not least, we have the famous Tiger Eye – one of the more commonly used crystals for protection. If you’re specifically looking for good luck, then the tiger eye might be the right crystal for you.

This does not mean that wealth and success are automatically coming your way. What the tiger eye helps you with are overall stability, finding your soul’s purpose, and courage.

It helps you see things clearly and objectively – making it easy for you to overcome whatever obstacles you may face.

Basically, this crystal prepares your body and soul in achieving nothing but huge success. 

What is your favorite healing crystal? We’d love to hear from you! Tell us all about your crystal healing journey in the comments section!

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