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November 24, 2020

Crystal Grid Guide: How To Make A Crystal Grid In 8 Simple Steps


Crystal grids are specific arrangements of stones that solely depend on a person’s intention. Just as how flowers are arranged into a beautiful bouquet, a crystal grid can don certain layouts, not only for aesthetic purposes, but also to magnify their healing properties.

While each crystal is already effective on its own, imagine the power it can hold if your clear quartz is placed beside an amethyst, a tiger’s eye, and a rose quartz for example. Sounds like a powerhouse, right?

But no matter how cool a crystal grid may sound, it is important to remember that it takes careful planning to create one.

You can’t just throw in all your healing crystals, form a beeline, a circle or a star, then call it a crystal grid.

It’s important to know which combinations build the strongest energy frequencies, and then pay attention to each crystal’s position in the layout of your crystal grid.

What Are The Tools To Create A Crystal Grid?

Dubbed by some as a type of sacred geometry, crystal grids cannot be created randomly or with half-hearted intentions.

sacred geometry, crystal grids, what are crystal grids

Your mind and body need to be prepared when working with crystal grids. Before everything else, there are tools that you need to assemble to ensure the success of your crystal grid meditation.

The first thing that you need to take care of is the location where you’re going to lay out your crystals.

Make sure that this spot is conducive for meditation. One big no-no is arranging your crystal grid directly on the floor or any dirty surface. Secure a cloth underneath your crystals before starting.

Next, you also need to prepare a paper/journal where you can write down your intention. It is not enough that you have your intention in mind. Physically manifesting it (through writing) greatly helps in enhancing the crystals’ energy. 

While there are various crystal grid templates you can follow, you need to remember these crystal must-haves: the center crystal and the activation crystals.

The center crystal represents your main goal. Choose one crystal that you feel has the most powerful properties in relation to your intentions.

The activation crystals on the other hand are usually your quartz stones that act as complements to your center crystal.

How To Make A Crystal Grid In 8 Simple Steps

#1 Set your intentions

The first thing that you need to do is to determine your intention. This can be as broad as asking for overall abundance, or as specific as meeting someone, getting promoted, or even acing an exam.

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The only key to setting an intention is being sincere about it. You need to have conviction when asking the universe for what you want.


The more that you are shy about it, the weaker the energy is channeled into achieving it. 

Moreover, your intention cannot involve other people’s willpower. For example, you cannot wish for someone to fall in love with you.

Crystal meditation is not magic. If your intention includes controlling other people to any extent, you can bet that the crystals won’t be of any help.

#2 Select your crystals wisely

Knowing which crystals to use is integral to the success of your meditation.

One of the most important things to remember when creating any crystal grid layouts is knowing which crystals perfectly combine with the others.

healing crystals, crystal intentions

Crystal grids are all about the union of energies. As much as you’re aligning the crystals with your intention, you should also align the crystals with each other.

Randomly picked crystals won’t work great for your grid.

#3 Prepare your space.

Another important thing is cleansing the spot where you’re going to meditate. This does not simply mean cleaning and wiping off the table’s dust. This also means purifying the energy within the room.

healing crystals, crystal healing, cleanse crystal, crystal cleansing

One of the widely used herbs is sage. Burn the tip then blow it out. Fan out the embers all throughout the room, especially the corners. If you prefer burning incense, you can also try Palo Santo.

Just light the end of the stick then smoke out the whole room, or just put it in a vase/stand as it burns out.

#4 Write your intention

As mentioned, it is important that your intention is put out to the world – in this case, through writing.

Get a piece of paper and write your most honest aspirations.


If you are someone who keeps a diary or a journal, using it is fine too.

Place your written intention at the center of the cloth/table. 

The center crystal will later on be placed on top of it.


#5 Manifest your intention by saying it aloud or visualizing it

It is not enough that you write down your intention – say it out loud! Let the Universe hear what you want!

The crystals are considered to be a gateway of your energy, so if you want to amplify their frequencies, you need to channel positive thoughts and positive energy as well.

You can also manifest your intention by visualizing it.

Think as if you have already received it. Then let that hopeful energy flow all throughout the entire meditation.

Never underestimate the power of a positive mind.

#6 Decide on the shape then carefully lay out your crystals

Laying out your grid for the first time can be challenging. There are over a thousand layouts to choose from, so how do you decide?

The answer is simply intuition. There is no standard formula for arranging your stones. Each meditation is unique.

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Depending on what your intentions are, the grid can change at any given time. You just have to follow what your inner voice is telling you.

The only non-negotiable part of the grid is the center. The surrounding crystals? You can mix and match!

If you’re still having a hard time arranging your gems, you can buy cloths with printed patterns you can follow.

You can also look up some sacred geometry templates online.

#7 Put the center crystal on top of your written intention

Your chosen center crystal should sit on top of the paper you wrote your intentions on. You want to let the crystal’s energy flow directly into your desires.

As for the surrounding crystals, arrange them in such a way that the most powerful crystals are closer to your intention, then work your way outwards.

As you put the individual stones in their place, make sure that you have your intention in mind. Focus on that thing that you badly want until you finish forming your grid.

#8 Take one activation crystal and hover around your grid

Once all crystals are laid out, it’s time to activate your entire grid. Take one activation crystal, then slowly move it around your grid.


Follow the pattern you just created, with the center crystal as the last stop. Think of it as connecting the dots. As you do this, chant your intention or visualize it vividly in your mind.

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Communicate with the crystals. Tell them why you want it. Tell them why you’re worthy of it. Sustain your positive energy. Once you falter with doubts and skepticism, the entire crystal grid falls apart.

This is why it is advisable to meditate with crystals when you’re in good mental shape. If you’re feeling a bit under the weather it may be best to skip it until your mind is in a better condition.

Final Word

So, which is better, working with individual crystals or creating a crystal grid? It all depends on your intentions and availability.

Individual crystals are already powerful on their own. It is totally fine to work with just one stone especially when you know that your intention is directly related to the properties of a certain crystal.

For example, if you are specifically manifesting love, it is enough to work with a rose quartz as it is made solely for this intention.

However, if you have more time to spare and want an in-depth manifestation, a crystal grid may work better as it is a combination of various energies and healing properties.

The power and effectiveness of the crystals included in the grid are magnified as they work together towards your intentions.

As long as you know which crystals work best side by side, then you can certainly expect some good results.

Have you made a crystal grid before? Let us know in the comments below!

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