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October 16, 2020

5 Money Prayers for a Financial Breakthrough


You’ve probably tried it all – manifesting, visualizing, and asking for a sign from the Universe. Incorporating a prayer for money into your current manifestation practice can be a powerful way to see tangible results.

Manifesting money isn’t simply something that you wish for. You can’t go on with life expecting miracles overnight. Don’t be that person who grows old wishing that their Powerball combinations will finally come to fruition. 

Instead of simply manifesting money, you have to pray for it. 

You have to communicate your thoughts to the universe, speaking and surrendering your own will in its purest form. 

What you need is not some jar of gold at the end of the rainbow. Instead, you need an opportunity, a chance to break through the muck of failures and stagnancy. 

To help you out, use any prayer for money below for a financial breakthrough:

*Note: Some of these prayers are sourced from existing ones. While they may appear to be “religion-specific,” you can always replace them to suit your personal beliefs.  

#1: Prayer for New Opportunities

While life is always a circle which goes up and down, it can sometimes stop in the middle.

earth empath

Stagnant, our life feels more of a straight line that seems to lead nowhere. With that, you’ll need to pray for new opportunities that will open up your world. 

Here’s a simple prayer for money that we’ve prepared for you: 

O dearest Universe, 
Source of the ever-flowing life and abundance in this world, 
Hear me out. 
I am calling for your mystical and all-encompassing power. 
Grant my prayer, my yearning for new opportunities. 
Allow me to break my own boundaries as I yearn for positive change and progress. 
Open the floodgates of abundance,
Whether it be through friends or a random stranger that I may cross paths with…
May changes happen in my work or business, and your will manifest. 
Allow me to savor your divine blessing and enjoy being in your grace. 
Make me an instrument of your kind will, that my growth may open the doors for others as well. 
Grant this, o dearest universe, through ways that go beyond my understanding and expectations. 

Remember, new opportunities don’t pop out overnight. So keep praying and yearning forward with these lines, and hopefully, the doors will open for you!  

#2: Prayer for a Financial Miracle

Sometimes, our finances will bring out the worst in us. Taking us aback, we feel constrained, limited, and even hopeless.

prayer for financial miracle, prayer for money abundance

With that, what we need is a financial miracle. Here’s one prayer for money that you can use: 

Almighty Universe,
I beseech thee for thine bounty at this most troublesome time. May the coming days be a stark reminder that my toil has meaning.
I understand that there is still much that I must do, and I am willing to put in everything I can muster.
If this be not entirely possible, then may you grant me the energy to push forward so that I may do something for my family and loved ones.
With cusped hands, I ask humbly for your blessing. Save my family from poverty and my soul from hopelessness that I may continue to serve your cause.
This I ask.
May you empower and strengthen my resolve as I weather this storm.


This short prayer can be something to spark your hope. Remember that hope is always at the center of your challenges, and this prayer fortifies that!

#3: Prayer for Money To Get out of Debt

Being buried in debt is one of the worst positions to be in. Unable to maneuver freely, the merciless interest is slowly gnawing us up, preventing us from breaking free from its shackles.

prayer for financial breakthrough

A miracle must happen, one that will take us out of this dire situation. This prayer for money asks for exactly that: 

O Universe,
I humbly admit having incurred so much debt.
I have kept things at bay so far, but I know not for how long.
Things are dire now, and I ask of one thing alone.
Please provide for me in this most crucial time.
I am stretched beyond my means and can’t afford to lose anymore.
I know I haven’t done so well in the past, and I come before you in contrition.
On my honor, I vow to change my ways.
So please help me set things to right.
Help me heal my life, so that I may bring more joy to the Universe.

While debt may attack us in unexpected ways such as unemployment due to a global pandemic or the need of paying-off hospital expenses, this prayer will help you get through.

#4: Prayer for Unexpected Income and Financial Prosperity

In order to grow, we need more than new opportunities. Instead, we must break the ice of stagnancy and open the doors for unexpected income which can lead to financial prosperity.

prayer for financial breakthrough, money prayers, prayer for unexpected income

With that, here’s one popular prayer for money that suits this situation!

Most Eminent Universe,
Before you, I am a speck. By your grace, you gave me life.
You have blessed me many times, and I am grateful for each one.
You are the Infinite, you are the Sublime.
I ask once more of financial blessing, holy and divine.
As Provider, your means are boundless.
Let your blessings come to me without expectation. 
Let the gates of wealth open to me at the best possible moment.
And let this prayer affirm my resolve to reach out to each opportunity.
Let miracles unfold before my very eyes.
Let money flow to my coffers, that I may use them to contribute to the world.
As with all things, you are great. You truly are. Without you, we are nothing. By you, we become great.

The Universe awes and amazes all it touches. With Your mere glare, all is improved. With Your creations, dreams are made real.
Let this prayer affirm my devotion to you for all time.
Use me as your conduit for wealth and money. Let riches flow into my life.
And I shall devote my soul to improving you in return.
I promise to do right by my neighbors,
to cultivate love in the world, to be kind to those I meet.
And I promise to share my riches, so that I may spread the word.
For you truly are an amazing Provider.

Praise be to thee for your kindness.
Praise be to thee for all time.

Always remember, you can speak to the universe itself! 

#5: Prayer for Money and Abundance

Finally, do not forget that a prayer for abundance is perhaps the most balanced approach of them all. In seeking growth, abundance is at the heart of financial progress.

spiritual cleansing, spiritual cleansing bath, how to do a spiritual cleansing, how to cleanse your soul

Whether you’re in debt or simply seeking to break the ice of stagnancy, an abundance prayer will almost always work for you. 

This prayer for money will be of great help to fellow abundance manifestation seekers!

By the Universe, my wishes are granted.
My hope is replenished.
By the Universe, my faith is infinite.
By the Universe, I am empowered!
And so, I declare:
I shall live a full, abundant life. With the Universe all around me, nothing is made impossible.
The Wealth of the Universe fulfills me. Through my riches, its righteous Will is embodied.
With the Universe, every day shall become a miracle. Glory and splendor shall surround every aspect of my life.
I open my arms to this gift of abundance.
The Universe does not fail. The Universe provides what I shall make manifest.
No longer shall I envy others, for by the Universe, I shall be content and fulfilled.
From here on out, I shall be forever glad that happiness follows my every step.
I will work hard, and I will toil knowing that the Universe has given me the necessary tools to overcome my weaknesses.
I will live without fear, without doubt, without sorrow, for I am now complete.
The Universe has willed it so, and I shall live it. This Holy Blessing shall be put to good use.
May my actions speak loud and true. May my persistence give reverence to this magnificent Universe.
I wish this not just for myself, but for everyone around me.
With the Universe’s help, I declare this wish granted.

This money prayer, just as with the other prayers, can be recited twice a day, preferably as you wake up and before going to bed. By doing this, you allow manifestation to be the Alpha and Omega! 

Final Word

Some of these manifestation rituals implicate God as the ultimate source, always feel free to replace it with the universe or your own god. After all, everything in this world is spiritually connected


Remember, manifestation and prayers for money are actualized not by words alone, but by your own will!

Always trust the process – regardless of what you’re experiencing right now. Have faith that better days will come and that your prayers will be heard!

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