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November 8, 2019

Chakra Meditation: The Essential Key to Open your Chakras


If you look at the basic anatomy of the human body, you’ll realize that almost all of its parts are interconnected. With each organ, vessel, or tissue, their functions are necessarily intertwined. Allowing us to function in a fully healthy state, these body parts are certainly working together for our own survival.

However, certain anomalies can also happen to these body parts. Smoking cigarettes, for instance, can lead to disruptions on lung function. As such, the lungs can be stressed out, forcing the whole body to compensate for it.

While such things are certainly true, did you know that the same principle exists for our spiritual self? Indeed, there are pipelines and vital points for our spiritual self that fails to function whenever we fail to regulate them.

As such, we call this as chakra points. Known to be the vital gateways form in which cosmic energy can flow, understanding these chakra points serve is essential for our spirit to function fully.
Thus, in this article, we’ll be pointing out some basic guidelines which will help you regulate your spiritual pipelines. By following these guidelines, you’ll understand the fundamental principles behind chakra meditation!

Your Physical Body and your Charka points are Connected

Perceiving that your chakra points are totally separate entities from your body is a false perception. Despite how theorists and thinkers propose the duality between the mind and the body, forward thinkers propose that there should be a necessary link for them to make sense.

As such, these chakra points are your physical links to your spiritual self. Located in each of the vital spots of the body, these chakra points serve not only their physiological but also spiritual functions associated with them.

With this viewpoint, understanding these body parts will carry a spiritual meaning.

You have 7 Chakra Points

Understood to be the pipelines of cosmic energy, there exist 7 chakra points in your body which serve a particular function. Responsible for the core aspects of your life, these chakra points allow the energy of the universe to empower us in our tasks. As such, here’s a quick description of each chakra point.

1. Root Chakra – Located near the anus, this chakra point is responsible for your self-preservation and basic needs such as food, shelter, and sex.

2. Sacral Charka – just right below the navel, this chakra point is responsible for your creative and sexual energies.

3. Solar Plexus Chakra – as the name describes, this pipeline resides on your solar plexus. As such, it is responsible for your willpower and drives to convert thoughts into action.

4. Heart Charka – just as how the heart symbolizes love, this chakra point is responsible for your love life and romance. It enables you to create meaningful relationships with others.


5. Throat Chakra – being the gateway of words, the throat chakra regulates how you communicate your thoughts to the world.

6. Third Eye Chakra – located on the center of your forehead, this chakra point is the governor of both conscious and unconscious thoughts.

7. Crown Chakra – as the highest point of your body, this chakra point is responsible for your spiritual and transcendental self.

Understanding the Difference between Overused and Blocked Chakra Points

With the chakra points mentioned above, all of them can be blocked or overused. However, beginners of this subject often fail to distinguish the two from each other.

In principle, when a chakra point is blocked, you will experience all sorts of negativity within its clout. For instance, a blocked heart chakra will cause discord between your interpersonal relationships.

Like the human body, the response of these chakra points will be to cause other pipelines to go on overdrive mode. Attempting to resolve the blockage, other chakra points will overwork themselves, eventually leading to over-usage.

Thus, the only way to regulate all chakra points is to unblock one or all of them to ensure that the whole system is functioning properly.

The Power of Chakra Meditation

As a way to unblock your chakra points, chakra meditation is a proven and effective tool to employ. By meditating on certain points, you can remove the primary cause of the blockage and allow the restoration of cosmic energy in your body.

To do this, you’ll have to follow a specific set of chakra meditation rituals. With each chakra point requiring different chants and various body positions, learning them is essential.

Healing Stones as amplifiers for Chakra Meditation

After learning the basics of chakra meditation, the next step is to meditate with the help of healing stones. As the primary catalysts of energy, these healing stones contain low-frequency vibrations that are stored within them. Created by mother nature itself, these supercharged stones will aid you in unblocking your chakra points.

Given how each stone carries a specific function, you can use the most appropriate stone for your intention. For instance, the Rose Quartz is known to bring love and romance in your life, restoring that sense of dryness and disconnection with others. As such, when unblocking your heart charka, this healing stone can become a perfect companion for you.

Similarly, the black tourmaline is known to remove and absorb almost all forms of negativity. By using it, you can double-amplify your chakra meditation by using a combination of healing stones.
With their help, chakra meditation becomes so much easier to do!

Given these basic tips on what chakra points are and how to regulate them, we hope to have contributed to your arsenal of knowledge on spirituality. By researching these topics and employing them in your life, it will be far easier for you to make use of chakra points as catalysts for change!

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