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February 4, 2020

What Is Mindfulness Meditation?


So you’ve stumbled upon mindfulness meditation, and you don’t really understand what it means.

Mindfulness meditation is hard to define in a single sentence – because anything to do with the mind and soul is always complex.

So to really place things into perspective, allow me to pose the following question to you:

What if you could consciously control your positive thoughts and feelings about any situation?

Well, that’s what mindfulness meditation is all about!

In today’s guide, we’ll be taking a deep dive into understanding exactly what is mindfulness meditation, and how it can benefit you!

mindfulness meditation, what is mindfulness meditation

What is Mindfulness Meditation?

Simply put, mindfulness meditation is a positive approach in assessing or sifting through your thoughts and feelings.

Mindfulness meditation is the act of pausing and reassessing one’s own internal ideas, in order to prevent them from subconsciously taking over. 

With companies such as Instagram, Facebook, and Google mining your own data, they can create targeted advertising that favors the seller.

As such, when you begin looking up on the latest trends of laptops with zero intention of buying, your social media feeds are suddenly flooded with Black Friday deals! 

Even if you originally didn’t intend to buy a new laptop, this new form of hard selling will almost surely reprogram your mind and influence your behavior.

Thus, the next time you take a quick break from the office and sit outside, you’ll suddenly start thinking about that unnecessary black Friday deal that you saw on the internet. 

In this example, the absence of mindfulness meditation can lead us to purchase the laptop. We failed to properly assess what we want to happen and what we need, these idle thoughts will suddenly take over and lead us to that dreaded yet inevitable purchase.

So, the question is: can we prevent this from happening? If so, how can we do it?

A Method For Controlling External Influences

This is where mindfulness meditation comes into the picture. As you sit on that bench outside your office and you begin thinking of those laptop advertisements, you can quickly turn this into an opportunity for meditation. 


In this case, you’ll internally pause your thoughts and trace back where all of these began.

By doing so, you’ll realize that the reason why you have such is nothing more than influences from advertisements that you saw on the internet. 

While this may be a simple and seemingly irrelevant example, you have to realize that such principle remains true in other scenarios – especially in cases of anxiety and depression. 

Mindfulness Meditation Can Help Anxiety

Firstly, anxiety usually stems from our lack of confidence or security for something. When we are uncertain, and we let such uncertainty take over our rationality and faith, we become anxious.

Thus, even if you’ve studied well and prepared for that promotional exam, your anxiety may take over and wreck things up. 

But with the help of mindfulness meditation, you are able to prevent this.

As you realize that you have prepared well for the test, you become your own self-confidence booster.

This leads to you being able to harness everything that you’ve prepared for and increase the chances of passing the test. 

Mindfulness Meditation Can Help Depression

Secondly, depression is usually a result of some unresolved internal or external conflict. Taking a huge chip on our self-image, we become unsure of our own capacities and faculties.

For instance, when someone decides to cheat on you in a relationship, the problem usually goes back right to you as you ask why this heart-stabbing event transpired in the first place. 

With the help of mindfulness meditation, you’ll eventually realize that it wasn’t entirely your fault.

While you may have had aspects that led to the break-up, the blame doesn’t fall entirely on you, especially if you are the victim. 

 In both instances, practicing this allows us to unravel the deep-seated troubles that we have.

Through the power of mindfulness meditation, we can rediscover certain things in our self that we either bury or take for granted.

As we do so, we become more familiar with such problems and find concrete ways of responding to them. 


Because it not only brings such problems to light but also seeks ways to deal with them. The value of it is truly indispensable!

Regardless of your religion or personal beliefs, the sheer contribution of mindfulness meditation is more than enough for it to be universally utilized. 

Like it or not, this is one of the most effective ways to do self-reflection. 

Final Word

With that, we hope to have given you a good grasp of what is mindfulness meditation and how it can help you resolve your inner conflicts!

Just remember that it is a process that requires consistency and commitment!

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